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chainlink metcalfe law Lost Passwords Lock Millionaires Out of... Fundraising to Build A DAO-to-DAO Uncollateralized Lending Platform Web3 Startups
hello everybody my name is david post im the managing director of corporate development and strategy at chain link labs and today im super pumped to be joined by chris and kiba who are the co-founders of deck doubt now one of the primary characteristics of the last market cycle has been the emergence of dallas and theres a major market opportunity um for dow to doubt services and i think that the work that deb dao is doing is going to really be important in fulfilling some of those market needs so to start with can you just kind of tell us about the genesis of the project and the problem youre trying to solve yeah so originally the project kind of got started when i was working at a dow called index co-op and just realized the need for debt funding uh lines of credit for dows for treasury management just more efficient operations uh replacing liquidity mining like all these types of things its very useful for also like not just operations for dows but also building new types of d5 products and so there wasnt any way to do this in the market at the time um there was like some people like iron bank that were experimenting with it but no one had really kind of taken control of this kind of like dow lunge credit concept and so thats kind of where that came in and we saw like a huge mark opportunity for daos and for g5 yeah i think its a great opportunity because a lot of dows that were seeing right now have this desire to diversify their treasuries um weve seen recent proposals right with lido just the other day we saw one with git coin i think this is something that is really apparent across the industry every single dow is in a pretty similar situation where they have such a high concentration of their treasury and their own native token and if its not concentrated on a name token its more than likely that the other token would be ethereum which again is a volatile asset and we love ethereum but if youre paying contributors its more likely that they have a desire to be in usdc or dye or one of the other stable coins and thats kind of where our solution comes into the picture yeah its super interesting because you know one facet of cryptocurrencies people are kind of like creating value and um you know you have dallas right now in a situation where theyre holding like literally tens of billions of dollars im not sure what the most recent statistic is but its a substantial amount of financial value but that value you know cant really be you know a lot theyre not going to liquidate their whole treasury in their native tokens because thats not good for the project as a whole so theres a big source of financial value theres a lack of liquidity in terms of that financial value and therefore i think that the type of service that youre offering is something thats going to be really important and i know i know weve talked and this is kind of like the start of the journey for you and a lot of other interesting things will be in the works so i i think that um theres a big need for this its good for dows provides them with more predictability and i think so i think youre very much on the right track in terms of launching an interesting service um youve basically out you know went through the tail end of your funding round and kind of kind of volatile market conditions so congratulations on finishing up so just tell us the viewers here a little bit about uh whos in your funding round and just generally your experiences and what youd recommend to other founders who are kind of you know going through the process yeah absolutely uh so were really fortunate to be able to weather through the storm and have investors that are excited to you know fund our growth just in the same sense that debt dials funding growth we have investors helping us capitalize on that so our rounds led by dragonfly capital were super excited to have that were working with haseeb we our other investors include gsr numeus daedalus uh fastener digital theres a number of angels that are participating from various d5 projects such as trufy galion dao lama dao and then even bellagio and i think through the process you know what weve learned is that its also really important to realize like you know youre not just fundraising youre also the founder of a project and to continue kind of moving forward and i would say that if we didnt continue building throughout you know the fundraise process and we fully focus on the fundraise it would have been a lot more difficult to get the fund raise done i think we received feedback from a lot of investors that you know the efforts that we did in the bd side of things and then what keep his own with the smart contracts was really kind of paramount to them getting comfortable with with the investment yeah i think thats a really really good point is kind of like you know keep focused on the product i think that throughout you know my time chatting with you youve always had a strong narrative youve kind of known where youre going um youve done the technological development in parallel and you kind of like havent waited youve done a lot of you know user discovery and collected user feedback and i think that kind of helped you whether the storm is you try to you know close out the funding round uh under under very you know challenging conditions so um yeah i wanna just say again you know props on all the progress so far weve enjoyed kind of like supporting you by making some connections and providing advice where we can and uh looking forward to you know seeing you create a service that i think is gonna be really valuable to helping dogs grow and scale over time um and yeah weve also using shane link a lot so thanks a lot for all of your guys support technological levels thanks to chain link i mean shane is making it possible were using uh price oracles throughout the whole system and i think later on you might see a couple other elements where we integrate potentially with like keepers and maybe even like the deca solutions so were really excited to work with chain link and keep building forward awesome keep on making things happen thanks for your time thank you you In this video, David Post from Chainlink Labs is joined by the co-founders of Debt DAO to explore how the unique DAO-to-DAO services that Debt DAO is launching will help grow the Web3 industry, their progress in building out the platform, and the projects experience successfully raising funds. Featured guests: Kiba Gateaux and ​​Cwalk, co-founders of Debt DAO Applications are now closed for Startup With Chainlink. Learn more about Chainlink BUILD, a Chainlink Labs initiative designed to accelerate the adoption of early-stage and established Web3 projects by providing teams with enhanced access to Chainlink services and technical support: Chainlink is the industry standard for building, accessing, and selling oracle services needed to power hybrid smart contracts on any blockchain. Chainlink oracle networks provide smart contracts with a way to reliably connect to any external API and leverage secure off-chain computations for enabling feature-rich applications. Chainlink currently secures tens of billions of dollars across DeFi, insurance, gaming, and other major industries, and offers global enterprises and leading data providers a universal gateway to all blockchains. Learn more about Chainlink: Website: Docs: Twitter: Chainlink Chainlink,