6 foot tal chainlinkFenpro Chain Link Fence Slats

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6 foot tal chainlink VFox Gecko #829 No information provided. If you would like... Fenpro Chain Link Fence Slats
hey sweet chain link fence said no one arent you tired of staring at the same old chains and same old links day in and day out I know I am and I just walked onto set 30 minutes ago Im still sorry about that introducing chain link fence slats from fence insertable slats available in your choice of colors that take any chain link fence and give it a superiority complex think of it as plastic surgery for your fence sure the neighbors might gossip about how you got some work done but we both know theyre just jealous take the beauty that is the 3000 series behind me our most cost-effective option single wall bottom lock slats that offer 75 percent blockage in a fence 11 10 year warranty perfect for the budget-conscious fence owner that needs a little more oomph in his link next up is the slightly classier 4000 B series our most popular option that more than doubles the 3000 series ten-year warranty with a 25-year your kids will see this warranty offering double wall bottom lock slats and 75% blockage the 4000 B series gives a smooth profile and professional look kind of like me I wrote this by the way and here we have the 5000 series the perfect choice for the privacy lovers among us offering 90% blockage in our incredible 25-year warranty the 5000 series is composed of double wall slats with flexible serrated wings for when you want to run around your property naked but want the world to only see 10% of your beautiful body and finally we have these 6000 series the hey whered that ugly fence go because all I see is very secure looking hedge line decked out with 3 millimeter PVC green panels and of course our 10 year warranty the 6000 series is perfect for the nature lover stuck in the big city if every fence of the 6000 series the world would look a lot more like the end of the shining except this time work and no play makes Jack a happy happy boy so there you have a fence screen coms full line of chain link fence slats the easiest way to give your old fence that new fence smell with our incredible long life warranty plans itll be smelling new for decades to come fence Green Comm your number one source for fence screens