buy chainlink cryptoForbes say Chainlink will be worth TRILLIONS!!!

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buy chainlink crypto Buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptos in... Forbes say Chainlink will be worth TRILLIONS!!!
back to the charts Big Boss crypto and Trail once again take a look at chain link and why chain link is the next trillion dollar coin well take a look at an instinct Forbes article published recently regarding the 408 some trillions of dollars of value that could be brought up to blockchains and related to this well take a look at the potential value that chain link will capture the upcoming years in all kinds of Industries and also tokens as being a big buzzword and well see huge growth up coming years and also why the biggest banks and institutions like JPMorgan Swift and many more work together with chain link so without further Ado lets look at the charts foreign published this very interesting article that approximately 408 song trailers of those value could be brought down to blockchains and that crypto oracles are the key to present the real world with decentralized networks which is exactly what chain link aims to do so if you take A Brief Review or historical in short text not that oracles or lines of code that connect information in the real world to contracts and other agreements on a blockchain and that they serve as a bridge between our chain which is every interaction that occurs on the blockchain and of chain data and explain this disease as possible that basically provide food chain links to some plus systems and it helps for input which which can be for example a business agreement it can be something related to supply chain transport s data weather data I mean all kinds of agreements that we have today and the process that through chain link systems I put that in an agreement digital agreement in a sport contract and then it crosses through any types of blockchain that is connected to channel systems which can be such as H bar Bitcoin ethereum and many many more and through these systems basically they bridge the gap between the real world and the blockchain world which unfortunately thats not possible so basically through the chain lists Oracle systems any types of desired output is basically achievable which is like I said before a business agreement basically so real supply chain that they have received your package I mean money transfer data I mean baseball kinds of agreements that exist today and chain is the key to bridge the gap between the real world and the blockchain world and the reason we have the blockchain is basically provide reliable data that is not tamper-proof and if we look further into the article this is based exactly what they explained right right here why do blockchains need oracles and at the end of the article the basically say right here that the problem is that decentralized exchanges for example have no way taxes current price fee for Bitcoin so the centralized workers such as chain link can provide the exchange with a price feed and basically provide the reliable data and its no coincidence that Forks matches chain like exactly in the circle as its basically the solution to the Oracle problem but then you might ask yourself I mean whats the point of view on having this system at all it why cant we just go back to basically the regular system that we have always used since the dolphin matter which basically promises however if you look back at this just trust us paper promises that we relied on since I mean some support history you cant be certain that the other part that you have this agreement with will fulfill on their on their part basically as weve seen unfortunately menopause schemes in history many bank failures and basically contractual promises that have been basically worthless and and thats fortunate but however with chain links decentralized Oracle Network it uses something called cryptographic Truth which basically means that all of these contracts are mathematically programmed with lots of code to basically be fulfilled and the case one part does fulfill their part of the of the agreement then basically the other parts will be compensated and in other words they will know that the other part in beforehand they would know that the other part is of meeting their demands and its no question that Eric Schmidt and basically all of the biggest CEOs in business and in Swift and big institutions and Banks think that chain link is a revolutionary new Evolution in humanity overall when we look at just the agreement part with basically mathematical guaranteed uh basically cryptographic truth will always be Spirit to just trust those people promises and the number 48th centuries of dollars that Force mentioned in the article is not click bait or not misleading in any way I mean if you look at this picture published by the chain link team a couple of years ago where the state that the market for trust me must applications is hundreds of trillions and the succeed as of today the cryptocurrency market is around 12th of dollars and has potential to tap into the gold market the stock market Global real estate market and the Realtors Market especially which is at one hundreds of dollars Insurance global trade and much much more so the potential value that chain that will capture through their decentralized systems is basically endless and can live up to that potential in the future and not only that if you look at this chart published by Boston Consulting Group very smart guys worked there was the top consultants in the world they State the tokenization of assets will be at least 16 trusts of dollars worth by 2030 which is very conservative as the best case scenario is 68 rows of dollars which is huge as as we look into 2023 were almost 0.6 tons of dollars so the potential growth in amazing projects like chain link is basically endless and not on that I mean if we look at basically High people ads with this John from Earth slaves and strategy direct red Swift he basically has worked together with chain link on the proof of concept of basically using chain link systems in uh Mr Swifts money money transfer system so this is no this is no way random intern I mean this is a huge and very influential guy at Swift where he said that yeah these two infrastructures which is Swift and chain links ccip which is cross-chain interprebuilt protocol that are secure reliable scalable and that can actually work so that you can buy an asset whatever you want and you can translate it in whatever country and certain institutions such as BMI melon or DCC to actually do that cross-border so we have these big people in in these companies such as for example JPMorgan that we see right here that worked together with chain link Swift huge business CEOs like Eric Schmidt to basically build Google to our list they they are all True Believers in chain link and will and they strongly the chain link will revolutionize Our Lives business and society and if you dont believe me take a look at what Eric Schmidt said himself right here at chain Links Smart Car conference last year the companies that want in web 2 were better technology they put more Capital to work and they move faster and they scaled faster and in these and these are network businesses so once you get a little bit ahead its very hard to catch up to the person ahead of you now in your case because you were early and very smart obviously you got in there first so you see it from the standpoint of the the person whos ahead so I think that that in in web3 youre going to see the same Dynamic right of new things entering and the winners and I think this is absolutely true of chain link um they have better technology as you said and it scales better thats Im not speaking as a computer scientist um youve got to get the architecture right so you can go from 10 users to 10 million users thats all from me thank you so much for your time leave a like subscribe if you enjoyed the video or leave a dislike if you didnt please note that this is not Financial or us but advice this is only for educational and entertainment purposes only this is a big boss crypto there is a surreal 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