Ethereum Price History: 2023-SoFi Ethereum Price in 2023: First Hard Fork Price of Ethereum in 2023: $0.93 to $21.25 Early 2023 was the last time that Ethereum was worth less than a dollar. The lowest price for ETH was in January, around $0.93. ETH climbed as high as $21.25 in June before falling back to $6 in December. 2000 DOGE en NGN - convertir DogeCoin Naira Nigrian Convertir DOGE2,000 DogeCoin DOGE en Naira Nigrian NGN. Obtenez des taux de change en direct, des taux historiques, des donnes statistiques et des graphiques sur chainlink token bitso ESTRATEGIA para COMPRAR BITCOIN 2020 CRIPTOMONEDAS: DOGECOIN - ADA - VECHAIN Y CHAINLINK
chainlink token bitso Ethereum merge: What is it and how will... ESTRATEGIA para COMPRAR BITCOIN 2020 CRIPTOMONEDAS: DOGECOIN - ADA - VECHAIN Y CHAINLINK
hello egypt friends Im Juan Rodríguez the price of kitchen had an interesting rise to the area of 9,480 dollars and has had a slight setback, it is around 9,400 dollars, lets see if it manages to sustain that line or that level of price but at the same time many other cryptocurrencies at this precise moment are giving good returns on investment or good sauces and it is something that I also want us to talk about but I want to make a very sincere recommendation, look, do not get too distracted in that sector that You can see it as an investment and that you can earn money there, yes, but be clear that good money is bitcoin and that is why we are going to talk about a strategy that has been recommended for a long time, which is the desire or the average purchase of dick kuyt on a recurring basis for as long as it is definitely the best for a person who does not know about trading and the best for accumulating bitcoin the best strategy has been shown by time even for a person who trades for a person who operates follow their operations but if you make a type of strategy like this in the long term, believe me, it will give solidity to your portfolio, we are going to open about that, we are going to talk about that strategy and I am going to give you a model of how, even with an amount of money that you can put to work is the one that will give them the resources to buy on a monthly basis x amount can be small 50 dollars 30 dollars monthly in bitcoin and you do not have to take it out of your own pocket to do this activity we are going to quickly like that model that It may be interesting for some, now we see that many cryptocurrencies have notable increases as I was saying and some say we are in narcissus, not for me this is a mini season and it is important to know how to look at these writings as an investment because many of them still do not offer a service its price is based on speculation we see good projects including fairies like link where kobe did not work on his code for two years but they can we are going to talk about that main topic of many crypto works that are working but are not yet ready to correspond to the price they have at this moment and many people are going to end up buying at this moment where it is high and they are going to see a setback this is happening in the markets and I invite you not to get carried away by the fire you can look at this moment the currencies that are not yet waiting but that have a good projection and locate you there look at these points or these increases will continue to occur as long as bitcoin does not make a sudden movement the moment they discover a sudden movement the described market will go there and That has happened many times now what I want to invite you is look at what happens when it counts at this moment that it had more than 90% profits in one day and this has been repeated by some coins with percentages perhaps lower than It happened in the specific case of 12, be careful, a video of the tick tock that they made around there began to replicate many videos of edicts and people began to buy that and it really is a currency intended for micro payments but it is a point, it is an organized point and doom from my perspective and from those who have been in the market for a longer time to know that this has been done on telegram 2017 2018 they summoned people they raised a small cap coin from mid caps and then it turned out to people with less knowledge buying up and the Those who started the pool made profits dropped the coin and thats it and that has happened to 12 and it has happened to other people so my invitation is to be careful at this moment because it dictated that the social network may now be where these points begin to go where profits can be obtained, yes, but the risk you will incur is greater if you start to participate in this type of thing, there will be people who make a lot of money out of it, but now many less prepared people are going to lose a lot of money, so we are going to talk Of those little things, this image summarizes for me what happens with trading because look, it is that you have a zero-sum activity so that some win others have to lose. Generally, 80% of the traders obtain losses and 20% obtain profits That 20% is because they have better tools and they have some other advantages and when the trader obtains those losses it is that he realizes the importance of this strategy that I am going to explain to you and that he has already talked a lot about what he wants and with this he does not I want to say that they do not trade or that the activity is very bad, no, I am telling you, most