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foreign [Applause] back to the channel my name is Kevin svensta and today were going to be discussing the price of Bitcoin and some news and the stock market and chain link staking a few things that I currently find pretty interesting well the price of Bitcoin hasnt been doing much were still below 17 000 can barely even sustain above seventeen thousand I mean recently the market has seen like no movement no movement guys its been so incredibly boring but in times like this we go and we check out some of the more fundamental things that are taking place first of all we have FTX now being investigated for potentially being the reason why Luna went down so we knew we kind of knew this before SPF may have been the reason why Luna went down in the first place taraluna and what I find kind of funny is that in the quote here from Sam Beckman freed he said to the best of my knowledge all transactions were for investment and for hedging so you know maybe hes just gonna argue oh we were just hedging against Luna we didnt do it he Pro Im pretty sure he was likely the the main culprit behind the collapse well find out I guess on top of that we have some pretty good fundamental news here Goldman Sachs reportedly looking to buy crypto firms after the FTX collapse so Goldman Sachs is actually under the impression according to this article that right now the crypto Market is coming to fair value that these companies are now being valued fairly and they may actually be looking to buy and Goldman Sachs actually believes that the crypto industry from a fundamental level from the technology standpoint is progressing very well of course theres a lot of issues in the market but they seem to be taking advantage of it and thats pretty interesting and on top of that we have more news chain link staking has launched so thats very exciting what we see is that the chain link price hasnt really done much I mean the entire crypto Markets kind of dead right now and well chain links price isnt doing much and Im not necessarily going to you know just put out some moon boy prediction for the price of chain link even though you guys know I love chain link you know I really got to see what the stock market does the stock markets coming down Bitcoins you know unable to hold a 17K so well see but what I will say is that staking is going to be unbelievably good for the price of chain link in the long term why do I say that well if you look at the price of ethereum guys ethereum has a higher low on the macro scale and so why is ethereum outperforming Bitcoin look Bitcoin made a lower low from its June low ethereum higher low why well pretty clear the supply is locked theres a lot of coins locked away people cant sell staking is fantastic for the ethereum price and I think the same thing will happen with chain link in the future I dont necessarily think that people staking their coins and locking their coins is going to create an immediate price shot to the upside right not theres not like an immediate pump Catalyst but its going to allow the price to perform better like ethereum here in the long term so Im pretty excited about that and I think that you know its pretty self-evident coins are locked price performs better long term very bullish on chain link here and well have to see how the market plays out were still waiting for Bitcoin to finalize this downtrend and whats been kind of unfortunate is that you know Bitcoin has been here actually currently I have the I have the Bitcoin compared to the s p switch it over to the US dollar Index and what becomes clear when you look at this is that when the US dollar Index the purple line is doing poorly bitcoins doing really well when the US dollar Index is doing well bitcoins doing poorly etc etc this pattern continues to play out its correlation the inverse correlation continues to play out except for recently where the US dollar Index finds this top and plummets into everyones surprise Bitcoin does nothing well because of the FTX debacle thats why what I think is happening right now is the US dollar Index weve talked about this before is basically playing out that classic type of you know sideways consolidation where you know this is 2015 U.S dollar Index goes parabolic breaks the parabolic trend line right here and then just starts going sideways and even though the US dollar Index is actually you know hitting this low and seeing higher highs and eventually sees an even higher high the US dollar Index Bitcoin is doing well and the key to that the reason why the US dollar Index can still be going up a little bit and Bitcoin goes up is all that matters is that the US dollar Index has lost momentum go sideways so you know weve talked about that extensively here on this channel and that is kind of what I think is happening now so its possible that the US dollar Index may actually find support in sort of range here but this means that Bitcoin may be able to pick up some sideways uh momentum sideways action before getting bullish going into the 2024 having maybe before that even happens we start to create an uptrend Etc but about a year of General sideways and when I say sideways guys Im not saying bitcoins not going to do anything I mean sideways can mean that we run up to 30 000 and then come back down below to a lower low well generally what it means is no significant change in price you can swing up and down up and down up and down but no significant change in price thats what sideways means still going to be volatile probably well see so many regulation coming in a lot of things to look out for um but yeah I think that now is the time US dollar Index is losing momentum and we create a base of support its possible that we could go lower before that why do I say that I say that because the stock market the S P 500 look at this were rejecting this and theres now fears that the FED may actually drive us into a a real recession people have been talking about that recently I suppose its possible were just sticking to this downtrend really tightly for the S P 500 and well see what happens with the CPI print well see what happens with the next interest rate hike its all kind of up in the air still maybe the FED goes for a soft pivot 50 basis points well see um its still possible that the stock market ends up coming down further and if that does happen bitcoins not going to do well um I know a lot of people like to ignore I see a lot of like influencers and and analysts on YouTube and Twitter that only look at the price of Bitcoin they dont even look at the stock market and you can tell them hey you know equities could pull back and theyre just like blind like they dont even see it they dont consider it they just look at Bitcoin fractals and compare them and its like okay but were in a pretty different macro environment here things are probably going to shift and probably be a little bit different this time around um I I dont think that in a period of high interest rates in sustained High interest rates its gonna be tough for markets to see rapid growth like weve seen for the past you know decade or two or whatever right I mean that rapid growth is a result of zero rates in money printing to Infinity and were just not in that point were just not there right now so its more likely that you know we could even see the markets go lower into 2023 and then sort of just look to range for a while thats kind of what I think I could be wrong my opinion can change if I see the reason for it to change but thats kind of how I see it now which means Bitcoin may be a little bit lower 14k or something and then sideways well see could be wrong Im not really too biased about the idea of have we bottomed or not the reason why Im saying this is just because well it looks like were still the downtrend for equities and Bitcoin has been supremely correlated to the stock market this year so yeah guys thats pretty much it for today also before you go we do have 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