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For me this project is the best project that will be launched in 2022 and Im going to prove it to you throughout this video but first of all already like this video and if you dont follow our profile, follow it now ok I m not going to do anything suspenseful Lets go this project is called Moon Network will even be listed on Makers launch pad in which obviously you need to pay to participate our goal here is to participate in the public offering and this specific project yes I will even if I dont get the result I expect at launch Im going to leave some money for the long term is what I always tell the students this here is a project to leave for the long term I dont like to make rouge a project that has already reached all time High but Ice projects or like this one makes total sense but do your analysis dont invest anything just using mine Ok lets do it well those promise to understand the area of ​​ games of will and you should Even monetwork has been used for a few decades I will show it later here it does a summary description of what will suit the Game Fire that you Go to the website Read that one talks about enjoying cross-chain points and compatibility they say it will cover all blockchains that is through crossen all blockchains will be able to communicate this is a lot insane ok here talks about some project updates that one talks about some advantages right perfect scalability decentralized computing Go anywhere creates Bridges between all blockchains Think of bridges as cross-chain data application and keep talking decentralized computing for example take care of business the nodes Moons decentralized standalones operate as VPS Ok like any web 3 application can perform high level tamperproof calculations and it follows we have here web 3.0 privacy communication web 2 deps The Fly games continue ok that one shows the applications that are already happening like yesterday it he cites here for example in the Fire game area the araya project in the defay area he cites The Sims project and in the debit area that is decentralized applications he cites NF trade as an example That is they are already using the monetwork script the launch is Scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2022, as I said earlier, it is already being launched in advance. We have here the technologies behind this project. We have Etéreo. We have Solana, Affect. We have Baile. Amazon Ventures is already behind several projects This shows that our uncle from FBS is not losing a slice of the market and is already dazzling the future for sure if he has one thing he is visionary going down a little further we have here the contact information and there in the upper right corner you can access the team and also the list of deps partners in addition to those you have previously who are already using the Network you click on the upper corner of the teams and partners and Here we have o God does in this fear Dawn Maker Raptor captor here are investment funds and launch platforms that will launch the project and sliding further down we have the deps that are already using the Moon or are in progress and a little further down we have the team Okay, thats a very simple analysis, invites you to do a more in-depth analysis according to your level of knowledge and I repeat if you dont follow our channels, follow because projects like this are yours only in crypto Yes, this project I will participate together with the students and with the private group and yes Im going to leave some roulettes for the future because they are projects like this that just like Solano and etéreo in the past worth a cent today are worth dozens projects like this can happen the same thing like this and I didnt miss it the opportunity beauty strong hug and see you next time bye bye Este projeto promete ser uma das Criptomoedas mais promissores de 2022. Quer aprender a investir de verdade? Fale conosco nos links abaixo: Grupo Privado: Telegram Público: Instagram: Torne-se Aluno, seja mentorado: binance criptomoeda bitcoin ethereum nft tags: criptomoedas promissoras 2022, criptomoedas 2022, criptomoedas criptomoedas baratas e promissoras 2022, melhores criptomoedas para investir em 2022, criptomoeda, criptomoedas hoje, novas criptomoedas 2022, criptomoedas promissoras, criptomoedas baratas,melhores criptomoedas para investir 2022, melhores criptomoedas, como investir em criptomoedas, criptomoedas 145698x, corretora de criptomoedas, criptomoedas mais baratas e promissoras 2022 ethereum,nft,binance,