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chainlink transfer time SundaeSwap Switcheroo Leaves CardStarter Users With... How High Will Chainlink Go!!! UPDATE On FREE AIRDROP!!!
what up guys the crypto homie back again with another video this video is all about chain link how high will chain link go whats a realistic end of your price for chain link lets find that out in this video and as always guys we have an update on a free airdrop you guys want to know all about it make sure you guys stick to the end to find out and make sure you guys smash that subscribe button to stay up to date in the latest in the crypto space so diving right into it as you guys can see were looking at the link slash usd chart on the monthly look at this candle that wick is showing some upward momentum thats what we want to see but zooming out lets go to the weekly once again this week is where we have the upward momentum guys we want to hold this up here this is great seeing chain link at the nine dollar the nine dollar 980 area i cant talk today for some reason it like is very good guys and but weve really like when we go back to the daily we want to get above 1360 area because we put up the 50 daily moving average lets put up to 200 just so you guys can see you know it didnt happen right here we didnt fall that low so hopefully we dont fall that low but i mean some amazing amazing buying opportunities down here guys amazing if you guys bought in please let me know down in the comments below but guys the 50 daily moving average is currently around 13 and 40 cents so we want to get above there obviously as we zoom out i mean links been doing great guys it links the agent like a fine wine i mean its just doing amazing if you zoom out for the past year its just i mean it has grown exponentially and if you look at the charts compared 2017 to 2016 with ethereum to this they look very similar you know its not like exact candle for candle but the whole trend is very very similar i would not be surprised to see chain link at the end of the year around 30 to 40 dollars i mean i think thats on the lower end as well thats just being realistic um i mean long term well theres videos on like on this channel about that but i mean six hundred dollars is definitely in play in my opinion so that like that right there is that but some short term price action guys look the candle yesterday is great its looking great we got some upward momentum thats whats adding that wick here that like thats whats making this wick on the weakling and thats good so you see this the wick is pushing like is long on the downside thats good that means theres momentum to the upside you know if its if its the opposite way then you know its momentum to the downside but this is very good for like for the price we also see bitcoin trying to break trying to hold that 10-7 which i mean it broke through it closed yesterday now its back down below but once again guys we have that upward momentum from the wick thats some great news so lets hope we can close the weekly on bitcoin above 10 7. but because like that right there is gonna like as you guys all know bitcoin is what kind of keeps the whole market together so yes chain link is definitely an outlier dont get me wrong chainlink has made moves and moves time after time again when bitcoin has not but uh for the most part we got to see bitcoin stay above 10 7. and i just want to show you some guys some stuff on coin gecko just you know fret like friendly reminders you got the mark cap of chain link is approximately 3.8 3.7 billion dollars keep in mind the all-time high was uh around 19 its basically 20 bucks on august 16th guys its at a 51 discount right now um how many of you go out on black friday and buy stuff for 50 off guys this is 50 off right now so uh even though you might not have you might have missed a seven dollar low still at 10 bucks thats still a great great buy and theres this article about a chain link you know september 25th which is today so chain link can now be used to book accommodations in 2.2 million hotels so this is with the whole trip like like travala integration link payments guys this is pretty cool youre actually able to use link to book a hotel i mean thats thats pretty cool to me theres a local theres a bunch of cryptos that that can do this but i mean its about time chainlink got like all like onto this and with chain link guess what theres so many partnerships guys it this really like doesnt matter like in the scheme of things with able with being able to take real data putting onto the blockchain i mean thats just thats so valuable i mean this right here like is great its one of those small little bonuses but uh you know chain link is doing bigger things and better things that like than this and guys i said in the beginning of this video were going to go in this update of a free airdrop as i mentioned uh a couple days ago or maybe it was a week ago you guys can get uh some bell tokens for free so were going to dive right into that and order to get some belt tokens for free you guys have to purchase some arpa chain okay so right now its about 2.1 cents you know i actually just bought some at 22 cents um because you know depending on the exchange you go to it like will depend on the exact price but i mean binance is the number one lit like like liquidity provider you got huawei global bit thumb coin one gate dot io hot bit i actually bought some on kucoin which is all the way down here so there wasnt that much liquidity but if youre able to use i would highly highly recommend that but some more details about it i showed this article maybe a week or two ago but basically theyre giving away two million um bell tokens to arpa holders okay and yes i said holders because for some reason when i say holder it just doesnt sound right but and just to not bore you guys with the small details it says uh we will work with major exchanges and wallets for the airdrop the whitelist for the first batch of exchanges guys first batch of exchanges first that means the first airdrop sounds like theres going to be more than one airdrop it includes binance huawei bit thumb gate kucoin mxc and hbtc so guys im hope im holding my arpa on kucoin and to anticipate this arpa snapshot which will be held on september 30th to october 15th it says the first snapshot will begin at will will begin on september 30th so im not sure if theres gonna be more than one airdrop i dont know but all i know is i wanted to get on this sweet air drop because theyre giving away two million bell tokens which if we go to the price of bell tokens at the time of this recording its two dollars and 46 cents lets scroll down lets check out the all-time high all-time high is 9.99 guys the 10 okay so even if you only get like five of these things right now its like okay whatever thats you know its not its only like 10 bucks a little over 10 bucks like 12 50. and even at all times 50 bucks but guys think about it this bull run were in it for the long term right so uh this thing could go way higher thats what im anticipating so uh you know and hey free air drops free air drop maybe you are you cash in some profit and put into bitcoin hey that like thats a great move as well but yeah theres details on that right here on this uh like website i wish they um would have a little more details of exactly how much youre getting and the ratio i really dont know ive been trying to research that i have not found anything but on arpas website its pretty interesting it says bell protocol announcement bell liquidity mining will start at 8 pm september 28th and its saying that bell air drop will take place on exchanges starting september 30th guys this is like septem september 30th is when it starts guys that is whats up but they also said from arpa they had a tweet they said that theyre going to have updates coming soon it says on september 23rd we have been in close contact with exchanges to finalize details on airdrop for arpa holders we will provide updates as soon as we have any so im definitely i definitely cannot wait for these updates because its like what is going on you know like whats the ratio of of what you get like and whats it going to be worth because that would be great to know i did want to see this uh this air this thing right here see if theres any updates just says to mine it rewards so so thats it like if you participate in the pool um here yes once again two two million bell will be air dropped their job will be just distributed quarterly quarterly to apr guys this is breaking news right here so its going to be given to you quarterly to arpa hoddlers and there will be eight rounds of air drops in total so eight rounds that sounds like two years right there because theres four quarters in a year it says bella foundation will transfer bell to our partner exchanges and the exchanges will assist in the distribution of bell token to apr hotelers guys and i already said these current ones they added never heard of that but its all the ones i just said plus that one right there so the snapshot once again september 30 to october 15th oh okay found some details right now um yes september 30th oh the the airdrop ratio of arpa to bell is five thousand to one so for every five thousand arpa guys this is breaking news like i literally just saw this right now arpa to bell ratios five thousand to one so for every five thousand arpa you have youll get one bell token keep in mind arpa is like two cents a little over two cents so i mean able to get a couple i mean thousands of it its its pretty its pretty affordable so back to that thing right here it says snapshot for the yeah so at like every quarter you know september 30th december 30th so every quarter that like theyll have one and youll be able to get so wow thats pretty cool so every quarter for every 5 000 arp youll get one bell so that means if you only have 5 000 then youll be getting a total of eight bell over the next two years so thats pretty cool i mean what what do you think the price of bell will be in the next two years and i mean think about if youre holding arp for that long what what do you think the price of arp will be because i dont believe i went over the all-time high the all-time high is around 7.5 cents so right now thats almost almost its like a 3.5 x right there so first of all you can make money off arpa then you get some free bell token which then youre gonna thats free right there and as that goes up then thats free so i mean it sounds like a win-win to me and guys were going to check out this article about uh for like from cointelegraph it says three reasons why traders turn bullish after bitcoin price surged to 10.7 k and i just want to bring up the the chart of bitcoin guys everybody was so bearish when things were down here people were so embarrassed and all of a sudden we flipped we flipped like oh were going to the moon now so you guys are just trying to stay level-headed you know cost average you know be uh be mindful of your investments and that reminds me of checking out the fear and greed index as you guys can see yesterday we heard a 39 for fear right now were at 46. its going up scrolling down to the chart for the max history you guys can see this area around the the 40 the 38 area on the on the crypto fear and greed index is a crucial theres a lot of action here so we got to hold that like as support and we are i mean we are holding it so lets see were probably going to play around for a while and eventually well bounce back up but thats when bitcoin hopefully be around 20k because we wait we dont want to get too greedy because then stuff has to correct you know like we want to see a slow progress of something like that but hopefully when were back up at this level were at like 200k if you know what i mean so alrighty guys thats it for for this video i want to thank every single one of you guys for watching this video guys smash that like button subscribe for more content and a friendly little reminder this is just a pure entertainment not financial advice because the crypto homie is signing out catch you guys in the next one We analyze the Chainlink charts. 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