chainlink מטבעHow Chainlink Solves Data and Market Manipulation Sergey Nazarov

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chainlink מטבע How to Mine Ethereum: NiceHash, Mining Pools,... How Chainlink Solves Data and Market Manipulation Sergey Nazarov
so the first thing that we did when we created Oracle networks was we starved the solved this data and Market manipulation issue by providing data that was truly reliable and able to be resistant to manipulation and resisted this conflict of interest problem even if you were a very big actor with a lot of money even if youre a market maker or a hedge fund you cannot go and manipulate the chain link data source in order to steal and extract value from defy and this is why D5 is an alternative to that other world that I just explained where that happens on a regular basis and then it happens so much that theres a nice big Scandal and everybody loses faith in the system so the the thing that we have is not the ability to recreate the existing Financial system in a little small form where the same people get to steal money from a slightly different group of people thats not very interesting to me Im not interested in spending the next 10 years doing that Im Im much more interested in theres an alternative Financial system where nobody can steal from anyone else and then when those people continue to steal in the traditional Financial system and it becomes obvious that they are and they are um then everyone will migrate to this conflict of interest free alternative so thats what were building thats what I think most of you are building and and thats what I I think this is all about In this Consensus 2023 keynote, Chainlink Co-Founder Sergey Nazarov discusses how oracle networks have transformed the DeFi landscape by providing tamper-proof, conflict of interest free data that enables the creation of a more fair and reliable market. Chainlink is the industry-standard Web3 services platform that has enabled trillions of dollars in transaction volume across DeFi, insurance, gaming, NFTs, and other major industries. As the leading decentralized oracle network, Chainlink enables developers to build feature-rich Web3 applications with seamless access to real-world data and off-chain computation across any blockchain and provides global enterprises with a universal gateway to all blockchains. Learn more about Chainlink: Website: Docs: Twitter: Chainlink Chainlink,