chainlink nft floor priceEverything You Should Know About Crypto & NFTs in 2022

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chainlink nft floor price Ethereum Successfully Executes Highly-Anticipated Merge Event Sep... Everything You Should Know About Crypto & NFTs in 2022
whats going on guys robbie blanchard here in todays video were going to talk about all things cryptocurrencies nfts and much much more so lets get into it right now hey whats going on guys robbie blanchard here hope youre doing fantastic and having a great day wherever you are in the world im really excited to be here once again for another video here on my channel if youre new to the channel my name is robbie blanchard over the past couple years i went from being a struggling gym owner with no online business to them becoming the number one clickbank affiliate in the entire world doing millions of dollars a year uh using affiliate marketing and now ive been able to take that success ive had and help thousands of people have success with affiliate marketing and ive also been able to get into cryptocurrency real estate and more and so the reason for this channel is because i want to help you have success and help you be in a position where you can be uh successful with your online uh business and your investing right so really excited to be here with you guys once again a couple of things real quick before we get started make sure you hit the subscribe button because every single week were pumping out new videos like this to help you have success and also make sure you give me a follow on twitter which is at robbie blanchard1 because thats where i post all the latest updates and thats where you get the fastest uh insights from me personally right as a matter of fact were looking at twitter right now uh just i was taking a look at it this morning which is pretty uh pretty interesting and so a couple things real quick here so uh twitter is probably if youre in the nft space the crypto space its where you need to be okay because that is where you get all the information right as a matter of fact like look at this project right here which is the uh uh zero x apes right uh this is a project that i saw everywhere on my twitter right because it was all these all these board apes here uh with basically the uh yellow background and the reason why i ended up investing into it was because i was seeing it everywhere on my timeline and what i do is i follow as many people as i know uh in the nft and crypto space and when i see trends when i see you know things like this yellow everywhere i tend to invest in it because thats where the attention is right and money falls attention right and well talk about this collection just a little bit here but uh one of the other things i want to share with you guys today is well see another one right here see another one theyre everywhere so but one thing i want to share with you here is uh this is kind of a funny post uh but there is a project called pixelmon uh and they just did their uh launch right they did their mint uh uh yesterday at the time of this video and they did it for three ethereum right it was a dutch auction it started at three ethereum uh but they offered incentives for people uh that were to get at the three ethereum price and guess what guys they sold all out within like a couple minutes like 10 15 minutes right and they end up raising over 22 000 ethereum what you can see here guys is 70 million dollars and so pretty crazy because you know this team is not theyre all anonymous right nobody knows who they are uh also they dont have you dont know what type of gaming experience they have or uh and they dont even have a game done yet they said the games not probably a year out or so right so what a wild crazy world we live in where uh you can actually release a project say youre gonna have a game thats gonna be released in a year from now and raise 70 million dollars with nothing to show for it right pretty crazy and the crazy thing is is it minted for three ethereum and then on the secondary market on openc it was uh selling for one and a half ethereum uh so literally fifty percent uh what people paid for it which is crazy right and also just go to show guys that you shouldnt uh you gotta be more patient right theres so many people that mint at three ethereum and then immediately sell it for for a loss right dont do that right whats the point of doing that guys just hold on to it for a while and if it really is a good product you believe in the price should go up at some point right and thats thats why for me i only invest in what i believe in okay so anyways i want to share that with you guys today uh speaking of the nft space i want to talk about uh that project once again that i was just talking about uh the oak takes trilogy and a great little project here uh the floor at one point was around point four ethereum now its kind of fallen down to 0.19 which i think is actually a great entry point i actually picked up one yesterday as a matter of fact if i go back to my twitter here i can actually see here guys i actually picked up my uh this guy right here uh i got this for like .16 ethereum i think so uh pretty crazy right because i know this is at some point gonna be uh i think this this project has a lot of legs to it right i think at some point we could see this hitting uh one ethereum for price for sure so uh but thats just my my personal opinion obviously not investment advice do your research but this is what uh you know i think is going to be pretty cool right so if you go to buy now on openc you can actually see here that they have all these different uh uh apes that you can jump into right which is pretty cool obviously openc is a little bit slow there we go cool and so thats one thing that i was uh definitely looking at here is that uh look at all these like 0.19 right the floor is already oh actually there you go so 0.19 and 0.2 is going to be the newest floor price and then you can see here it kind of goes up uh quite significantly as we go along here so i definitely want to look in as well also uh going to the rankings today uh if we look at a few of these here we have board api club uh right now their floor prices at 97 the last video i made theyre right around 116. so it did dip down a little bit honestly and show the reason why is because the price of ethereum has gone up as has bitcoin which well talk about in just a moment but anytime the price of ethereum tends to go up a decent amount youll see the nft volume go down uh because people are trying to get more liquid and selling their nfts uh that sort of thing right and so thats why you see the floor prices uh go down a little bit but it still drives me crazy and it amazes me how people panic and they start to sell everything right away guys like this is not the time to sell right you sell when its high and youre buying when its lower right thats the way it works okay another other project that just released on reveal uh was uh prime hip beast and honestly im not a not a huge