chainlink sliding gateHow To Hang A Chain Link Gate EASILY

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chainlink sliding gate What will VeChain be worth in... How To Hang A Chain Link Gate EASILY
- You know what goes along with chain link fences? Gates. And thats what were gonna do, were gonna show you just how to hang a four foot by five foot wide residential chain link gate. Lets get started. Right here we have one thats already pre-made. It is a welded frame. Sometimes you might see em to the point where it is a bent frame. All around same concept. This is an inch and three eighths frame. Were gonna hang it on this two and three eights post. So our hardware needs to be inch and three eighths gate frame hinges, and then we need two and three eighths post hinges. Here is our inch and three eighths gate frame hinges. What were gonna do is theyre gonna slide over like so. Thats gonna go into the gate, thats gonna go on the post. Were gonna start with the gate. Undo the nut, pull out the bolt. upbeat music plays Were gonna throw that. The bolts on this hinge are three eights so our nuts are nine sixteenths. Were gonna use a nine sixteenth deep set socket on a quarter inch DeWalt impact. If you dont that you can use a drill, you can use a wrench, or you can use a ratchet and a socket. Now that bottom one, we put it on and snugged it up so itll stay in place. This top one, were gonna put it on and were gonna let it just go ahead and kinda, let it be loose. Now were gonna go ahead and bring our gate over here. Put one hinge on the very bottom. Same kind of bolts. And were gonna snug it up just a little bit, not overly tight yet because we still wanna be able to adjust it and slide it up and down. upbeat music continues Before we get ready to put the gate on there, if you notice we have these pins that are facing each other. Theres a reason behind that. If you have em both facing up and up, somebody can come through if your gate is locked and lift it off the hinges, and then pass through your opening. You dont want that. If your hinges are pointing up and up, reverse em. Bottom up, top down. Lock that gate so nobody can lift it off its hinges. Now were gonna go ahead and set on top of our bottom hinge. We want our top rails to match. So we just want to go ahead and tap this. metal hammering electric drill whirring Were gonna go ahead and tighten these two top hinges. Snug those down. If you look down from the top you wanna make sure that your hinges are all in a line, and theyre nice and straight. If youre happy with everything, go ahead and suck your hinges down. Make sure your gate works. It needs to be able to latch into this post. So were not quite done just yet. This is our latch and it came in three pieces. Flip two pieces just like that, upbeat music continues put a bolt through. The nut needs to go to the inside of the gate to the secure side. upbeat music continues And then our fork is gonna get rotated just like that. My hands are kind of in the way. The tighter you pinch the two clamps, the harder its gonna be to open that fork. So you can pinch the back clamp quite a bit. But leave just a little bit of room in between that front fork so that way that fork will slide nice and easy. Down here it gives you a nice little spot so you can put a pad lock or a carabiner on it so you can keep your dogs or kids in the yard. We gonna latch this just right into the post. Throw a couple caps on it, and take back your weekends. Why did we not hinge the gate off of this post? And why did we hinge it off that post? You dont ever want to hang your gate off of a single post if you can help it. Because whats gonna happen over time is the weight of that gates gonna pull that post over, causing it to lean or sag. This chain link is helping support this gate. The pressure of the chain link, its pulling the post that way more than the gate is pulling the post this way. That was so easy it was painless. Now you know how to hang a chain link gate and I hope it helps. And if youre curious at all how to set your posts in a nice long, straight line, make sure and see this video right here. Stand with SWI. We are Wyomings fence company and you have a good dang day. fire crackling 🏻 Hardware links below! 🏻Hanging a chain link gate is easy! Follow along and get your residential chain link gate installed easily & securely.Hardware: 🏻 Post Hinges: 🏻 Gate Hinges: 🏻 Latch Fork Collar: 🏻 Latch Fork: