How-to 11 ga hog rings chainlinkHow to build a Gate that wont sag!

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11 ga hog rings chainlink Dogecoin Jumps After Shiba Inu Replaces... How to build a Gate that wont sag! How-to
in todays video im going to show you how to make a gate that wont sag i use the kit from national hardware that makes making these gates super quick and easy they end up being super strong and square and they work perfect for applications like this i have a lot more videos on my instagram about this video and others so i suggest you check me out im gonna include a link down below alright so lets get started to make the gates i use the kit from national hardware that has the four brackets two of them have the hinges welded in and it has all the screws to lock the gates i used the heavy duty post latches for the double gates i used some of their gate casters and the cane bolts the main measurement that youre going to need is the gate opening size now in my case since its a double door i did the gate opening minus an inch and a half if its a single gate just do the gate opening minus an inch this will allow for the hinges to swing freely and give you some space for the post latches and as far as the height of the gate you can make it any size you want i did it so that the hog panel would fit perfectly without me having to cut it as much i had to make some grooves in the post to allow for the hog panel so i set my blade at an inch and a half and i made one cut and then i flipped it and made another kite if youre using two by material you can skip this step completely but since im using four by fours i had to do this okay so just before we get started i wanted to go over how the system works as far as how it connects to your horizontal and vertical pieces for your door i mean your gate so these brackets are meant to be the same thickness as a two by material so all you do is screw in your horizontal piece and then you would screw in your vertical pieces on this side and you have you know basically you have that now since im using 4 by material im going to show you why i had to make that groove okay so this is the same concept im going to be attaching my horizontal piece there and then ill be attaching my vertical pieces like this so its pretty much the same concept except im using the 4 by material and i notched out this groove so that since im adding hog panel i can have a place to attach the hog panel along both sides so once this is these are assembled ill have basically a frame where i can attach my hog panel now these exposed edges i think im going to cover these up just to make sure that the the vertical pieces dont start to sag backwards like that um but yeah thats why i did these grooves and i think itll make more sense once i actually assemble the gate installing the brackets is really easy you just screw in all the screws that are provided and make sure that the hinges are on the same side so you just start on one corner and um screw it in and then basically put it together until its all done to make this entire process go a lot smoother i would highly recommend getting one of these self-centering bits im including the link below but they make this process a lot easier anytime im installing hardware i use these because itll center it wherever you need the screw to go in um so now your screw is going to go in exactly where you want it to go you dont have to worry about pre-drilling or anything its already good so yeah im included a link to that so you guys can check it out so one of the best features of this hardware is that it really doesnt take long at all it only takes about 10 minutes to do this whole process and once youre done the doors are ready to hang to hang the doors i put a 2x6 on the ground and used some shims to make sure that it was level um that way both doors would be level to each other and then i just started screwing in the hinges i repeated the process on the bottom hinge and then repeated the same thing on the other door and tested it out to make sure it worked a quick check for level and were good to go the next step is to secure the post latches and all you have to do is use the the bolts that come with it to secure it and use the bolts to secure the part that goes on the door once you do that you should have a working gate okay so the gates are hung and the post latches are installed and the next step is to add the hog wire panel so i get this from mccoys um and basically all i have to do is cut it to size i dont have bolt cutter so i had to do with my grinder but it works just fine i use these quarter inch one hole straps that i get from the electrical department at home depot and some three quarter inch screws to secure it all in place and then off camera i go ahead and just spray paint it with some black paint and the last thing i want to touch on is these gate casters that i got from national hardware as well all you do is secure them into place with a screw and then some bolts and washers on the other side they work perfectly and theyre going to help keep the doors from sagging as well unfortunately my phone overheated when i was shooting the part of where i do the cane bolt but the kit has everything you need you just screw it into place and then just get some half inch tube and run it where you want the door to stop you just hammer it into place and then the cane bolt will secure it alright so that wraps up the build and i just wanted to thank the sponsor of the video national hardware for providing their awesome hardware for this build everything is really easy to use and everything comes in the kit that you need so i highly recommend checking them out you can get their stuff from lowes or online also i just wanted to say that i do have another video showing where i made the arbor on top of the gate and i have a video showing the system that i use to add the custom texas inlay um that i used from slab stitchers so if youre interested in those please subscribe and click the links that im gonna put up here so you can check those out okay so that wraps up this video thank you guys for watching if you enjoyed the video smash that subscribe button and also follow me on instagram and if you have any questions feel free to send me a message um this is my first time building anything like this so i did learn a lot of things along the way but yeah thank you guys so much and until the next time In todays video Im going to show you how I built the gate for my fence. I used hardware from @nationalhardware to knock out these doors real quick. For more detailed videos check out my instagram!━ Links to what i used affiliate: 874 Anti-Sag Gate Kit - V1128 Heavy Duty Post Latches - 856 Gate Caster - 835 Cane Bolt in black 5/8x18 - Centering Drill Bit Assortment - ━ FOLLOW Castor Woodworks!: FOLLOW Slab Stitcher!: ━ Get a Castor T-shirt! Amazon Tools Links affiliate: Delta CRUZER 26-2251 - Makita Palm Router - ━ Tools I use!: OTHER WORDS TO FIND THIS VIDEO Delta 12 Miter Saw Delta chop saw Delta miter saw best chop saw sliding compound miter saw miter saw reviews best miter saw sliding compound miter saw reviews miter saw station garage cabinets shop cabinets Fence build Fence Staining Arbor Build DIY Fence Router Inlays Fence Build Diy Gate National Hardware HOUSTON,