chainlink market cap predictionHow LINK Can Make You Rich Chainlink Price Prediction 2020

1 COMP in EUR Compound Wormhole in Euro - BeInCrypto 1 COMP zu EUR Rechner - Wie viel Euro EUR ist 1 Compound Wormhole COMP? Crypto is crashing—and experts predict more pain ahead The price of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two top digital assets by market cap, dropped over 40% each since mid-November, according to CoinMarketCap Bitcoin hit an all-time high of roughly $69,000 chainlink market cap prediction How LINK Can Make You Rich Chainlink Price Prediction 2020
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after bitcoins all-time high in December 2017 everybody wants to know what the next big thing is hoping it will make them rich in the quickest amount of time possible however some projects are looking to go a little bit deeper than that looking to change the way we do things theyre even trying to change the way we think about things to the point where they want to become an integral part of our future think of it this way people who buy Apple stock in the 80s definitely got rich but they can also say that investing in Apple actually change the future and they were part of that future in the long run that holds way more weight you know than any amount of money you could ever make chain-linked is one of those projects that has a specific use case in the real world and its not intended to change you know money right Bitcoin already has that stronghold and it doesnt require businesses you know that have to implement it you know as a solution that completely overhauls the way we already do things which is very difficult by the way rather its adapted to be faster more secure and transparent you know than anything else that these systems have without sacrificing the technology they probably already spent years and it sands amounts of money building in this video well be talking about channeling can I be doing a price prediction keep watching whats going on everybody Alex back with another cryptocurrency video today were gonna be talking about chain like okay I talked about chain like in the past as you can see here Ive this exact point right here this day right here it was at December 3rd or something like that yeah or December 5th I made a video on chain link and since that point a price prediction video and obviously its all good about it since that point we are up as you can see theyre a hundred and forty percent a hundred and forty percent now Im not gonna stay here and say that you dont have oracle ball anything but i will say that i back everything up with facts if you already subscribe to the channel my name is alex to talk about everything cryptocurrency entrepreneurship you know i try to keep it as down-to-earth as possible back up everything with evidence to show you guys you know these potential cryptocurrency gains or what you can make in business if youre looking to make money on the internet this is definitely the channel for you do me a favor hit that subscribe button as well as the push notification bell so you can get videos like this all the time now for this video specifically were gonna be talking about chain link now obviously theres a lot of negativity from like for example this guy on twitter eric wall basically talking about how its basically a glorified version of like a current oracle solution with its basically saying its the same thing as you know provable but with a weighted average they havent really done anything you know very unique when it comes to chain link obviously you know a lot of the hype and i talked about this in in my last video a lot of the hype comes from the fact that theyre just partnering with so many people chain link and im gonna be solving this you know issue the oracle decentralization verse centralization issue im be explaining in this video it is true its pretty centralized right now they havent completely solved the problem but im gonna show you how theyre looking to solve that in the future right but the first thing we got to do is we ought to understand what a smart contract actually is so obviously you guys know that we have a lot of software based on a lot of the industries right now that are currently being used not based on the blockchain but they can do basically the same thing that the blockchain can do and probably even quicker but the thing about you know the blockchain specifically is that they have smart contracts that bring many new levels of security and transparency to the way things are done while significantly saving and cutting down the costs associated with them for example you need to sign a contract with your bank to secure it alone i could show you a whole bunch of different ways it can go wrong they show you one contract while youre still weighing the pros or cons but you have to sign another with some details tweaked before youre ready and by the way those details are very rarely in your favor Plus banks have enough money and power to know all the legal loopholes to protect themselves while youre paying back the loan youre also paying interest loan processing fees and whatever other fees they can fit in and get away with theres also a possibility that a clerk makes a mistake and while you have plenty of solid case to sue them you know its necessary youre gonna have to pay a lawyer unless youre one yourself and thats very expensive most people cant afford a lawyer and chances are you cant however when somebody writes a smart contract for you you know it actually makes this process very simple right so smart contracts require absolute accuracy okay so no one can basically confuse the legal lingo or wear that you know to take advantage of you code is law right theyre also completely transparent and audited so you can actually go and check and pay people to check and audit these smart contracts and the conditions that you agree upon theyre incredibly fast especially compared to your average like bent clerk glass to sign and file the process to paperwork which isnt what you want to hear when youre like hurting for money right you dont want to go through that whole entire process theyre secure which means that theres no changing on whats there in there obviously paper free you know with the blockchain not only does this make everything go faster but but you could kind of say that youre environmentally conscious especially with uh you know Oracles in this taking protocol there is no proof of work its proof of stake right everythings backed up with the blockchain and nobody could ever tamper it with an immutable blockchain right they