fan of the project myself you know a lot of hype around it you know before the reveal it was right around eight ethereum the floor price and then guess what like they released the artwork and it cut in half down for ethereum still pretty high actually for ethereum i thought itd be lower but some of the artwork uh you know in my opinion the artworks not not that great right i mean you look at i mean just looking at some of these i mean just just you know the bandana just it just looks i mean it could have been a little bit better right but thats just uh thats just my opinion so um but huge projects because you know they did over 44 000 uh ethereum in the secondary market so far they sold out within minutes and so uh you know from a marketing standpoint very very good uh but well see how you know obviously what type of utility theyll have what type of long-term stuff theyll have as well um so its uh itll be interesting to see right so you know certainly not gonna uh write them off but i think there is uh definitely some interesting things there well one of the nice things i like here to see on this project though is the the amount of owners 5.9 000 owners which is a pretty uh pretty solid amount of owners for 8 000 items so that means that you know theres not really one person that can really shift the uh you know the full price too much right unless theyre theyre a whale right so that was the other project i want to share right there guys uh now another project let me actually go back to the rankings here another project that i was taking a look at just recently oh heres heres one guys is that as cool pets right coolpad is actually just released uh floor volume is to ethereum right now actually gone up it was it was two two ethereum last time i checked now its at 2.31 uh they havent revealed yet but this is actually uh part of the cool cats kind of uh ecosystem and so they just released theirs as well i think just based on how well uh you know cool cats has done uh this will do very well at the same time right as long as they add some utility and some other stuff along with it right which is which is cool now they have 15 000 items uh actually 20 000 items here you can see um so pretty interesting well see how that one does ill be interested to see what the artwork is on reveal i am a little bit worried though i do think at 2.31 thats before the reveal usually when it reveals the floor price drops right but well certainly see what happens there uh now when we go to the actual uh crypto markets wow things have changed quite a bit as a matter of fact uh you know just about a week or two ago everyone was freaking out it was like oh my gosh like you know were in a bear market you know yada yada and we could still be uh potentially in a bear market for sure but uh things are looking much much better than they were about uh a week ago right because bitcoin right now is at 43 000. ethereum has hit over 3 000 at one point it was down uh close to 2000 so its gained quite a bit of traction uh for sure tether holding steady at one dollar as always uh same with usd coin uh cardano has come back up over a dollar which is great uh solana great uh if you guys picked up on my advice last week uh and picked up salon under a hundred dollars good for you uh because you made some a little bit of gains there as well same with avax uh youve actually definitely jumped up at the same time uh has made that made a comeback as well at one point that was in the 30s uh now its up in the 48 cents or so which is great uh so theres some really really good stuff here guys chain link still at 17 i do think chain link you know its one of my big picks this year i think chain link can do very very well uh looking down the line here phantom also has dipped a little bit but great pickup if you jumped in last week same thing with sandbox that was in the uh right around three dollar range at one point uh axe infinity is still down i do think actually infinity has potential to grow uh back up to where it was so i mean if you look at here guys just look at uh lets see here to date right you can see obviously its in a downtrend and whats crazy to me is that look at this it was down its like 40 uh they go 45 at one point actually a little bit lower 40 uh yeah 45 dollars at one point and so you know what happens guys is a lot of times people do not pay attention when its down they only buy in when its hyped and theres information on it and people are excited about it do the opposite guys you know when its down and nobodys really talking too much about it because theres no excitement when things are down thats when you buy right thats when you buy right and you sell when the hype is high okay thats one thing id definitely recommend you guys do if you want to jump into that as well all right uh looking down here a couple other ones i picked up some more gala gala at one point was around 16 cents i believe it was last week i picked up a bunch on the fcc year to date here uh actually yeah it was is right around yeah 16 cents there you go so i picked it up around 16 cents uh and now weve weve essentially just uh doubled in price which is a great little pickup there i like gala the reason why i like it is because you know just based on the platform its not just one game theyre gonna have multiple games around the platform and they have some pretty cool projects coming up so thats why im pretty interested in gala i do think it has a lot of potential here as well if you look at the market cap i mean you know theres a lot of room for it to grow as well so those are uh the big things i want to cover today guys oh actually here we go heres another one engine coin as well is definitely another one to take a look at i still like engine quite a bit i think it has a lot of potential it was down around 136 just about a week or so ago and thats when i was able to invest some more into that uh so hopefully you guys did as well because now were back up close to two dollars which is awesome so anyways guys more of the story is when things are low and people are freaking out right thats your time to invest into it right and then when people are excited saying things are going on the moon uh thats a great time to exit and take profits right dont be afraid to take profits thats one thing i ive definitely learned over the past year dont be afraid to take profits im starting to do that more and more its hard to do sometimes im typically a buy and hold kind of guy uh but uh something to keep in mind as well so anyways guys hopefully you like this video and ill see you guys in the next video thanks for watching my video if you like that video do three things for me right now guys give me a thumbs up show me love the content also make sure you post your questions in the comments below and finally guys hit the subscribe button because every single week were gonna pump out new content to help you have more success online thats it for me ill talk to you soon take care Lets get right into it! 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