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MetaMask: como funciona e como usar essa carteira cripto - Coinext A MetaMask é uma carteira de criptomoedas que facilita o armazenamento, compra e venda da moeda Ether e de outros tokens baseados na rede Dogecoin Core Development Interview - Bitcoin Magazine Jul 30, 2023 · Dogecoin started life in jest, but it now has significant momentum behind it. With the rapid expansion of the community, brand and coin, also the hope, real investment and sunk costs, are you feeling the pressure? Well, there is pressure, not only by service providers, but also the community. chainlink coin reddit Grape’s Solana Alpha 11 Solana Breakpoint Ends FREE AIRDROP Reddit on Solana? EYE on RENDER
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hey there if youre new here im the metaverse explorer and i provide you with the most up-to-date solana specific content and alpha to increase the size of your portfolio all totally free all you gotta do is click that little bell and that little icon i get my sources from three different places the grape salana discord channel join us have a chat to me the selana grapevine a daily newsletter providing the best source of information regarding new protocols rewards its a group of passionate people that carefully curate new announcements new projects to discover and actionable intel for you to experience yourself you can get the link to this down below and of course the solana foundation and the ecosystem lets get to this episode hello ladies and gentlemen this is another episode of grape salon alpha thanks again for watching so today were gonna have a look at the tv ill see whats happening were still in all-time highs uh the other topics for today is the radium new pools that are coming from the wormhole and kind of the serum grants to give serum rewards to people who are providing liquidity to some of these new tokens that are migrating from ethereum to solana when i have a look at the aurora staking which is going pretty well so far there hasnt been any issues uh apricot just announced their public sale uh some people arent a little bit happy about it the um the the um tokenomics arent as good as other tokenomics that weve seen to be honest uh were gonna have a look at the solana last day highlights and just general highlights in in general uh look at the closing ceremony by raj and anatoly when i will look at the rumble light paper which is kind of like the decentral land of solana thats what theyre going for we have a olympus dow kind of fork called soul invictus onto solana well have a look at them weve covered casio app previously and now we have um sabre providing liquidity to providing liquidity with the cache usdc pool and have a look at some great statistics at the end and then of course we finish it off with some nft volumes and upcoming nft mints thanks again for watching so we start the episode with all rory staking now i dont know why but these guys have not put it onto their main website the way the only way i found out through this was from twitter you had to go to the orori twitter and go all the way down to the staking app uh app.ori dot io slash staking its not on their main website i dont know why that is so what what is that so ori is a game on solana that you guys know of probably one of the top three games in solana next to star atlas and neon cat heroes um you just click on the staking app and then you youre taken to another section in the website which you cant get to from the main website anyway so we can see the total stake of aurora is 202 million 162 477 aurori tokens the estimated apr is 50 at the moment and when you stake it you get xory so xory is similar to all the other like interest accruing tokens that we see around solana and around ethereum so they did say some stuff so this is i think two yesterday 3000 ori has been added to the past 24 hours and 125 ori will be added each hour to claim rewards you must unstake but a rewards tracker is coming soon to the ui so yeah okay if you have some ori if its just sitting around in the wallet if youre providing liquidity you can take it to the protocol and hey get some easy 50 apy thats not bad thats not bad thats probably better than permanent loss and some rewards on top of that next up we have a protocol that we covered before the uh apricot finance they recently released an article uh about their retroactive liquidity mining what does that mean so youre gonna get airdropped some apricot tokens apricot is a lending and boring platform on solana they have a few items such as the x farm which is kind of like leveraged stable yield farming um so lets talk about the rewards for a bit they are giving out one percent of apts total supply as retroactive rewards for anyone who either deposited borrowed or ex-farmed on apricot for the first 30 days since they launched and thats going to go on for another 10 or so days so every second approximately 3.858 apt tokens are made to our users so what can you actually do to earn some of these rewards you can deposit and borrow all tokens ill considered uh each dollar value deposit are borrowed as the same rate of base uh lp tokens deposited it also earned apt but times one but the times three rewards are sol mso usdc usd team so if you provide some of the major stable assets in solana at the moment then youre going to get a higher reward other tokens such as wormhole ust btc ethereoca are only two times reward so people are slightly unhappy with this because um the actual uh airdrop amount is pretty small its one percent right for retroactive airdrop