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hey guys in this tutorial were gonna show you how to build a six-foot-tall four foot wide medium commercial chain-link gate from our gate kit and your gate kit youre gonna have two uprights three cross members females nuts and bolts caps set screws tension bands and then two gate rods these RJ bolt hinges these are adjustable you can also do the wrap arounds but if youve got a drill press or a 5 H drill all you have to do is drill down 10 inches from the top and 57 inches and then youll have an adjustable hinge so if you have any problems with your gate in the future you can adjust that problem out this is a really nice setup okay youll notice that theres gonna be a top and the bottom the top is about an inch above the peg and the bottom is gonna be about a quarter inch below the peg so thats how you tell the difference not enough room for the cap on the bottom okay just grab your cross members with the holes pointing down you can do them pointing up but if theyre down you dont really see the screws it just looks a lot better and then just get the other upright and slide it on we dont have to screw it off yet we can stretch the gate thatll hold it okay thats gonna be your tension bin notice the flat side and curved side the flat side goes up youre gonna put five tension bands on each side of the gate two on top three on the bottom and then just space them all even so youre gonna be about four inches down from the top four inches up for the bottom and the other bands are just going to be spaced even run your gate rod through the chain link and down through the tension bands make sure you get the height of the chain link about youre gonna work with the pointed in about one inch above the top of the top row and then were going to stretch the chain link by hand to see where we need to cut it you can see where the one bar it looks like we could get a bar through it and it would be past the bolt on the tension band so were gonna cut the knuckle before that one just cut it with a pair of pliers and then weave it out by hand very simple counterclockwise now were going to run the bar through that last strand of chain-link pull it make sure its tight enough it looked good if you have an extra person thats really helpful they can stretch while you apply the nuts and bolts and unless youre doing a gate over six foot wide hand stretches plenty tighten it up I like to keep the top about half an inch to an inch above the top rail were going to cut off the first knuckle see right there thats what were making the cut and then just knuckle them over with pair of pliers and try to make them look nice and then this ones four foot wide so it gets two ties two ties four cross member now were going to put screws into the bottom of the gate two on each side then were going to flip the gate over and then get the middle and top row by flipping it over we have much better leverage and then youll just finish off screwing the rest of those and thats it thats a solid gate thanks for watching for more tutorials check out wholesale vinyl fencing dotnet or you can call us to place an order eight seven seven five seven three five five six one This is the best chain link fence gate tutorial on the market. 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