6 chainlinkHome made chainlink fence gate

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hey John here again so I made these gates a good decade ago about 10 years ago I just recently added these of tensioners here Ill put a little medal there but these gates you know I made with a angle I mean a square tubing and welded them up and all that they used to be here originally along with lunch it was a chain-link fence and then one october everything got knocked down by trees all the gates werent affected but the fence over here and then left over there wasnt affected everything got crushed so I built this wooden fence its just I just got a leaning up there against nine you know ten years later the wooden fence is starting to get water damaged and fast didnt so I put these gates back up with the post I left that six by six post there these gates originally had just regular you know terminal posts like like the one I did there but but I think is there more heavy duty and I welded these brackets back on from the wooden gate but anyways thats I just wanted to point out these gates here it cost you I dont know anywhere from 50 to maybe 80 bucks depends on how wide you are but as far as homemade gates go and you dont have a welder to make bigger gates like this I found this stuff at Home Depot its only five dollars for a floor an angle but it makes life a lot easier so I got to make another gate down away here Ill show you in a second Ill show you a good yeah so this this wooden I just I cant take that the wooden posts out and wooden railings out yeah I just got them kind of leaning up against there I did plant all the the framework for the chain-link fence there that Im gonna replace the wood with but I cant take the wood down yet to because my dogs you know so I just got everything leaning up against there but heres what Im talking about this gate I want to make a gate here and again it cost its gonna be cheaper to make your own guess what Im getting at so I just want to show how easy it is to make your own day this is like 40 I gotta measure it again a gate and I planted these poles knowing I was going to build my own gate so it didnt really matter what the gap but if you were to buy a gate you have to be pretty accurate on planting your post there because obviously it gates only one width plus your hinges that go on you know at you got to add another couple inches for them but so before I take this wood panel out of there basically Im going to be make it out of top rail posts and these corner brackets yeah so thats about $30 maybe maybe a little bit more on gate hardware that I forgot how much that bad cost thats for one gate of hardware you know its got the barrel hinges and all the screws and nuts and bolts and these things these were a little pricey but it eliminates you know you happen to cut or make your own angles and welcome to the bar theyre just clamp type we find at Home Depot for I think theyre worth 5 bucks 5 bucks apiece though 5 its 20 bucks there and I think was 10 dollars for that kid maybe a little more I dont know but its certainly gonna be cheaper than buying a gate because like I said you can make this gate any size you want the top rail posts you know Im gonna have extra I had one extra if I had to go get another one because this caves a little bit wider so you do new top rail post but Im gonna have extra fence leftover for sure and also extra tension bars there so Im gonna use them not sure what Im gonna do here just gonna build a quick gate that good like I said could be any size thats the beauty of these boogers here you can make the gate any size you want all right so theres a couple measurements you got an out so the distance between the gate is 43 inches total from this pole to that poles 43 inches now you have to subtract 2 inches on this side of pole for your you know your hinge hardware and you also have to subtract 2 inches on this for this side for your opening closer you know you know that thing always gets jammed so the height Im not worried about right now were just talking about the way here so if it was 43 - the two inches on each side is 4 inches so were down to 39 inches okay now another measurement you have to worry about is this little angle thing it slips onto the pipe two inches but youre not worried about that it leaves an inch and a half no I wont go all the way to the to the corner obviously because youve got two pipes coming in there so theres an inch and a half left on each side but were just worried about the you know were just doing the vert the horizontal right now so theres an inch and a half on each side its thats another three inches so we were down to 39 inches you have to cut your pole basically long story short you have to cut this bugger 36 inches to fit into a 43 inch hold and youll see why in a second like I said theres two inches on each side we have eight hardware and then another inch and a half times two because when I get two of them is three inches thats why thats all you need to know its British simple stuff youre gonna know and it dont worry about it if you if you mess it up youre gonna be long and your gate aint gonna fit so you just take this stuff apart and recut it so if Im gonna being a little confusing I wouldnt sweat it too bad because youre not going to be cutting it short I mean you could cut it short but if you didnt know to take these subtractions youre gonna be long and youll figure it out but Im just letting you know theres some subtractions Oh before I bolted together the the actual fence is 48 inches tall now because we dont have any the only subtraction you need to do here on a vertical side its just the inch and a half for each corner post for just three inches so see that 48 you know your fence might be 36 it depends on what your fence is as far as how long that says mines a 48 for a high fence so you have to take the 3 inches off where this pipe is gonna fit in that dimension at yourself okay one thing to note here to start with the center the center the center nut and bolt in the and that angle iron because thats gonna cinch both of these sides down if you start on one side of the other and theres a burr on one of these poles from cutting it I know from past experience building these I sent my first time building this these theyre only cast aluminum they will crack so starting to set on one down first and that centrist both sides down evenly and you could tighten up you have to over-tighten users just a little bit more than snug them up but I just know that if you start on one side of the other they will get a little bit deformed and they could crack so put the center eye so I just cut out a piece of a fence there master will recall it fabric its a little bit bigger floaties its a little bit bigger than this because youre gonna stretch it so you use one of these tension bars I cut guys 243 to fit inside here you Nana I took a 1 tension bar gave me six of these J a little J hooks Im it just bent them up youll see way to go in a second but mr. offensive over sure Im talking about all right so one who made gate done so what are the benefits to making your own gate as opposed to buying one they its a little cheaper I guess but especially if you have leftover fence parts top rails and you know the wire fence there and I had some hardware left over so its way cheaper for me to make it but more importantly in case youve got something underneath where you cant plant your post in a particular spot for a traditional gate thats already built because if you do that those poles have to be a you know certainly certain distance apart because your gate is a you know already made and in this case there is a sewer line that runs out underneath here or you know you might have a tree or anything so you can make your post any size you want you can make your gate any size you want as far as width so thats one benefit anyways thats the end result there got a couple hours into it and I know how much money I had defense the gate hardware would think was twenty bucks I actually ended up having had two hinges but I had to get that class but dont sell the class but alone at least met at Home Depot I had to buy it $20 I dont know I think it was $20 whatever it was and I had some top rail left and these corner brackets pretty goddamn expensive fighters apiece so thats 20 bucks there so basically youre under 50 bucks you can you can build one again if you have leftover parts its going to be cheaper but it may be cheaper in the short run to buy a gate thats already put together I think they run anywhere for me to do 100 bucks Im not even positive on that but again if youre gonna run it issues where you need to plant your posts and you can build your own boom there you go easy to do Make your own fence gate to any size width. You may want a gate in a certain location but a store bought gate may be too wide or narrow for space aloud. Here is a perfect solution.