and i think that and to be honest im not that happy with it either and also because its not the protocol isnt that great to use to be honest um a lot of people some people like it some people dont its subjective take your own uh you experience it for yourself for example like soul and emsar look at msu the rewards its giving you its giving you 0.41 uh borrowing interest so uh interest on the on the principle that youve put in and then youre also getting 2.62 in marinade for using amsoil most other protocols are giving you way more than five percent for using amsoil so for uh for getting marinade for to use amsoil and to also get marinade so right away these are not attractive to me at all and then on top of that its 126.5 apricot for 1k of value added which is also not that much as well um so yeah like doing liquidity uh retroactive liquidity for your um community early early supporters is a good idea but i dont to be honest like this like this approach um its such a small amount tokens apply were gonna see uh the price skyrocket up because therell be absolutely no liquidity and then once it starts getting farmed and farmed and farmed its just going to go all the way down um they do have uh differential products such as the x land um i havent used that much i dont think its that great of a product mostly because you can see like you can lend your lp tokens for 9.1 percent like thats thats not much thats not much to be honest um and they do have like a stop-loss uh apricot assist as well but yeah so far its okay thank you for the airdrop were gonna utilize it thank you next up is soul invictus which is a kind of making a few waves in solana at the moment uh they they seem to be kind of like an um fork ohm dell which is like a d5 2.0 fork um they say that but you know no ones actually looked at their code i think none of us have a grape have actually looked at this very deeply apart from you know they say theyre having a fork of um and that of course attracts people so what is it actually so uh invictus soul invictus is a decentralized reserve currency of solana are you in theyve got 6 000 followers and lets have a look at the uh the app at the moment so they have an in token which i suppose is the um the token behind the entire system they have a treasury balance of 16 million dollars and what can you do you can put in your bond your usdc get an roi of 12.6 when you do this you earn some in tokens as well which bests over five days so after five days comes you can come and redeem your in token and of course you can play the speculative uh play if youre in token increases then yeah youve made some money well done uh so lets look at the staking once you stake your in token you get 14 000 apy 14 000 apy but then theres a rebase every i think uh three or four days every epoch i dont know the time frames so theyve got some tokenomics of some crazy ponzi turkonomics i dont i havent done enough research on soul invictus to to to be educated enough to go further in depth about it but yeah if youre interested in kind of own forks on celina this is the first one thats kind of gaining traction so lets keep an eye on these guys and see what actually happens so if you watched one of my previous episodes uh we did cover casio app which is i dont know another kind of application thats popped out of nowhere that is anon we dont have any documentation for it its like a ship a product with nothing backing bit nothing behind it and all of a sudden saber comes out and says hey were gonna give these guys liquidity like what so im i think this is another one in those uh slew of products that sabre the sabre team are releasing and not telling anyone its from saber the first one is sunny protocol obviously and then the next one is cash app and theres like two before that as well so uh what is cashio that what its basically another stable coin you can put in your lp pair such as usdt and usdc and you print cash when you print cash youre able to use that as a stable coin and later on youll be able to earn yield on your cash and later on youll be able to vote using the dow and theres have a treasury which is increased to about 3.8 million dollars at the moment so what does this mean the uh they came out with a token where they came out with a medium article or basically says is you can provide liquidity in the cash and usdc pair so stable again stable so theoretically there shouldnt be much um of uh kind of impermanent loss thats if cash stays on its peg so theyre going to be giving you uh rewards lets go have a look at that and see if i can actually get it lets see what the rewards are currently cash usdc its loading ive got 25 in here and the current apy is 57 thats okay i mean lets have a look at the pool and see what the actual um what the actual um kind of imbalances or balance so its 40 cash and 60 percent usdc so theres more usdc floating around than there is cash thats not bad uh and lets see if we can redeem one cash burn one cash and see what it gives us one cache gives us a 0.968 usdt usdc pair um so its not optimal its not optimal thats like a four percent uh four percent slippage thats not cool i dont like that now i want to highlight something that the grape team did come out with so this is a new era in nft analysis so we look at kind of the all these separate nft projects in the ecosystem and because most of them are verified we can actually get some really good statistics about them so lets have a look so this is the partner report of november 2021 so we can have a look at some of these nft projects such as aurorae or thug birds or galactic geckos