chainlink miner poolHow to Connect a Bitcoin Miner to SlushPool - A Complete Guide

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chainlink miner pool Ethereal Plane – 5th Edition SRD... How to Connect a Bitcoin Miner to SlushPool - A Complete Guide
first you need to connect your miner to the internet find the router in your house take an ethernet cable plug it into an ethernet slot onto your rotor and then you gotta run the other end of the cable down to your miner or wherever the miner is located in your house in my case drill the hole through the floor to get to the basement where my miner is open now take the other end of your ethernet cable and run it into the ethernet port in the back of your miner now that your ethernet cable is plugged in were going to plug our miner into the wall plug it into the wall into the back of your miner flip the switch on to power it on so miners have a switch powered on and some dont the s19s you just plug and play and it fires up on its own you need to make sure you have your miner powered on so you can log into the dashboard next from our computer were going to make a new slash pool account so go to and in the top right hand corner click on sign up put in your email make a username were going to need that username for a later step make your passwords and then click sign up at the bottom once you click sign up youre going to get an activation email from slushpool confirming your account after the account is made were just going to log into it im going to click login put in my credentials and click login now that im logging into my slash pool dashboard im just going to leave that aside so theres no confusion next step were going to need to do is download a tool called angry scanner so you can go into google type in angry ipscanner and click on this link right here from here youre going to click on the green free download button then youre going to select your operating system for me that was windows im going to click on the windows installer go through the simple steps its a small program install it on your computer once its installed youre going to open it up and youre going to click on the green start play button here once you open it up on your screen youre not going to have a list of any of these its just going to be a blank white screen click start and were going to do a scan this is going to get us cip addresses so that we can log into our miner now on occasion um anger ip scanner even though your miner is connected to the internet wont immediately locate it sometimes you might need to do this two or three times stopping starting and refreshing this in order to get it to show up but it will eventually show up right so the scanner was good and you can see here i have my avalon miner connected as well as my antminer so first were going to start with the avalon where i have highlighted blue click on that were going to copy this ip address and now were just gonna so its not confusing ill just get a nice clear window here for you okay now were just gonna put that into the address bar click paste hit enter thats going to bring us on to the avalon login page username by default is root and password is typically root as well so for me root and root click login thats going to bring us on to the main dashboard of my avalon miner now im going to show you how to get into your ant miner its the same process highlighted blue here double click on it copy its ip address open up a new window and paste into the address bar that came up a little bit glitchy here on the left hand side but thats totally fine again username root password root and then you can sign into the dashboard of your miner both very similar on your avalon on the left hand side of the page youre going to see some options were going to click on configuration and same thing with the antminer from this dashboard were going to click on settings im going to make these blank so you dont get confused and show you the next steps okay i got a blanket map miner this is what yours is going to look like okay now were going to go back into slush pool on the main dashboard of slushpool on the left hand side youre gonna click on workers now on the right hand side of the page youre gonna click on the purple icon that says connect workers now pick your most applicable location to what country youre in in my case im in canada so im going to click on canada as my primary pool location once ive clicked on canada again im going to highlight and copy the link dont put this number one part and that will mess it up so just this part of the link copy it and then were going to go back into our avalon device and thats going to go in the top blank bar in this case pool zero paste it and the same thing if were using an antminer paste it okay next you can use backup pools so that can either be usa can be japan russia whatever it may be for the sake of demonstration im just going to use europe again copy this link put it into the second blank bar in this case pool one then our miner pool two and finally were going to do this a third time so this time im just going to pick general copy paste it into the last remaining bar same thing with your antminer okay so thats the first step next right underneath where you see user id when you signed up for your account on slushpool thats going to be the user id that you picked thats going to show up here and by default you can either leave it the easiest way is worker name if youre just using a solo miner you can change the names if you want to identify problems later down the road but for me i just connected both my miners under the same name so they just show up under one minor and thats totally fine that works for me but you can choose to change that name if you would like so again user id im just gonna copy paste this portion here dont include the user id copy and this is going to be the exact same for all three bars same with the antminer paste it the exact same and all three and the final step password its optional you can leave it blank your or you can just put in your default password that slash pool provides so the easiest way to get set up im just going to take this password again copy it and paste it into the password section under the pool configuration and again same with the outminer okay after youve done the copy and pasting these are all complete now youre just going to click on save so you click on save and again the same thing through your avalon click on save after you have it saved youll be connected to the pool and you can go to the overview on your dashboard now depending on when you fired your miner up it may or may not be fully hashing but this will slowly show up your hash rate will increase here and more importantly your pool status is going to show up right here this is going to show you that youre connected so youll see your if you see this you are connected even if it doesnt immediately show on your slush pool dashboard so you can see the address connected primarily to the canadian mining pool right here were successfully connected and again same thing on your antminer on the dashboard slightly different here but youre going to see your miner name and youre going to see the pool that its connected to right here same thing connected to the canadian one for me the final step uh you need to do what i noticed is theres a little uncertainty to whether i was connected or not and what i figured out is right what it says here please be patient it may take a few minutes for your newly connected device to show up so you may need to wait five or ten minutes and then most important thing is your scoring hash rate is going to slowly come up here or it may not display correctly right away the simple fix that is just a simple re-log into slushpool and that solved all of my problems so were just going to do a log out log back in one final time after youve completed those steps on your dashboard you should see right here your miner with a green check mark beside it that shows that youre connected to slush pool and youll be hashing away This video will show you step by stepHow to connect your ASIC Miner to SlushPool.A complete 2022 tutorial using an Antminer S19 and an Avalon 1246.