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chainlink flail elden ring reddit CARDANO PRICE PREDICTION - 2025 - 2030 - coin price... FLAILS - Is it Really WORST Weapon Class? yes Elden Ring PvP
hi guys still here and today im gonna play a little bit with flails i am especially curious about this particular move look at that it is spinning weapon normally it is something that works a little bit differently as far as i know you can put it on on the catalysts and its going to have that blue effect but we dont see this effect here it is especially a very very valuable tool when you are dealing with the shield actually the guy had a fingerprint which would be potentially very good test subject but sadly we wasnt able to summon the guy overall flails i have like a few more in there and i am going to be swapping this around i really would like to find something that makes flails viable but to be honest uh this weapon class is beyond saving i think right sorry man oh well stick actually landed lionels claw on freaking play man man coming in painted with the black stuff man oh sick man oh my god flails are terrible holy [ __ ] what the [ __ ] is this kid box man see whats big pyro gamer yeah looks like that im gonna be waiting for the running attacks i guess thats right i would space that well the frame data on flails just is too [ __ ] bad to punish the running attacks sadly lets try to do the running attack ourselves hes going to the running attack now no he wont holy [ __ ] pulling it bad is basically insults to other weapon that is bad in this game holy [ __ ] man okay this frame data is just [ __ ] awful man okay i have spinning weapon nice oh man come on get that [ __ ] back nice no no no no please shield back come on come on no come on bent close no okay uh okay i see what you want to do here lets do it man its okay it seems like the play version is actually worse to be honest place may be absolutely top tier now when i think about it look whats going on when im holding block and i am spamming the crouch this [ __ ] movement man definitely strongest quick bow tech in the whole game if you time it correctly you can do the whole spins it seems like we holy [ __ ] new attack to be honest maybe im gonna figure out some sort of setup how to make it like at least semi-good but now at the given moment it is really really really bad there is like not much you can overall do to be fair this setup is just kind of doomed it doesnt have range it doesnt have enough frame data to justify any sort of the aggression defensive play is very very poor uh doesnt have any sort of the guard boost so essentially using the blocks with it is not very good idea you could technically use the great shield for example here to to support your defensive game but then uh one handed moveset is just [ __ ] awful holy [ __ ] like these weapons require such a huge [ __ ] buff it is not even funny i am actually a little bit upset to be fair at the state of the flails in this game they are like not balanced whatsoever it is like a joke class uh you know if if they would do like pierce damage for an example yeah uh at least you could try to trade with spiritualism but the damage type is strike that pretty much means you cannot use the talisman so yeah you are not even going to be able to boost your damage with 54 strength in two hands i have 588 air whereas the weapon essentially hits as fast as claymore claymore has 700 with similar investment and claim what is obviously longer its one of the biggest disappointment is perhaps the dual wield essentially the jump attack could be potentially quite okay each way to alter your opponents but it is very hard to hit and then look at this frame data on the reload its like probably twice as long as the long swords if you want to challenge yourself feel free to use it but otherwise i would rather suggest in do not touch flails wait for the buff well thanks a lot for suffering with me and i see you later guys have a good one bye yall As professional Elden Ring Gamer that honed hardest mechanics in the game Storm stomp into R1 combo I want to share my recent experiences of playing with weapons such as Chainlink Flail, Nightrider Flail, Bastards Stars, Family Heads and Flail yes thats literally whole category► Stream - ► Twitter - ► Discord - SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL FOR ELDEN RING PvP GAMEPLAY, DUELS, INVASIONS, GUIDES AND HIGHLIGHTS!: TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 INTRO 0:53 FLAIL PvP 7:04 SECRET FLAILS TECH 7:33 OUTRO - Opinion & summary on Flails EldenRing EldenRIngPvP EldenRingGameplay EldenRing,EldenRIngPvP,EldenRingGameplay,