chainlink ceo googleHow much CHAINLINK to make you MILLIONS!?

Should You Invest in Dogecoin in ?The Motley Fool Nov 18, · Musk s purchase of popular social media business Twitter implied a bull case for Dogecoin, leading to a doubling of the price in the week after the deal closed. And there s speculation that the Shiba Inu, Solana Tokens Among 4 Added to Robinhood The additions come after the company said last week it activated its crypto including bitcoin BTC, ether ETH and dogecoin DOGE. chainlink ceo google How much CHAINLINK to make you MILLIONS!?
chainlink ceo google 7 Cardano NFT CNFT Marketplaces to Buy and Sell From... How much CHAINLINK to make you MILLIONS!?
back to the charts of big boss crypto and today we will once again take a look at our favorite altcoin chain link we will do some calculations on how many chain link tokens you need to basically become rich for life and also well take a look at a great area to DCA with our highly like the bottom Target right between two to three dollars on the Chain like a chart and also the bullish cases on why chain link will take over the crypto space and also take over the world so without further Ado lets look at the charts all right so on the screen here you can see the chain link chart and weve also drawn our area with many confidence factors to this area being the bottom here right about two to three dollars roughly as basically we have lots of unfill liquidity and also the highest amount of volume trading you right at around to three dollars roughly see right here with the POC equal the point of control where we have the most amount of volume and liquidity basically and this is a press area were the biggest institutions and whales what revert price price back into in order to fill in their orders so basically the biggest use of Wheels can fill up the chain like bikes basically and also our keys put levels here and above time frame so you can see ever since 2019 so personally we will begin to DCA right between two to three dollars or chain link bags but thats not Financial advice this one flash games or entertainment purposes only so you do what you feel best now what makes chain links to kill from the rest of the scripture project is that they have the best possible fundamentals there is and they also want to solve a super alone problem which is transparency and Truth basically truth or trust like for example they want to theyre confirmed that they have a proof of concept with swift to basically have true install payments each day with the Swiss systems and this is huge and incredible food chain link in the future and also they have Eric Schmidt whos basically a strategic advisor for chain link and if you dont know what he is basically the former CEO of Google and made what Google is today so you definitely want that kind of guide to help chain link scale to become the biggest possible project there is and also they provide they want to provide truth or trust as we have virtual scene with the Terra Luna Scandal and FTX Scandal where basically customers dont have the true transparency that that we truly want and need so chain link wont aims to solve the problem by providing for example proof of reserves and true for everyone instead of just trusting what an afforder tells you and finally if we take a look at Carl Schwabs book The Shape in the future of the force industrial illusion where he also has funny enough The Chain Link logo has the cover he has basically given us a shout out to chain link in this book where he stated at the former name of chain link basically provides programmable contracts and payouts between two parties once certain criteria have been met without involving a middleman and these countries are secured in the blockchain and self-executed contractual states with and with Benefits right on top of this page right here with the benefits of being an explosion in tradable assets as all kinds of value exchange can be also not blockchain but property records in Emerging Markets contacts and legal services increase the time to code linked to the blockchain to be used as unbreakable escrow or programmatically designed smart contracts and also the a big benefit is increased transparency as the blockchain is essentially a global address during all transactions so hey if Claus Robs bullish then Im definitely bullish as well all right now so Im now on this webpage called coins which is a an amazing site to basically calculate the potential Roi for your favorite altcoin so if you want to use that yourself I provide a link in the description so anyway were on this webpage right here and we will have multiple videos on what the expected price might be in the next full run which is in between 1 000 to 1500 index pool run so lets use the best case scenario of one thousand five hundred dollars Maxwell run and basically the amount want to invest in so lets say you want to invest to basically reach a thousand link if thats your gold then with the Priceless we have right now which is at around six dollars you basically have to invest right about six thousand dollars we calculate that and as you can see right here we get the 1.5 million dollar return which is an amazing Roi right there and lets say if youre super bullets Mega bullish and you DC all the way down all the way down to two to three dollars as were giving you a bomb Target we had an extra zero so we that we get to about 10 000 coins roughly uh and we do our calculations then we get a huge huge Roi right here The Profit at right under 15 million million of dollars so youre basically set for your life with that kind of profit which is truly truly amazing and with chain link thats absolutely possible to reach in the next build thats all for me thank you so much for your time leave a like And subscribe if you enjoy the video or leave a dislike if you didnt remember that none of this is financial or investment advice this is only for educational entertainment purposes only harmful day everyone Big Boss out Today we take a look at Chainlinks future, technical analysis and potential ROI!Coins calculator: DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that we are not financial advisors. 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