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chainlink usd binance YFI CKB Fi̇yat Grafiği - ile Nervos... How to Create a BEP-20 Token on BNB Chain Chainlink Engineering Tutorials
hi im richard a developer advocate at chainlink labs and in this video well be looking at deploying a bep20 token onto the binance smart chain test network so lets dive in all right so we want to build a bep 20 token on the binance smart chain the first thing youre going to need is a good reliable wallet for your crypto metamask is a fantastic wallet option if you dont already have one for this tutorial i am using the brave browser and it has a wallet built in the brave wallet is similar to metamask but its not the same if you need a wallet head on over to and download the metamask wallet there are instructions on this website for how to set everything up once you have your wallet youll need to set it up so that it can access the binance smartchain test network personally i like enables you to with a couple of clicks add a network to your wallet if you search for binance youll see theres the binance smart chain main net as well as the binance smart chain test net this is the one that well be using for this tutorial if you click connect wallet itll connect your wallet to this website and then you can just add it to your wallet at this point itll ask you for a confirmation and just like that you have created a connection to the binance smart chain test network in your wallet lastly the setup piece that we will need to go through is securing some bnb for deploying our bep20 token to the binance smart chain test network youll need to take your wallet address and request some bmb in a few moments you should see that your wallet now has some bnb in it at this point you have everything you need to get started developing on the binance smart chain test network where do we go from here first lets take a look at open zeppelin open zeppelin is quickly becoming an industry standard if its not already they have contracts that have been audited and battle tested and you can use these contracts for deploying your own smart contracts they basically provide the scaffolding you need to get started if you take a look at contracts youll see they have a getting started button here this is for installing their contracts locally if youre doing local development for this tutorial well be using remix so we dont need to worry about this so much but if we head on over to their docs we can see a few things now were deploying a bep20 token its not an erc20 token but its based off of erc20 tokens and we can use their erc20 token contract to deploy our token it might seem a little bit confusing but just remember bep20 its based off of erc20 so a lot of the functionality is the same you can either copy this contract right here and take it over to remix or we can take a look at this wizard the wizard is awesome it lets you do a ton of stuff right here in a nice format if we want to name our token something like bsc coin and we want to give it the symbol i dont know bscc and we can even determine how many we want to mint from the get go well just start with 100. theres a bunch of different features you can turn on make it mintable burnable pause the minting well just keep it really simple for now and then theres two options here we can either copy this to our clipboard and head over to remix or we can just click open in remix and just like that our contract is in remix ready to go thats awesome lets walk through what this contract actually has in it the first thing is pragma solidity and it tells us the version of solidity that well be using for this contract next we import that open zeppelin contract for the erc20 token now remember this says erc20 were actually building a bep20 and finally we get to the actual contract itself youll notice this contracts tiny thats because were taking advantage of all of the functionality that open zeppelin gives us in their contract we have our constructor where we give it the name and the symbol for our coin as well as the mint functionality which will pre-mint or create 100 tokens now this bit here looks like it might be creating a little bit more than 100 tokens right thats because solidity doesnt understand the concept of decimal places in this case were taking our initial supply of 100 tokens multiplying it by 10 to the power of decimals which in this case is 18. that gives us the ability to split our token into smaller quantities because were just essentially inflating the number to act like it has a decimal place all right so how do we deploy this well we head over here we need to make sure that we pick injected web 3 for our environment that will actually take our wallet information inject it into remix so that remix can interact with the binance smart chain test network once we do that we simply need to make sure that we have the correct contract selected and click deploy at this point youll see we need to confirm this transaction because were interacting with a real blockchain network there is a gas fee associated remember this is why we got bnb from the faucet for the test network we click confirm at this point its deploying to the blockchain it may take a moment but you should see a success message like this and now youll notice under deployed contracts over here we have our actual contract for bsc coin if you take a look at there are quite a few functions underneath this contract in our contract we didnt give it any functions these are all coming from the imported contract via open zeppelin we can check out things like decimals remember how i mentioned decimals was 18 here we can see the value of decimals for our coin as well as the name and the symbol and how many there are this number remember is multiplied by 10 to the 18th if you want to see your contract actually deployed on the binance smart chain testnet explorer well need to take this address the address of our contract and head on over to and there it is its deployed and you can see that its bsc coin our name theres its symbol we can see that it was just created a few minutes ago and just like that you have created a token a bep20 token on the binance smart chain test network from here you could take this token to the main chain you can even use this solidity code to deploy the same token on any evm compatible network alright well that wraps up this tutorial weve built and deployed a bep20 token to the binance smart chain test network thanks for watching ill catch you in the next one Learn how to create a BEP-20 token on BNB Chain testnet. In this video, Chainlink Labs Developer Advocate Richard Gottleber walk through how developers can make a basic BEP-20 token using Metamask, OpenZeppelin, and Remix. Chainlink is the industry standard for building, accessing, and selling oracle services needed to power hybrid smart contracts on any blockchain. Chainlink oracle networks provide smart contracts with a way to reliably connect to any external API and leverage secure off-chain computations for enabling feature-rich applications. Chainlink currently secures tens of billions of dollars across DeFi, insurance, gaming, and other major industries, and offers global enterprises and leading data providers a universal gateway to all blockchains. Learn more about Chainlink: Website: Docs: Twitter: Chainlink ChainlinkEngineeringTutorials,