of them lose, few win, and you will have heard me that I recommend that in my case, I call with 80%. He used these strategies that I am going to place a model for people who want to replicate it but i also trade it also traded with small percentages is trying to increase my bitcoin holdings but i know this is making you better than trading everything and quickly that bitcoin cost to berlin is nothing more than buying from on a recurring basis either look monthly weekly fortnightly daily as you want you can use this strategy and this page allows you to establish it here it allows you to establish an amount and I am putting here an example that with 30 dollars a month if I had started buying all those 30 dollars every month 5 years ago, that is, from July 2015 to today, I would have spent 1800 dollars, that would have allowed me to accumulate the sum of one bitcoin, point 61, and these fractions of satoshi, which means that point 6 It is equivalent to me at this moment more than 15 thousand dollars when I would only have spent thousand eight hundred dollars having a utility of more than seven hundred and eighty percent and many say no one but it is that they are for those who took economic account look if you think that the kun is going to reach 60 thousand dollars to 100 thousand dollars in 23 years this strategy is going to help you a lot if I change this to 100 dollars maybe to make it a little more evident and reduce the time to 3 years ago we changed this also to what is three years and we visualize how at this moment he has saved 100 dollars every month 3 years ago he would have spent 3600 dollars and would have accumulated 0.56 bitcoin little more than half of the bit queens that in this object has a value of the 5 thousand 557 dollars is to say that my utility would be more than 50 percent I would not have spent the 5 thousand 500 dollars but I have only spent 3600 dollars and so you can change the strategy we placed it quickly a year ago look, I would have spent 1,200 dollars I would have accumulated this amount of clicks that at the moment are equivalent to 1,288 dollars and among you you use this strategy for longer, the better the result it will give you and many people do it out of philosophical sense because we know that that money that we said in Vicky can get to save our economy or it can be a different way of storing value away from politicians away from states away from banks now that we also have a perception that the price is going to appreciate over time of quincy which we estimate for 2021 By 2022, we will reach 60,000 to 100,000 dollars, of course, and that is where this strategy has the greatest success, measuring the long-term, and I know that one of the big problems in implementing that strategy is the discipline of having them go to 50-30 to do it on a monthly basis, thats why Im going to present this model that allows me to read, look, it offers you some savings accounts in stable coin precisely at ss at 8.8 percent per year if I place if I come here at the bottom and he placed four thousand three hundred dollars in deposit there, they are going to give me 8.8 percent interest on this money that I am leaving there, which would come to four thousand three hundred dollars, he tells me that in a month my profits are going to be 30 dollars and here what I am going to do is finish completing this amount because at the moment I have less at the moment I have 1,256 dollars in savings there and for example last month they left me either dollars or 5 u s s of interest but I want to complete at least the sum of 30 dollars earning them monthly so that with those 30 dollars I can buy the meeting directly, you will say, but how easy if they give you 18.8 percent on this deposit, then you took those 30 dollars and withdrew them on a monthly basis by law and bought and with How much do they charge me to withdraw this? The fee is 1 ss of a dollar, which means that I would have 29 dollars to buy bitcoin on a monthly basis now, as long as you have a greater value, for example, seven thousand one hundred dollars, well, you will be able to have one profit of 50 dollars a month and with those 50 you can buy a vehicle and so if you go up this perhaps to 10 thousand dollars you will have 70 dollars to buy on disk monthly and that is what your capital is accruing in interest In other words, this capital will not vary and with this is what you are going to withdraw on a monthly basis to buy bitcoin. Do you want to have not heard me talk about it? This is one of the sponsors of the channel and offers savings accounts in bitcoin and nss that the interest that they share for their loans that they make to third parties is 8.8 percent and that is where the profits come from that I am telling you they are registered in Canada they comply with the laws there you can come and look for the information here on their page web, remember that my web page triple w and with dotcom writings here in the blogs section you find all the information regarding what you can come to consult here on my web page now on the side of the writers yes it is true that for example what counts no more than 50 percent even more than 85% in just 24 hours we see coins like the age that has had in 30 days gains of and almost 5 hundred and fifty percent here letter no longer in just seven days accumulates more than 60 percent and link that has had a constant rise but from my perspective you have to look