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welcome to a new market update in which were going to discuss the price action of bitcoin and also ethereum but before were going to continue do not forget to subscribe to this youtube channel and also do not forget to like this youtube update if you enjoy the content and finally do not forget to check out my twitter and instagram page where im posting daily market updates on the cryptocurrency markets the first update today will be about bitcoin and ethereum as we are seeing that we have hit support once again and bitcoin has been bouncing up a little bit however overall the trend is still downward so were looking at the price section of bitcoin and ethereum in a way that were looking at the higher time frames and lower time frames to seek for confirmation also were going to do a request later today five coins will be charted um the requests have been done yesterday on twitter and in youtube and those will be posted at a later point in time today so while were looking at bitcoin at the higher time frames we can see that the trend is still downwards right we have been covering this topic yesterday we have been claiming that the trend is actually downwards but very many or many similarities with the price action that we have been seeing in the summer and the price action that we have been seeing in september from that perspective we can find some very important levels to watch which we also have been discussing discussing which is this entire reach around 46k and once that is lost were going to look at 41k next for an important level of support as weve got this entire week here that could be giving us another bounce for support when were looking at the lower time frames we can see that weve had a bounce earlier yesterday around this region and ive also stated that if i want to see some bullish price action id clearly want to see 49.4 break in order to become bullish once again as we have been discussing the trend topics in which the downwards trend was broken earlier in december in which we trended upwards however this breakout failed as we rejected at the range high and the price actually started to fall south in which we do see a rejection at 49.4 through which that becomes an important level to watch and we do see that weve also been rejecting at 48k which resulted into a downwards fall towards the support at 45.5 so when were looking at the price action right now its giving us a beautiful bounce back up in which we are seeing some upwards volatility or at least some upwards movement since the test of 46k so that is an important level of support and the levels that we have to break is the first one is 48 and then second is 49.4 until then im not really that bullish although if you want to build your swing trade positions i think we are still in the area that you want to seek those entries if i want to become bullish with the price action right now id clearly want to see a break in about 49.4 which currently isnt the case so what are we going to look at for a price action to be happening well i would not be surprised to get a test of 49.4 come back down um in the beginning of the near new year or in the coming days in which we retest the lows again take the liquidity beneath the levels that we have at 45.8 to 46 k and from that perspective we might be getting a liquidity we can get or we take the liquidity beneath the lows we can also get a higher volume wick here and that is enough to actually reverse the markets in which we can create a bullish divergence on higher tire frames too what we see in the lower time frames we can see that weve got a small buddhist divergence already which is giving us this bounce but as i stated the levels are still important to watch which is uh that we have to break to 48 and we also have to break through 49.4 before we can actually start attacking the range high overall in the entire month of december bitcoin has been staying sideways its been acting inside this range right now which has been downtrending since the peak high at 69k and in that case you can easily buy support or you can look at the lower ranges of this range and start buying your positions there especially if you want to look for swing trade opportunities this is pretty much the period that youre looking at when were diving into ethereum at this stage we can actually argument the exact same at this point when were looking at higher time frames we are getting into a very important level of support and we are getting a beautiful bounce from that region however we can also conclude that we are making lower highest low lows so the trend is downwards since the peak high at the beginning of november and we are seeing clear rejections of previous reports becoming resistance in which we can see the one that this happening at this peak high at 4.4 k which was a crucial break for me to break through and we can see the exact same with this rejection at 4.1 in which weve had a downwards move so those support levels were constructed here and im going to remove them for a little bit to show what the price action it has to do if i want to become bullish overall if we zoom out the level that we are hitting here around three and a half k is an ultra important level that ive been watching and its a higher time frame level that you should be aware of now when we want to become bullish we first have to break through 3.8 k and then second weve got to break to the level around 3.9 theres an important level of support which we have been testing multiple times here before we break broke south in the recent price action we can also see that it has to break through those zones in order to be able to break through 4.1 and most likely get ourselves a test at 4.5 so when were looking at the price section the conclusion is quite simple ethereum and bitcoin are both on higher time frame support levels and therefore interesting in terms of price action to buy you swing trade positions right we can also see that were testing these reta these levels here on ethereum which we also have been doing in the previous price action just having a very normal and natural retest of an important level that did not get any test at all if ethereum is going to lose this level the next level for support will be 2.9 k but right now i think were getting quite close to a bottom of ethereum and actually getting quite close to a new impulse move on the markets so thats the update for this afternoon later today ill be back with the requests dont forget to subscribe to this youtube channel and ill see you again soon In this first market update of the day well be looking at Ethereum and Bitcoins price action. Overall we can see a downwards trend in the market but its important to look at the key indicators to know when well be going back up. That is exactly what well be taking a look at today, and youll see that the markets might be up sooner than you think!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to our Eight Global-newsletter: Where do I buy my Bitcoin and crypto? My primary exchange is Bitvavo. No trading fees on the first €1000 + staking possibilities: Want to improve as a trader? Check out: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: DISCORD PRIVATE GROUP: ️ Disclaimer: Everything I say and do in my videos is for educational and informational purposes only. I do not give any financial advice and you should always do your own research before investing your money. I would also never personally contact you through private channels such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord, Facebook and Twitter. 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