chainlink circuit breakerHow to Install a Chain Link Fence

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hi Im Megan Im a professional carpenter and remodeler if youre looking for a budget-friendly fence option a chain-link fence is the way to go Ill show you how to build it today before you get started make sure you check your local building codes of regulations like weve done here and be sure that your fence is within your property line the last thing to remember is to call your local utility companies and have them lay out all of your underground lines will start with layout using peridot boards string line and stakes will mark our fence layout around the yard noting our posts and gate locations our fence is running right up to the corner of the house so thats where I put my stake and Ill tie my string line to it to square our corners well use the 3 4 5 method measure three feet down one string line and four feet along the adjacent string line when you measure diagonally it should be 5 feet if its not just adjust your lines until it is next well mark our terminal posts with stakes our terminal posts our gates corner and end posts then well mark our batter boards and temporarily take off the strings to make it easier to dig now for the fun part we have to start digging our post holes next to the house here were gonna dig it by hand using a post hole digger and a digging bar and a shovel because this is a terminal post the hole will be a little wider and a little deeper than the line posts for us its 8 inches wide by 30 inches deep always check local codes for setting posts below the frost line all right 30 inches if you have a lot of holes to dig consider using a power auger like this one just let the weight of the machine do the work continue digging all your holes making sure you dig to the proper depth now that the hard part is done and all of our holes are dug we can start setting our terminal posts youll notice that these are larger in diameter than our line posts well first measure for our ground level just be sure to account for the fabric and the hardware once youve marked that were going to set it in a bed of dry concrete and then well fill in around it with wet concrete all right now well mix up our wet concrete and set our post once your concrete is around the consistency of cake batter its ready to go and then well set our posts and attach our plumb line and make sure that your line is level with the ground good somebody can hold the post plumb while the other one fills keep it a couple inches below ground level and slope it away from the post all right its plumb now we can move on to the next post once our first post is in place we can set our string line so the rest of them will be in line once that set we can continue setting our posts for the line posts in between check the manufacturers directions for spacing and hole size the post height will be the height of the fabric - 2 inches use a string tied between the terminal posts to keep the height uniform set the line posts in the whole width concrete just like with the other posts fast-setting concrete can speed up the process just pour it in plumb up the posts then add water following the directions work out the air pockets if needed continue this process for the rest of the posts then let the concrete cure next well install our hardware on our terminal posts for each post youll slip on a brace pin then tension bands flat side to the outside and another brace band near the top with a rail Cup and finally the post cap the number of tension bands youll need is the height of the fence in feet - 1 so a 4-foot fence needs 3 bands at the corner post double up the hardware for each direction at the top alternate the cups of each brace band one up and one down on the line posts add the offset post tops with the offset loop toward the outside then well just slide our top rail through the post top into the rail end cup and tighten the bolt well just keep adding our top rails sliding each rail over the narrow end of the previous rail at the end well mark the length of the last top rail and cut to fit then just tighten the end cup to secure the top rail with the top rail set add tension wire along the bottom it should be about two inches off the ground and on the same side as the fabric now well install our fabric well start by laying it out on the outside of our fence poles on the ground virtual slide attention bar through the first row of diamonds secure it to the terminal posts with the tension bands and carriage bolts after that well see in the fabric up against the post and pull out any excess slack Im going to attach a few wire ties to the top rail to help hold it in place if you have to remove any excess fabric loosen a strand and twist it out to secure the other end insert a tension bar about three feet from the end of the fabric temporarily add a tension band to the terminal post and Hoka come along to it hook a stretcher bar to the tension bar and attach the come-along to tighten the fabric its tight enough when you can squeeze it just a little bit once its tight enough again remove the excess fabric now well pull the rest of the fabric to the terminal post an insert a tension bar through the fabric and tension bands then well just tighten our nuts and bolts and remove our come-along stretcher bar and temporary tension band along the run will attach the fabric to the posts with fence ties for the posts well go about every 12 inches on the top rail we can go every two feet you can just eyeball it it doesnt have to be exact once youve done that you can secure the fabric to the tension wire with wire clips I use the little pair of pliers for this process with the first section complete you can move on to the other sections the fabric should install pretty easily with only a few tools and maybe a helping hand just be sure you dont stretch it too tight and dont skip on those wire ties and clips they prevent pets from pushing out the bottom of the fence you might have a section of fence thats longer than the chain-link fabric rolls like we have here to attach another roll you just twist in a single strand to connect the diamonds when you bend the ends of the strand the two pieces become one and you cant even tell now that our fence fabric is in place we can start installing all of our gates first well attach the gate hinges to the posts about eight inches from the top and eight inches from the bottom well secure them with our carriage bolts the top pin should face down and the bottom pin up next well loosely attach the frame hinges to the gate we use a two-by-four to hold the gate above the ground adjust the bottom frame hinge to attach to the bottom post hinge and tighten then do the top hinge to attach the latch we held it at a comfortable height on the gate and just secure the bolts if the gate doesnt swing freely just adjust the hinges until it does now once youve double-checked everything and tightened all your nuts and bolts your chain link fence project is complete want more great ideas and how-tos go to you Looking for a budget friendly fence option? A chain link fence is the way to go! Watch our step by step video with all the details need to install the perfect fence for your backyard! Click here for project details: Difficulty Level: Advanced. Make sure you check with local building codes. If you are not 100% confident installing a chain link fence, Lowes recommends that you hire a professional. Call 1-877-GO-LOWES or visit to learn more about installation services through Lowe’s. Subscribe to Lowes YouTube: or head to our channel: For more ideas to improve your home, check out Lowes How-To Library or our other social media channels: Lowes - Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Instagram -