eliminate the need for third party help which significantly reduces fees and the most important they eliminate the need to trust somebody who knows more about the process than you since they leave the zero room for manipulation and they also work in a huge number of different industries and niches making them adaptable to hundreds of different scenarios not just loans right its basically anything where you have to trust a third party they work you know smart contracts are useful right what does this have to do with chain-link though what is this specifically these smart contracts have to do a chain link so at the basic level chain link is a decentralized Oracle service Oracles are the service that give off chain or outside information to smart contracts so theyre like the little connector from like actual data to the smart contract right so it makes things happen right so like for example if the price of the house hits this point it goes below this point then you have to sell it thats a bad example of a smart contract lets say you know if it hits 150 dogs if to sell it they could just pull the data from like some type of database online that that you know you dont have to take anybodys word for you can pull the data from an online database and then it will automatically go through chain links apis and then be executed in a smart contract so everythings automated right so when they give this information to smart contracts they can deploy and do everything they were created to do like for example in the loan situation give you your loaned money they take it this information like bank transactions or apis or any real-world data and transform it so that the smart contracts can make sense of them and then feed them into these smart contracts to trigger predefined actions right the predefined actions that the contract states that you win over and you know had someone you know verify it and actually look into the code for themselves and since the Oracle is technically a third party you cant just tell it whatever you want it to do chain link uses multiple Oracle nodes to minimize the risk of receiving false information now this is where it gets a little tricky because you know theyre supposed to be like a decentralized oracle connecting service that takes like the data of real world and connects it to these smart contracts right the and its supposed to have a security mechanism or some type of way and theyre doing it through proof of stake this is called consensus mechanism so basically all of the nodes have to come to consensus about this information that you know one of the Oracle nodes might be feeding to a smart contract right so they have to verify this information now currently they are technically paying the nodes right so theres no staking protocol right now theres no penalty right the delivery of false information is actually very possible right now in chain link because they havent solved the Oracle problem and its very centralized like what do I mean specifically right now the nodes are not being penalized for false information chain link is supposed to use a punishment system each node when providing information has to lock in a certain amount of link tokens right the link tokens if everybodys information is the same then everyone gets their link tokens back if some of these people or these nodes put out different information and and whatever attempt to swindle somebody it will be presumed incorrect and their link tokens that they staked so the protocol will be taken from them and given to other knowns with the correct information okay the problem is that staking on chain-link is not an option for no two operators right now theres literally no up from tokens required to accept the job right so currently the incentive for a note to maliciously attack and feed false information to the system is way higher being that theres no penalty until staking is implemented in a service agreement specifically is rolled out I will be skeptical to their statement of being able to solve the Oracle issue amongst blockchain technology okay what do I mean by that let me prove to you what Im saying so if I come over here you can see directly on their website it says right here running a node how do I set up a chain link node you could set up a node currently to run a test network on the ethereal maintenance our note would not be able to participate in fulfilling service agreement requests yet but in a near future okay what do they mean by service agreements so if we come over here they explains a little bit more deep on the actual github Im just gonna read it to you so specifies all the details requested work so basically a service agreements most important pivotable part of this whole decentralized problem right it specifies all the details requested to work this is broken into two pieces the off chain job-specific and the on on chain encumbrance right the service agreement is a subset of the job specific parameters that can be enforced on chain so the false are correct details theyre verified through the service agreement on chain right the payment amount right the Oracle deposit amount all these things important information thats verified is done through the service agreement and currently the service agreement is not being utilized right theres no consensus amongst the nodes in order for a service agreement to be enforced and for all the Oracle nodes to have a guarantee that they are operating on the same data the Oracles commit to the service agreement by a bi encoding it in signing a hash of the ABI in code right let me say this again because its really important in order for the service agreement to be enforced and for all of the Oracle nodes to have the guarantee that they are operating on the same data the Oracle commits okay to the service agreement by API and coding and signing now if we go to encumbrance it talked about it before these are basically all the you know parameters that go into the service agreement request payment amount right the amount paid to request it Im not gonna read this but look oracle stake them out minute minimum responses submitted by basically the quality of information all the important information thats going through the nodes its done through the service agreement and hes gonna explain it to you a little bit better with this video here now this is also highlighted by what happens when a service agreement in our system releases stake in proof of state systems where the the staking often goes to networks or its burned or something else happens to it in our case many of the service agreements will likely