dj and apes and well have a look at the tvl how many nfts one average wallet has and how many unique holders there actually are and the grape holder score so that its not provided what the metric is for this great pulper school ive got to find out a bit more about it but to kind of give it a community strength and we can see that the thug birds have the strongest community weve got to find out what makes up the strongest community what is the what is the metrics for it um but yeah it seems like tugboats is coming out as the leader and rory is kind of at the bottom people probably flipping and um um flipping and selling on the market or trying to make a buck or you know playing the game because it was one of the more popular hyped nft projects around solana so solana has officially finished guys the salon solano has finished the lineup break point lisbon has finished so this is the conference that went pretty well so far there hasnt been any issues lets have a look at some of the last minute highlights this is one item that i saw which grabbed my eye which is a visualization a real-time visualization of all the transactions happening on celina at the moment it looks pretty cool it looks really really cool im very im very happy to have seen this it looks so cool alright so lets have a look at some of the highlights shall we one company or protocol that im really trying to keep an eye on now is the neon labs theyre kind of offering kind of like a bridging solution or kind of an evm solution where people can code in evm style but then it runs on salana and she gives a small example as to why this is valuable because hello but then at the same time just not sushi not curve not anybody can come because its totally different from easy room and its like they just cant part over the contracts and so the uh the solution was evident so we have to bring evm to selana somehow but then uh so we need to green it nicely like without disrupting the experience of the users and with them and what shes saying is very important there because uh you know yeah evm chains that ethereum is where most of the ogs and most of the whales and most of the action is so once were able to port evm kind of protocols right onto solana and evm uh compatible uh protocols onto selana its going to be good its going to be a good shift interest lana with all these other people who can now all these developers have access to solana now and like if they want to build an app onto ethereum theyre you know constrained by guest feeds but now theyre able to program their thing on evm but still come to solana and theyll be able to execute it so i think this is a good good play and im really looking forward to this token they do have a token guys now this guy is one of the co-founders of reddit uh he just made a big announcement uh thats uh something interesting to keep keep an ear out for because reddit recently came out to say that they are going to be doing uh transferring their like uh the the moons or whatever the point system is on reddit onto ethereum onto arbitram but at the same time they come out and make an announcement over here listen to this to announce a collaboration that were doing i have a venture fund called 776. um were earmarking uh with the solana foundation 50 million dollars to invest in the next wave of social built on solana because i think this new world so he did mention 50 million dollars but at the end of the interview he upped it up to 100 million so of course i already talked about this but ahead of time um this is quite interesting because they were going to be going over to arbitrary arbitramen i dont know if thats still going to happen lets have a look and see what actually happens from this fund so that being said the fund is probably only starting to look at protocols now whereas reddit is already working on arbitrary at the moment because arbitrary is out and working so we end the uh um conference with a small closing ceremony by raj and anatoly and lets have a look at some of the items that they highlighted shall we so i mentioned some of these incredible builders um i really think everyone should go watch juless speech this is for the random render uh is going to change the world there will be a render token if you know if if you didnt see what hes working on and what hes built and what hes using solana for it is photo realistic real-time rendering of anything any 3d model using a distributed set of gpus all over the world with a token to access it its basically like you know what is the cost of a virtual photon and you know ray tracing um and and its going to be i think the basis for a metaverse that is so much more real than any of us has been talking about or expecting um and i think its going to happen way faster than any of us is expecting so so thats been rendered there will be a rented token well do a deep dive with them later on and look at this uh kind of comment that anatoly does a few times and and just listen to his tone and listen to how he says it makes you think that there might be voting on something like this or they might be building something so listen to this were gonna need a bigger block space so i mean jules should render this um with much higher resolution next year well talk to jules about that yeah but um i never imagined something like that um talking to everyone here is that were going to need a lot more block space so yeah yeah i think the yeah were going to fill up all this black space and and then then yeah then youre going to have to just code and like cant handle it all right so what does that mean so uh you know