for a lower price, correct to re-enter it if we see the currency with its current price and the maximum historical price that each of them has had, we see that each one has a loss percentage even at this moment from the maximum price and at this maximum price many people bought those coins and this is the result that they have, for example in a gimbal or for me it is a very good project who have already bought my krypton course you know that he spoke highly of that project but at this moment we know that from the maximum price he obtained to the current price he has more than 90 percent loss for the people who bought up here, thats why I tell them its not the time to buy let them correct again if I give you here which are the coins that have corrected the most or the ones that have lost the most at this time regarding their maximum price here we observe them so be very careful with the issue of buying crypto coins that can be done Money, of course, yes, but you have to buy to recover your investment and perhaps in an even longer term, the amount with which you are in profit. seven coins above vic and that have less losses in reference to their maximum price and some of them is because they were born after what happened in 2017 this is the graph of 12 with candles that identify each one of them one day and here we see As of today, the price of what was even at 20,000 30 cents on the dollar and it went up to the zone of 0 points 0 0 56, almost for all in one day, but look, it is now where it has gone back, it is in this zone and It is trying to establish itself but that currency is going to continue correcting a lot of people have already taken their money here a lot of people who organized that pool for me that is not a coincidence and we have already seen that historically look when that currency has reached maximums due to some kind of news something and then it goes down this rise here is for January 2018 this was corresponding to most of the sauces that the coins had at that time but after that look where it came from thats why you have to look for it if you want to speculate look for it but look for it below, this is where you have to buy them, not here if we look at what seems to be the currency that I analyze more thoroughly on Monday, look at what ten days ago it was at zero point 0 77 cents today it is almost at 12 cents on the dollar is that it means that it had a growth of around 85 percent in just 10 days and if you look at it since April it has made almost 31 by 4 of the price with which it was found here, you have to go to this Taking profits, you have to recover the capital, although there are important dates such as July 29 around that law, the issue that comes right now, if Im wrong, on August 18, what is the steak is reactivated in the main network, no longer in the network of tests and that we are going to talk a little about Monday and if we quickly look at the link what is observed in black is its historical price to date and what is observed in blue are the movements of the volume of these touches that are moving and note that those volumes when they reach maximums or when they are outstanding are generally associated with a large price increase at this moment link for the first time reaches above 6 dollars but look at the link I will not buy again until that at least it should be between 2 and 3 dollars as it has done historically and how are the buying areas look, my videos tell me that I said that we had to sell here then he gave us this buying area here we had to buy Again, you have to get profits, you have to recover the capital and leave nothing else there with what you are going to go with and even more in the medium term to a long term, hopefully that correction will be made to buy it again below and you have to have the complete information because if I I am going to verify how it is currently distributed to the link, note that each time and over time we observe that it is concentrated more in a few hands, look at the 1% of the direct ones currently have 76 percent of the circulating link, therefore my invitation so that you dont get carried away from the fund, if you like the touch, look for a good income and if we see to also have a very important growth, I know that since May it has practically multiplied its price by more than four times today, look and this is a currency of supply chains, it is all that makes life easier, it is chain stores, it has recently had some partnerships, some partnerships, they have completed two years since the launch of their main network, now they have messed with a gaming ecosystem and all this 9 the price of the coin and something very similar has happened in cardano with the issue of shelley with the issue of steak look if you want to look for a coin that is going to have a significant rise right now check the ones that have important events for the next few days and I mean implementations of associations that are going to be included suddenly, as you can see, these kinds of things are going to move the coins these days, thats what you have to be aware of, but please dont get carried away from the fund, all these coins are going to correct look for the lower part to buy the friends if this video has served you please give a thumbs up replicate the information and Ill wait for you in a next one Que opinas de esta estrategia para comprar BITCOIN? 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