go to the smart contract developers and in some cases might even be given to users because the service agreement is meant to guarantee a very specific outcome around data delivery to a specific contract under the extremely specific conditions defined in the service agreement so what once again were focused on data delivery highly secure systems for data delivery there are many forms of stake our systems I consider having explicit stake and implicit state where note operators might have a certain amount of link and they might stake another certain amount of link for specific contracts and our goal is really to make sure that the data delivery mechanism in addition to the quality of data is is properly functioning for the end-to-end security of a contract to be guaranteed end-to-end so that is that is the goal of our method of staking our explicit staking assumptions and and how were approaching it this fits into our entire framework and and how weve architected it from day one and once again it focuses on data quality and and the proper staking of value against data delivery this really creates a few cycles Im going to briefly now jump into some of the cycles in the key dynamics around those cycles that this creates one of the first cycles is that smart contracts and the paying user fees those user fees are paid into pools for specific Oracle networks so as specific Oracle networks delivering specific individual pieces of data to certain smart contracts on various environments begin to get more smart contracts paying fees for that data the amount of fees grows and that surplus and fees eventually leads to an improvement of that Oracle network eventually leads to more stake from the nodes in that network eventually leads to more security guarantees in the bet in the case of better hardware or more costly cryptographic techniques used in existing hardware and it is really the relationship between user fees and the the node operators and the growth of smart contracts to generate more user fees which is one of the key cycles that we are getting underway successfully now now when user fees reach a certain level on a specific network by network basis we will then see a need to properly assign user fees to the improvement of that network the initial categories of what a governance structure could look like for an Oracle network is the amount of nodes the quality of nodes the quality of data and that includes the frequency of updates and the various service agreements that this network seeks to guarantee so I think there is a very productive virtuous cycle between more smart contracts generating greater amounts of fees those greater amounts of fees leading to a larger pool of fees for node operators to seek that greater pool of fees then enabling those node operators to spend more money on security in various forms that are hardware that are cryptographic techniques more nodes in an Oracle network crypto Economic Security from explicitly staking against a service admit so the question here is you know with chain link when it comes to actually providing real value to people across the world to other organizations to get like this real world data from like you know for example fidelity or something like that and them actually using it in traditional like the traditional world not just cryptocurrency you the service agreement has to be completed the proof of stake has to be launched and I think that will make you know chain-link decentralized so I still think it has a large upside and if you want to track the process of actual service agreement all you to do is come to this website here thats called pivotal tracker comm go ahead and type in a service agreement at the top and then itll actually show you right here in green what they have already done and what theyre planning to do when it comes to specifically service agreement now the timeframe in which theyre gonna roll this out I dont know staking well see whenever the staking comes out I do believe that they would actually there the market cap of a you know chain link would have to increase by hundreds of millions of dollars for this to become a real reality because keep in mind you know if the incentive of all the money of the node operators is less than lets say for example a derivative contract because keep in mind chain link is connecting to these defy protocols right so just imagine if theres a derivative contract thats worth more than all of chain link okay then these chain link node operators can technically have an incentive to you know feed the wrong information to access the you know the derivative contract and make a whole bunch of money so Im assuming that theyre gonna launch it when chain link gets a little bit more seasons more more money invested maybe when they become like top 10 or top five on corn or Capcom well probably see something maybe in the bull run right thats I guess like the best way I can predict it right now if you look at chain link just for predictions purposes just I gave you guys the whole entire spiel to review right but now lets look at the actual price prediction its currently at four dollars and 73 cents right its doing well as you can see here its about to break its a all-time high its just breaking all-time high after all-time high so thats a really good sign because well you can see that in Bitcoin you can see it in - you can see it in all the crypto currencies winner breaks it in you know moves through its all-time high they potentially have a lot of upside room and price discovery and just to give you some more you know information here chain-link contract transaction counts are increasing steadily so theres these more you know D five projects on all these you know protocols start partnering with chain-link they are their transaction counts increase which increases the value of chain-link or directly you could calculate this like by a p/e ratio to just give you guys a heads up for the future so what I basically mean by this you come to the article you can see that the number of monthly active addresses you know when it comes to price it was at twelve two thousand four hundred were just actually getting more all-time highs you can also see right here that theres been more commits to chain-link you can also see that theres been more actual Fiat pairs to chain-link basically like the euro/usd all that stuff theres basically more liquidity for chain link to increase in price you can see that theres a slow rise and google trends for the cryptocurrency just is a great article by the way theres a lot of bullets indicators for chain link in general