that transactions on the blockchain work using you know fitting your transactions into a block into a block and uh the block can only handle a finite amount of transactions in their block so what its saying is increase that block and then youre able to fit more transactions on because why do you want to do that because a lot more people are going to be coming youre not becoming onto your network one everyone from uh ethereum who are going to be using neon labs to use evm chains on solana everyone thats going to be doing the metaverse of the render token is going to be using solana everyone thats using brave browser is going to be using solana now because brave is going to native be solana thats thats like a huge amount of people thats going to be coming onto this line of network and what is he saying were going to need more block space yeah were going to have to code more block space into this because its not enough at the moment you know its its barely managing now and uh as soon as all these new people come on and as soon as mass adoption comes there still wont be enough block space thats what hes trying to say and lets have a look at some of the uh radium staking radium kind of uh pools that serum has given them a grant for so the wormhole sheba wormhole axs which is xc infinity and wormhole dydx if you have any of these tokens over on solana you can bridge them over to if you have these tokens in ethereum you can bridge them over to solana now lets have a look at some of the um some of the pool rewards lets search axs so uh theyre giving you uh wrapped axs and theyre giving you serum 248 percent uh rewards for providing liquidity to usdc and axi wormhole axi thats incredible thats a good amount of tokens and lets see the shiva people the ship army are strong theyre giving you 395 percent in serum in serum for providing liquidity for shiba and usdc so if youve got some shib anywhere else why not just split it with usdc and then come and provide liquidity and at least earn some serum from it it makes it makes sense to me you know like if you if you have shiba its being diluted every single day anyway so might as well make some extra money from it get some serum an actual utility token that works well and lets have a look at dydx which is uh perpetuals uh 333 thats also not bad so anyone that got that airdrop from dydx bring it over to flana and kind of earn some serum rewards from it thats cool lets have a look at some uh nft tv and nft happenings finishing it off market cap for nfts are nearly at one million dollars again oh sorry one billion dollars this is uh 991 million damn man thats a lot its a lot of monkey business still leading the way for up for price has shot up a little bit to 180. uh or rory is still going down losing and losing were down 24 21 in the last 24 hours shadowy supercoders though that we covered in the last episode is performing well we increased by 38 which is pretty nice to see and there hasnt been much else happening around in the top 20 nothing that i can see infinity labs still around playground still around and the bone world is around yeah neopets neopets will be doing uh the idea very soon so we might see these starting to increase in volume lets have a look at some of the upcoming mints cell stars not bad newer pets oh yeah so theyre neopets metaverse i know this will be this will be um slightly big because everyone thats uh you know slightly older in crypto remembers newer pets from when they were first around in in real life so neopets were supposed to be going on to the radium um kind of um the radium nft uh marketplace which which i forgot the drop zone the radium drop zone but thats not going to happen anymore so neopets are going to be doing it on their own on their own website it seems so i dont know why that decision has been made maybe they thought they didnt need radium anymore but hey thats good on them lets have a look at their mint site and see what it looks like oh yeah it looks exactly like a neopet that i remember yeah the traits some of them look okay i like that theres actually different styles of them um theres like uh so so like theres different animals of it thats cool you know if its metaverse uh so the pricing tiers one sole all the way to four sole thats crazy so i think once you get in early its one soul and then you know when more and more minted it gets more and more expensive so basically you know get in early if you get in gerdan as early as you can someone else you you know someone else is minting up here they give your your your um your new neopet a floor price of 3.5 which is pretty good yeah lets have a look at some of the other ones my two badges no no no i still love the art for this battle for nippon its the japanese uh the japanese style art anything else i dont see any gemstones are still coming and the cyberpunks are still coming nothing else if you think youve found some good nft projects let me know down below thats it for now guys thank you very much for watching appreciate you watching all the way till the end congratulations actually not a lot of people can make it what is it like maybe 25 minutes or so like and subscribe if you like the content i will continue to give you some solana alpha from the grape channel discord thank you very much for watching ciao you Grape’s Solana Alpha is brought to you by the grape community and everyone who cares about the improvement & adoption of Solana.We cover all things Solana, especially things that give us an edge!Tutorials New Platforms New DEXs New Games & Much More! 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