Major Chainlink, FIRO, LunarCrush updates chainlink.partnershipGREATEST IOTA News!!

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chainlink.partnership Who are Ethereum’s co-founders and where... GREATEST IOTA News!! Major Chainlink, FIRO, LunarCrush updates
iota is in the smart contract game okay coin has some rocket fuel another day another chain link crypto partnership but not something that youd expect this time huge upgrades are coming to firo and you can take out a loan with a stable coin and you will not believe what two tether dollars could get you heres your altcoin buzz news hi im natalie and welcome to altcoin buzz altcoin buzz is a crypto investing research company so were here to help you keep your finger on the pulse of the hottest crypto news that you can use for your trades and investments so make sure to like subscribe and click on that notification bell so youre always up to date but just keep in mind that this is not investment advice so lets get to the news iota has finally taken the plunge into smart contract functionality iota already acts as a fearless and incredibly secure asset bridge but the iota network is working towards being the swiss army knife of smart contracts the latest iota 2.0 paves the way to support the ethereum virtual machine as well as smart contract programs like go rust and solidity since this is the initial stage the open source ledger says that further optimization to evm and the capability to port smart contracts directly to the main net is the endgame to this new layer of iotas utility and these features will further help in retaining the full interoperability of all smart contracts which is already proving to be a lucrative move for other networks as well when cardano announced their smart contract functionality in september they broke through to an all-time high and this announcement pumped iota up by five percent you can get some rocket fuel on okay coin the crypto exchange is the first to list the lunar token which is the native currency for the social listening platform lunar crush whats social listening actually super helpful for the too long didnt read crowd where lunar crush gets streamlined info about market analytics and the social media attention that a currency or network is getting back to the currency the lunar token is built on the zilliga blockchain so youll be able to trade lunar on deal swap and okay coins and if you wanted to trade right now at this filming lunar is hovering around 15 on ok coin and under 14 bucks on zilswap and this is after a 20 rally from this announcement extra extra chain link and the associated press are working together on a peculiar new project the ap one of the largest news networks in the world is launching an official chain link node which is a huge step for budding relationships between both traditional and crypto ecosystems the aps chain link node is meant to bring some of the most popular news data to blockchain and im talking mainly like business politics and sports news but not in a way to create a blockchain newspaper this real world data will be supplied and sold to apps as a smart contract where for example if an election is won or a specific sports team loses those outcomes will trigger on-chain trade or different automated responses for the dapps running on the blockchain now i cant help but wonder if news will directly impact automated dabs and blockchains could this be the end to fake news or even media bias what do you think tell me in the comments section but this isnt the aps first crack at blockchain for the 2020 u.s presidential election they collaborated with everypedia to publish race calls on the ethereum blockchain fiero continues to make headlines and this time theyre announcing some nifty improvements to the fiero protocol first of all a new mining algorithm called feropow is coming into place and this algorithm will help small-scale miners find more efficiency by getting their mining done with graphic parts well also see fero block shrink by roughly 500 times just to make the network more sustainable and user friendly and firo is also introducing instant send which will allow transactions to be sent as quickly as you can snap your fingers those are a lot of changes on the horizon for firo but they have the full support of binance during this network upgrade and hard forks usdx borrowing is live on cavalens and that means that usdx users can borrow the currency against their usdx collateral sounds like some pretty serious leverage to me being able to borrow canvas usdx stablecoin means that their users can kind of take out a loan to generate better returns on their investments without having to deal with the volatility of other crypto assets this definitely sounds like something worth checking out especially if youre interested in stable coins that are not linked to a specific currency like a tether for example the value of usdx is based on market flow and input from the kava governing committee and lastly would you invest two tether for an nft that could be worth thousands of dollars because defy warrior the first ever crypto galaxy and character game is making it happen the newly launched game is giving away lucrative nfts for only two dollars how it works is the defy warrior marketplace will give players the opportunity to put their nfts for sale and other players will vote on which nfts that they want to go on sale the top 10 nfts from that vote will go to market and a blockchain draw will take place to see who gets to take home the big prize which is possibly valued at thousands of dollars for only two tether tokens right now the incentive is only for in-game nfts but that doesnt mean that theres no room for expansion but one thing that i can tell you is that on halloween defy warrior will release a special edition nf team and if that gets voted to marketplace then defy warrior has already committed to buying that nft back for at least 10 000 usdt and id be scared to miss out on that thats it for your altcoin buzz news update so how do you feel about todays headlines how do you feel about the chain link and associated press partnership and are you going to be getting into that d5 warriors 2 nft 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