environment I think its gonna be a top five top ten coin but what does this mean for you to the average investor in short the best time to invest in link of course is back in the ico September 2017 have been several you know second-best attempts between now and then but if youre still not on the high B still dont have any cryptocurrency chain link you probably should invest pretty soon Im gonna show you guys some potential investing number like if I were to buy some more training like what price am I gonna buy that further proof is that the people who have already invested in chain link by the way just really quickly are here to stay theyre obviously not selling you could tell by if you come over here on the coin desk theres articles chain link smart contract supply enriched list is growing so it looks like theyre not trying to sell anytime soon actually taking them off the exchange right here look chain link trading volume overlaid with exchange balance to take them off the exchanges their ha telling it more and more the percentage of link held by the top one percent of addresses is grown by almost 25 percent in the past year coins of course theres centralization issues with that but like I said theres gonna be the node operators in the staking protocol thats gonna meet it mitigate centralization risk right now just to jump on a quick price prediction just to show you something really quickly this is back in 2017 this is a historical snapshot of all of cryptocurrency as you can see here and we can see that how I guess that chain links gonna potentially get to top five right it has to grow if they actually solve this the Oracle problem every cryptocurrency is gonna use chain link right so I think its gonna be a top five cryptocurrency so if we take the number five spot right here we could see that card on Oh had about eighteen billion dollars its very simple math guys so if we take 18 billion and you guys know from all of my price prediction videos that I typically have like a I think the whole entire market is gonna ten to fifteen X where I think its you know I think some coins are gonna have more multiples of course but the general market is gonna do at ten to fifteen X so if we say you know say like a 12 X right so and Im saying a 10 to 15 X from its last all time high Im not talking about from the point it is right now and I have other videos that talk about the the total market capitalization of cryptocurrency and the law of diminishing returns all that good stuff definitely check out other videos and price prediction videos but just to make this short and simple I know a lot of my followers understand the ten trillion dollar valuation what do I mean by that so right here we were technically you know closed at one point now right here specifically we were closed at one point to having a one sure that was like an 800 billion dollar evaluation for all of cryptocurrency and it was around this time so I think that we could potentially this is a little bit later than this but I think we from that kind of 800 billion to 1 trillion evaluation back in 2007 thing I think we can jump all the way over to 10 trillion maybe 8 to 10 trillion is realistic so at that point that would be like a 8x lets fit instead of 12 X lets do it 8 X to be conservative so I would say its very easy math guy so you look at Cardno here you just take 18 billion dollars right 180 18 billion multiply that by 8 okay so were looking like maybe the market cap of you know the top the fifth cryptocurrency on core market caps gonna be somewhere around you know 144 billion I say hypothetically chain link moves to the top it becomes a top 5 cryptocurrency number 5 on core market cap right and we look at its actual circulating supplies to become over here you can see that it has a circulating supply of 350 billion I know theyre gonna drop more so I like doing the math for the total supply because it makes a very good underestimation divide that by the total supply of link and thats 144 dollars per coin now I want you to do the math thats currently at four dollars and 73 cents so if you put $1,000 in right all right no lets just say this to be more realistic I know a lot of you have a little bit heavier us but lets say you put two thousand dollars into chain link you know divided by 4.7 three youre gonna get about four hundred and twenty to Train link we said a hundred and forty four dollar price prediction so if you multiply that by that you could technically turn about two grand and took close to sixty thousand dollars very conservative guess you know obviously this is not you know financial advice and its definitely predictions and its a lot of speculation but I think its its realistic to say youre gonna make a lot of money off of chain link now when I say all of this information of course this means buying today and selling tomorrow when the price jumps for like thirty senses its probably not the smartest option sure youre gonna you know flip it for a short-term profit increase your Bitcoin position but in this case its incredibly nearsighted going back to our Apple example in the 80s can you imagine how people felt if they would have sold the stock earlier and they saw everything that Steve Jobs is later even when the price began to rise after a few years think about the people who pulled out because theyre in it for the money and not the actual idea and didnt understand what was really going on on a massive level right do you think they feel great about themselves right when the iPhone was finally unveiled and it had all these new innovations right thats the danger of looking at profits alone Im sure theres plenty of coins that you could approach this way and a fair number of them are gonna even be in a top ten or market cap and youre gonna make money but when you find a project that has a goal and promises to and fulfill that goal and people who see its place in the world help it get there its not exactly wise to think about how much money youre gonna make in the next six months try another approach think about you know the world and where youll be living in AD X decade or so how will the project change it and how are you gonna like you know reward yourself for investing into some of these huge projects but yeah thats it for this video guys if you like the qualitys content hit like if you dont leave some constructive criticism subscribe for more video updates and like I always say if you dont get with this technology you will get left behind thanks for watching this video guys catch you in the next one 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