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hello everyone welcome back to my channel if youre the current jvdc holder this video is for you if you currently hold gvtc shares in your 401k in your IRA and you are worried about the current condition of your investment stick around because I plan to bring you some peace of mind about your current situation my name is Laura I try stats I join auctions I try crypto but overall Im a long-term investor I created this channel because I want to bring you the latest news some entertainment but mostly education about investing so you can become a better investor not only in 2023 but also going forward I recently stumbled on this Twitter space organized by Debbie Bailey and I have to deal with jvtc shares and jvtc shareholders um I did listen to the entire Twitter space uh to be completely honest with you but the portion that I listened to uh were the statements of people who were affected by the price of gbtc shares and they were people that invested in gbtc shares in their 401K in their IRA and they were simply devastated by the performance of their investment so I thought about making this video to sort of bring those people some peace of mind about the current condition of that investment so going back to the fundamentals um most likely um if you are a jvtc holder if you have this investment in your 401k in your IRA at the time that you were sold this investment you were told that this was the only way for you to get exposure to bitcoin and the Bitcoin performance over time well that still stands through even though the lgbtc share price have have basically tumbled um severely lately um that is due to several factors which were gonna discuss in this video but um most likely I do expect that as bitcoin price recovers that the gbtc share price is going to recover as well and if you know Bitcoin if you have been following this crypto for some time you know about the four-year cycles and you know that the price will eventually recover from the uh from the value that is currently add today um so I in my opinion at least and this is not Financial advice I dont see a future where we might see Bitcoin recording in price but the price of gvtc not going up as well um closing in the discount if you will and at some point I do expect that at the top of the bull market when they the when there is all this formal of Bitcoin going around we might even see gbtc uh trading at a premium again so um that is the Assumption if Bitcoin price goes up jvtc price will mostly recover okay so um with that lets talk about the real risk of gvtc and for that lets go back to the Whiteboard so going back to the Whiteboard here we have dcg dcg is a buying company for grayscale and for Genesis back in 2021 Genesis had loaned a lot of money to other crypto institutions something over the tune of a hundred billion dollars was learned in just 2021 alone those other crypto institutions are among others three hours Capital block 5 Celsius now we all know what happened to those crypto institutions they filed for bankruptcy now what that means is that Genesis have very little probability of getting the money back so they are certainly in a very dire situation at the moment what were also learning is that there is a loan outstanding between dcg and Genesis something around the tune of 1.1 billion dollars now we dont know the conditions of that loan we dont know if it is callable or not but what happens is if Genesis Falls for bankruptcy and that loan is callable dcg will be forced to pay the loan back now we dont know what the condition of TCG is we dont know if they are going to be able to cover that loan that might put TCG at a risk of bankruptcy themselves but we know at the very least since they are also a very large shareholder of gvtc shares that theyre probably going to be forced to sell those shares which is going to which is going to impact the price of jvtc in a negative way but going back to the worst case scenario if dcg is for to file for bankruptcy thats going to mean that theyre no longer going to be able to sponsor the grayscale Bitcoin trust and in other words the gvtc trust is going to have to be liquidated okay so now that we have explained all of this what does it mean for you as an investor what happens if the grade school Bitcoin trust gets liquidated well at the very least it is not a good position to be in as an investor you want to be able to decide when you want to get in and when you want to get out if the grayscale big contrast get liquidated youre basically going to be forced to get out of that investment and if you are at a loss youre basically going to lose your money without giving an opportunity for this investment to perform so what can you do well that takes me back to the beginning of this video where I was telling you about this Twitter space I was listening the storage space was organized by David Bailey what David started to do hes trying to organize other shareholders or gvtc so they can all come together and find a better future for the trust I will include in the description of this video a link where you can find more information about this the link is within if you go to that link youre going to find more information about what theyre trying to do theyre basically trying to establish three goals for this number one a credible pass through inventions that minimizes the impact on the Bitcoin market number two are deduction of the management fees and number three a change in management and a competitive Biden process for neutral sponsors now let me be clear about this I am not a gbtc shareholder I dont hold any gbtc shares and this video is by no means investment advice but if I were in your shoes if you right now are a current shareholders of shareholder of gptc I will I strongly encourage you to go to this link and just revise the information that they have to offer over there I think that the best bet that you can take right now as a gbtc shareholder it is to at least be isolated from all of the dcg and Genesis situation that is going on right now you definitely dont want to be at a risk of the Bitcoin grayscale trust being liquidated and at the very least if they are able to find on your sponsor at least youre going to pay lower fees and like they say theyre going to be trying to find a password attention now they are able to do that we dont know that yet and that is a topic for another video but like I said at the very least you want to be at isolated from all of these situations that is going on currently with TCG and Genesis so with that um thank you so much for watching thank you for your support to this channel um I will continue uh giving you information on this story as it develops that were going to continue to bring you new videos so if you like content like this um I will highly appreciate it if you could like And subscribe because that strongly supports my channel and uh with that we are all in this together we are a big crypto family I know that you have invested in gvtc because you want to be able to get verification from the performance of Bitcoin over time and I think that with this part forward if a new sponsor gets found then there is a chance for you to be able to come up on top with your investment with that thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video In this video I go over the risk of currently being a GBTC Grayscale Bitcoin Trust holder, and what you can do to protect your David Bailey Tweeter: Check out David Bailey🇵🇷 on Twitter. 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