chainlink repairHow To Easily Adjust A Chain Link Chainlink Fence Gate How To Fix A Gate In Less Than 10 Minutes

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chainlink repair DevelopersIntegrating with Ledger Create a embedded app to... How To Easily Adjust A Chain Link Chainlink Fence Gate How To Fix A Gate In Less Than 10 Minutes
hey everybody thanks for joining me outside on outside with jeff today im going to be doing some adjustments to this chain link fence i need to close the gap a little bit and im also going to lift the lift the gate up slightly so lets take a look and see what we got to do all right so when im done with the fence adjustment i should be able to swing the fence inside if i would like to its really tight going out right now so im going to be fixing that and then i should have less of a gap between this post here that is the goal and that is what were that is what were trying to accomplish a little bit less gap here and being able to swing it without dragging the ground so lets get to it show you what we need to do and the tools im going to need is i have a 9 16 open in boxing wrench i have some wd-40 in case i need it and i have a hammer to do some slight adjustments as needed were going to be making adjustments to this hinge here to this fitting were going to loosen it up were going to knock the fence up a little bit and were going to rotate it this way knocking it up is obviously going to raise the gate off the ground turning it towards us is going to close the gap over here and then well be doing the same on the bottom well be lifting the hinge up and well be turning it in this way start im gonna shoot just a little bit of wd on these threads just to help them turn a little bit better okay and go up loosens it not sure how loose were gonna have to get it before we can start making our adjustments well just have to see give it a couple more turns and then well get the hammer and well make a couple of taps okay now well do the same on the bottom and do the same on the bottom and loosen it up give it a couple taps i want to make sure that the top bracket and the bottom bracket are in line well come over to the gate check it out closes excellent now were going to want to lift it a little bit perfect come to the bottom tap tap tap okay looks good like i said i dont want it to swing in i just want it to swing out less inhibited you can see its been dragging quite a while now it swings freely a moment ago before i made this adjustment id have to push on it the entire time to get it going now it swings freely as you can see it latches down no problem fantastic latches down no problem looks like i went up about an inch on top and bottom now i just want to i want to make sure this bracket is in line with the bottom bracket so nothings in a bind so were going to come over this way were going to look it up and down here theres the bottom theres the top were gonna make sure those are in line and then were gonna tighten everything up okay looks like the bottom one needs to be kicked over just a little bit thats good gate comes down thats good i go up a little bit to make sure thats fully seated its and then while youre holding it you need to tighten it so that it doesnt slip back down on us ah there we go got it all lined up it shuts it latches everythings good tighten the top up get it good and snug dont have any issues down the line having the right tool for the job makes things a lot easier for sure all right everythings snugged up its not going anywhere pick up the tools aha nice fantastic so as you can see in about 10 minutes we took a gate that would not open easily now it opens no problem swings without any issues raise the height on it its now level with that fence over there and we took the gap took a large portion of the gap out made it so it shuts no problem now this acts as a good secure gate thats all theres to it so if you have a chain link fence gate thats out of alignment and needs adjusted these are the steps you need to take to get that taken care of have a great day Join Robinhood with my link and well both pick our own free stock Well both earn $100 when you join Chime and receive a qualifying direct deposit! Learn more.