grayscale trust chainlinkGrayscale Trust lets you own Crypto in your IRA or other retirement accounts.

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grayscale trust chainlink Big Eyes Coin é abastecido... Grayscale Trust lets you own Crypto in your IRA or other retirement accounts.
all right whats up welcome back to premier student investing i know that i said i was going to do that video on the cfa level 1 program and that thats coming but today were going to be looking at how you can buy ethereum as part of your roth ira so ive been looking for this i was trying to buy today canada has a bunch of etfs that theyve approved and so i was trying to buy those through schwab that trump has like a global account and so you can buy currencies or different products that arent available usually in the states anyways i stumbled upon this product that you can get and im gonna look at it but heres and im gonna catch a lot of crap for this but heres the first thing that i dont like one i dont wanna buy some stupid wallet i know thats probably like not cool to say or whatever but thats always been my feeling i was just like i dont want to buy some dumb wallet i dont think we should have to buy those i dont know why theyre necessary theres got to be some other work around number two i dont want to invest outside of the roth when its not fully funded so i havent fully funded mine yet this year and its like i dont want to hold these cryptos and pay a ton of taxes on the capital gains so first thing here were here at first thing this sucks this is why this is the kind of stuff i dont like note please update your core geth client to version 1.12.1 the geth exploit that split the ethereum main net now splits the ethereum classic main net it is only specific to core gath more on blah blah blah blah like dude and all the all the rest but just like i dont want to mess with that okay so okay so heres the deal its called grayscale ethereum classic trust tickers etc for the this is the classic ethereum coin so this is the et cg colon ot so its on the over the counter market um but i mean you can just straight up you can trade it so ill just move this over to my account but on schwab you can see i mean you can trade it right on the schwab and its no problem so i really like that no stupid wallet no weird whatever that goth thing was or i dont even know what it was talking you know obviously theres some software that you have to carry and none of that right you can keep it and you can keep it right inside of your roth which is what ive always wanted now i have purchased riot and mara so marathon these are tickers m-a-r-a and r-i-o-t these are two of the big bitcoin miners and i thought about doing a video for them but theres this other guy hes just thats his wheelhouse but i thought this was really really interesting and something that i didnt know about my friend brandon didnt know about it and i thought there was a decent possibility that you dont know about it either so grayscale ethereum classic so this is the ethereum classic you can see etc per us dollar its going to take 52.42 is what its trading at right now and on the year its up 814 which is why brandon was so excited about it and i mean i can understand why its a huge run-up i think their top was uh anyways you can read more about this this is working on coinbase so lets jump over to grayscale grace togail this is their website explore grayscales product offerings and you can read more about them but basically all products right so they have basic attention token trust great scale bitcoin trust graceful bitcoin cash trust let me just stop right there if youre not familiar with trust theyre actually pretty great theyre often used for people who want to get exposure to gold for example if you want to get gold like buy a real coin theyre want something like eighteen hundred dollars for one coin or one ounce coin there may be some difficulty getting your hands on one maybe you have to go drive somewhere theres maybe a delivery cost maybe theres and then security you know youre going to score in a safe or youre going to take out a lockbox at your bank all these problems right i think all of these problems that i just described with gold investing is very similar to the problem that i dont like with the wallet i dont want to own the physical product how can i own gold without doing that is there any work around where i can you know the liquidity is really easy im not locked in for a large amount i can you know maybe just do 300 worth of gold yeah theres gold trust for that they trade you know their etfs they trade just like stocks you buy the shares basically they handle all that stuff of securing the physical gold getting a big locker or whatever security guards huge safe having someone come and audit it to make sure that they still have all the its basically collateral backing the shares and then they sell the shares to people like me so that i can just get the shares hold them for a while get the gold exposure the gold price runs up my shares increase if i want to unload them i can its no hassle thats what im looking for with bitcoin or ethereum so like i said you can get all these different um different ones ill run through real quick chain link trust i dont know what this is decentralized trust i dont know what that is ethereum trust thats um its not the one we have grave scale ethereum classic trust thats it so ect ethereum classic trust e c t sticks are out there file coin trust i dont know what that is horizon trust litecoin trust uh i was one of my friends one of those two guys back in 2017 he was always pitching me on like one i always thought that one was good and what was the other one it had a weird name of course they all have weird names uh grayscale live peer trust stellar lumens my friend he also loves stellar lumens one of these one of my other friends his name is craig loves stellar lumens ive talked about that for years ripple ripple was the one that i also thought sounded great uh z cash trust so you can see they have a bunch of them and thats it so they have maybe rows of three maybe they have 18 or 21 different products that you can get in on and lets see lets try this stone lumens it says stellar lumens trust is solely and passively invested in stellar lumens enabling investors to gain exposure to xlm in the form of security while avoiding the challenges of buying storing and safety xlm directly thank you grayscale if youre single lets get mirrored so again when i go to the schwab and then punch in just gray s grayscale for the first couple words it gives the bitcoin trust btc ethereum com u digital ordinary litecoin trust ethereum class something each other this is the class uh the one were just looking at uh bitcoin cash trust and these are different so grayscale scale bitcoin cash draw so they dont it looks like they dont have all of them but its still actually pretty interesting so actually start looking at all this stuff off this site wallet bliss and they had these you know best crypto etfs in canada and i just couldnt find any of them on um on schwab so they couldnt i couldnt pull them up either from the u.s side or from that global account which i have already traded into canadian and canadian dollars and i couldnt get it with that either so see i was brandon and i asked him all these questions but i couldnt find evolved cryptocurrency etc i couldnt find uh this one btccc so maybe on your brokerage you can get it btcq so these are bitcoins nine point bitcoin bitc ebit ebit i love that its a good one oh by the way for those out on the west coast dutch bros just went public so you can get those apparently their ticker is bros which is also a great ticker so btcx is the fifth one and then heres some others for ethereum e-t-h-x e-t-h-h-h and some of these uh it actually breaks down like this is cool you can get it uh canadian dollars non-currency hedged canadian currency edge by adding a dot b at the end or usd non currency hedge e t h h u but i couldnt get any of those so i was a little bit frustrated and then finally half when i came across grayscale of course the list goes on ill roll through them because theres only this one ethq and that is that yeah so i dont know all the stuff about available coins different wallets and all this stuff ndax newton flake i didnt even want to try to link my roth to one of these these websites or these you know trading platforms they call them so you All 13 Tickers for the Crypto Funds Listed BelowMake sure to see the fees, ~3% with Grayscale Grayscale Website FAQs Grayscale Ethereum Classic Trust Fact Sheet List of Investment products by Ticker from Grayscale Basic Attention Token BAT Bitcoin BTC Bitcoin Cash BCH Chainlink LINK Decentraland MANA Ethereum ETH Ethereum Classic ETC Filecoin FIL Horizen ZEN Litecoin LTC Livepeer LPT Stellar Lumens XLM Zcash ZEC Annual Report for Grayscale ETC- the Classic Ethereum Trust List of other Canadian, Crypto ETFs _____________________________________________________________________________________ We have a tutorial for anyone interested in learning how to build a stock portfolio using portfolio management techniques taught in graduate level courses- dont worry I have made it simple so that those without a formal education in finance will be successful. 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