bf4 servers playing chainlinkHow to find Infantry Only Defuse servers BF4

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bf4 servers playing chainlink What Is Dogecoin? How Does It Work?... How to find Infantry Only Defuse servers BF4
hey guys extinct im here to show you quickly on how to find infantry only a few servers first of all screams and matches against other teams this is how youre going to slip your server browser just let you make sure that you find a servers that you are looking for cuz i know some people have been having issues so first run want to come down here or almost like d hughes obviously if you are looking for a specific map i do recommend picking that right now ill just continue to show you what you need to do next you want to select empty this is because that 99% of these infantry only servers will be empty I always select ranked an unofficial or excuse me official infantry only and for this ladder we are using east US unless you agree with another team to use a different region which is fun you just want to choose that region here after you do this just press circle and you should have an abundance of infantry only servers all right guys good luck in your mind This is a quick video to show people how to set up their server browser to find Infantry Only defuse servers. This is a quick and easy way to get two teams into a server without randoms until private servers drop. Check the links below to see what ladder I am referring to as well as ESB so you can get more involved.Road to the Glory Series - ESB - PS4 5v5 Defuse BF4 ESB