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hedera hashgraph chainlink Cardano Creator Charles Hoskinson Says... HEDERA HBAR TOKEN BREAKDOWNHBAR OVER 8 BILLION LFG!HBAR NEXT RUN $5 OR MORE!?
hello everyone and welcome back to Common Sense crypto Channel as with you always this is Rich doing another video today on hbar so I hope youre all having a wonderful day today wherever you are in this great great world were gonna talk about H bar now its going to be a relatively quick video I want to show you the difference between hedera and H4 the token that we all invest in on top of that Im going to show you some announcements around hboar as well and I have to point out I am going to do a dag video this week a lot of a lot of you keep asking me in the comments section so Im going to try to get it done as soon as possible so this comes from House of chimera and you should follow them on Twitter because hes actually puts out a lot of great information so what is hedera hashgraph a dag a data structure that ensures faster more secure transactions compared to traditional blockchains abft provides high level security ensuring consensus even in the presence of malicious actors consensus algorithm uses the hashgraph consensus algorithm which is more efficient and secure than the proof of work or proof of stake algorithms Fair ordering transactions are time stamped and ordered fairly minimizing the risk of manipulation and the governing Council let me tell you something if you take one look at the governing Council that which that should be enough for you to invest in age bar because theres a lot of big Powerhouse names on that governing Council and thats growing out all the time as well but what about the selling points of hedera you got speed scalability security low fees and its eco-friendly you know if you have a business thats coming on to blockchain for the very first time they want that transition to be very simple but they also want it to be cheap and they want to make sure its secure as well thats why hedera is a great Network for companies to come and grow and were going to see a lot of that happen over time then theres the token that me and you invest in age bar what is it used for whats its utility Network fuel h-bar is used to power transactions pay for fees and incentivize Network participants consensus voting token holders can participate in network governance by voting on proposals and updates smart contracts age bar is used to pay for execution pay for the execution of smart contracts on the hedera platform staking users can stake age bar to earn rewards and help secure the network when it comes to staking staking leads to passive income in the future its a very important thing to have when you invest in crypto tokenization HBO can be the native currency for tokenized assets and applications built on hedera and tokenization is just getting started it is going to grow so fast over time its going to be massive in the future were going to be tokenizing our own assets of value at some point thats all going to happen as everything goes digital as well in the future whats up H bar fam lets try this one more time Id like to officially introduce everyone to Hash Jack app the first fully interactive blackjack game living on hedera hashgraph we found the bug this morning during launch its been fixed and were ready to rock and roll these are the projects they they start out small and they grow over time and they add value to age bar along the way boom hedera just hit 8 billion transactions that happened quick that last billion was very fast and this is nothing compared to where were going wait until that new Financial system rolls out this Age part is going to be massive in the future its going to be high priced and most people are going to be priced out get ready to unwrap your imagination enter the juicy verse now open I thought this is another great project and it also shows you how well-rounded h-bar is its Titan fts its tied to healthcare tokenization is going to be huge tied to metaverse as well and were its always growing its non-stop growth around this crypto from concept to reality your guide to accepting hbar payments now look at how simple this is I could see business after business coming on board and using this to accept crypto in the future because a business that doesnt accept crypto in the future will always lose to a business that does you know right now a lot of people outside of crypto they dont like crypto they think its Monopoly money but theyre all going to be using it in the future and not even knowing it its just a matter of time now payments is a cryptocurrency payment Gateway that supports hbar payments the platform provides a simple and secure way for businesses to accept H bar payments without having to worry about the technical aspects of cryptocurrency now payments provides an API that can be used to integrate hbar payments into any website or application so simple testing now payments in an API in sandbox before integrating now payments API with hedera developers can test the API in the sandbox environment the sandbox environment is a testing environment that allows developers to test the API without using real funds developers can use the sandbox environment to test their integration and ensure that everything is working correctly before going live so thats a selling point thats a huge selling point think about it youre youre a business that you have no clue what anything is around crypto but youre interested in it so you say how can I make sure this works properly well they prove they provide a testing ground so you could see it in action before you utilize it that is huge integrating now payments API with hedera integrate now payments with hedera developer can follow the integration guide provided by now payments the integration guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to integrate the API with hedera developers will need to create an account with now payments and generate an API key to use the API they make it very simple as well thats why I said a crypto is going to go mainstream very fast and this is how you do it you get stores to start accepting it then all of a sudden one store sees another store accepting it and their customer base grows now they want to get involved and it goes on and on like a domino effect and thats why I said were still very early then theres our Kia and check this out so empowering hedera Architects to build Next Generation dapps check out how archaea has helped improve similar dapps to see how we can increase your performance rely ability and offerings you have wallets such as hash pack which uses archaea Pangolin exchange using archaea Bridges hash Port uses archaea Gap radar and they make it so simple they provide everything you need to come Build and Grow thats why I said we beat institutional money into crypto we beat Enterprise to crypto were watching every single Network get built from the ground up right now looks like our checks and abrdn powered by hedera now check this out this is where tokenization is just getting started abrdn one of UKs biggest Asset Management firms led a 28.5 million dollar series a funding round into digital asset exchange or tax having become the firms largest external shareholder earlier this year the investment into Financial conduct Authority licensed firm including backing from the tezos foundation bitrock capital and CE Innovation Capital among others our tax allows institutional investors to custody and trade digital digitized Securities tokenized versions of real world assets alongside traditional Securities and cryptocurrencies it said it was the first exchange offering digitized Securities to win registration with the FCA and is now working on a range of crypto exchange traded products as well abrdn is growing and expanding thats whats great about owning hbar because first you see the governing Council then you see them expanding and growing out as well one massive Network forming but again this is just the first step in tokenization this is going to continue to become something much bigger and like I always tell people if youre not in crypto yet or youre on the fence about coming into crypto H part is the place you want to start because its so easy to see how fast this crypto is growing and it has non-stop growth for how long now I talked about it all last year in one of the worst years for crypto hedera has expanded at a very alarming rate I think were ready for a massive run this next run that happens age bar is going to hit three to five dollars I think its going to surpass five dollars honestly because you have all this growth and no price movement at some point its going to show its true price and when it does its going to be absolutely shocking but with that said Im going to wrap up this video I want to thank you all for watching I appreciate all of you watching my videos well see in the next one have a great night This video is about Hedera Hashgraph HBAR, HBAR Crypto, HBAR Update, HBAR News. 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