As XRP PRICE CHART Nears The End of Accumulation as Wyckoff Approaches, XRP VEGAS estimated price chainlinkENTERING THE ZONE!

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estimated price chainlink Cryptocurrency withdrawal statuses – Kraken How to withdraw cryptocurrencies... ENTERING THE ZONE! As XRP PRICE CHART Nears The End of Accumulation as Wyckoff Approaches, XRP VEGAS
foreign hey whats going on everybody this is the blockchain backer bringing you the latest cryptocurrency news and Analysis today well be taking a peek over here at the xrp price chart to talk about the price Behavior thats been happening over here on xrp coming off of the xrp Las Vegas where the xrp community got together for a weekend of celebration of getting an opportunity to meet each other to discuss whats going on with development the lawsuit with the SEC and most importantly an opportunity to put a face with a name and get the chance to shake each others hand it was an honor to get to meet so many famous names in the xrp community over the weekend and my favorite part of the whole weekend was getting a chance to meet you guys as so many of you approached me and we had discussions shook each others hands and took pictures it was just so much fun and what do you know Mr Brad garlinghouse himself showed up to xrp Las Vegas on Friday shout out to crypto Eddie for putting together these awesome collages of the event and all the pictures that were posted over there on Twitter and a big shout out to digital perspectives Brad kimes for pulling it off there were a lot of doubters about the event in the first place and certainly the more that thing progressed the more fomo there was of wanting to be there while I was there I could not stop feeling impressed of the camaraderie and the strength of the xrp community getting to see it firsthand and it not just be a bunch of anonymous Twitter accounts but real people real faces real excitement and genuine enthusiasm I posted how it was so much joy to shake hands with so many people and he had an opportunity to meet people in real life and I left feeling completely rejuvenated to see the amazing energy of the xrp community with my own eyes and it reaffirmed my thoughts all those Twitter accounts you see as Anonymous Twitter trolls all those basement dwellers living with Mommy they are to be ignored with the most fud thrown at this asset in particular out of the entire cryptocurrency Market somehow someway the community remains gigantic and strong and on top of that unlike most cryptos has seen year-over-year development growth and developer growth of full-time developers so let the haters hate cause were gonna win this thing [Applause] so that was one of the best experiences Ive had in crypto I had a fantastic time but anyway lets dive on into the charts of xrp take a look at whats going on here the thing weve been talking about for the last couple of weeks has been Wyckoff accumulation the Final Phase heading into the spring phase of accumulation of course weve been talking about that with Bitcoin at the same time so kind of just waiting for the whole Market to kind of do its own thing the thing with xrp for me in particular now dont follow me blindly were getting into a spot where Im wanting to start accumulating xrp Im kind of like sitting on my hands patiently waiting really wanting to just kind of grab this whole box and I I do think its very possible we see the lower 30 cents for xrp thats just a standard spring phase it closes out all of our gaps its normal for that to happen like Ive mentioned over and over again Im super excited for 2023 I think were just kind of finishing this thing up in here thing is it could take several months for that to play out which Im totally fine with I keep my expectations for the year of 2023 before we see things start to move their way back up but were definitely starting to enter into that area that Ive been interested in the thing that just has me cautious is whether or not Bitcoin is going to play along to my idea should it get that big fall you know what everythings probably going with it right should my idea be wrong and Bitcoin break to the upside well then were at interesting pricing if you guys remember earlier in the year my thoughts for Bitcoin were that and ABC would show up and wed likely see that translate over there into the other assets when Bitcoin had gotten back here February 15th right what were we talking about Uber like in ABC to show up in here right instead slightly different structure in here but you can look throughout the rest of the market and go back to February and you can see it emerging here on hbar or hedera ABC Matic ABC Shibu Inu near Dash all from that February level where Bitcoin went kind of Rogue and weve talked a lot about these things from the past hits the bottom rolls back up and then a b c notice we dont go too much lower there on C before things then eventually turn their way up and off and away we go which is what happened for Bitcoin at the bottom back in 2018 and 19 right ABC after coming off of the bottom and then Up and Away it goes so were seeing that in a lot of places in the market like I just showed over here with hbar coming off of the Lowes ABC same structure off the lows ABC over here for xrp doesnt mean were getting out of here right away still can Meander sideways for some time I think a lot of stuff is close or getting really close and I think xrp is no exception as Ive been talking about this for weeks on end Im glad to see were finally getting there now its time for me to start turning back the other way right the whole time weve been up in here Ive been unwavering on my thoughts that I didnt think were gonna get out thought we were going to pull back now as we we start pulling back it turns into more of an accumulation kind of world for me theres a lot of shiny objects out there in the cryptocurrency market theres thousands of cryptos and I mean theres a hundred in the top 100 everybody wants to pick the winners and we all have to make our best educated guesses as Ive been mentioning Ive been looking at a whole lot more like developer data in addition to price chart data to try to see if theres a correlation between development growth from 2021 and 2020 was there relationships between that and between which coins went off into new all-time highs as we didnt see the same price behavior in 2021 as we did in 2017 right 2017 you threw all your money at the top ten in 2016 and boom everything surged in 2021 if youre throwing all your money at the top 10 in 2020 it was not the case right so was there consistency between finding which assets had development development growth and developer growth and the thing Im excited about is that not only do I like the price chart for xrp that were finishing up accumulation schematics but that were one of the few that have had development developer growth so one of the things too is that like I noticed as well in 2021 that things that like just didnt have communities with them didnt do that great either and so like were checking off all the check marks here good chart developer growth Wicked Strong Community confidence of clarity eventually with the SEC while nothing is guaranteed Im feeling pretty dang good about it so for me on xrp once we dip below 42 cents I start my nibbling adding to my bags get below the 30s I start making more serious buys get into the lower 30s thats it hail Mary for me and I do get it with xrp holders were not exactly thrilled at the idea of looking over here at Bitcoin to say hey thats going to impact the price of xrp when theres so many other things going on on xrp it would be sure nice if it was just kind of doing its own thing and not correlated to bitcoin out here but just kind of keeping this in mind that it has been playing along to this tune over here for Bitcoin and if we do get this plunge happening in here for Bitcoin back into you know 24 is 23 degrees while everyone is screaming for 12K Bitcoin theyre screaming for 15 cent xrp Ill do the same thing that I always do bullish at the bottoms concerned at the tops well guess what full-blown bullish blockchain backer will return and like I mentioned today in Marcus in the morning whens the last time you saw me make like a thumbnail of a video saying like xrp to the moon and stuff like that been a long time get ready for it well people are going to be screaming about whatever narrative it is out there I am going to be rubbing it in the face of them bullish thumbnails bullish titles bullish videos Moon math charts on the way were almost there just got a little bit more patience before we get there but Ive never felt better its one thing to just be on a computer like I am every day Im in this office Ive got three monitors Im staring at computers Im on Twitter like everybody else its one thing to do that and to believe that theres all the elements there in order for liquidity to become pouring in and its another thing to go see with your own eyes like I did over this past week just I love it man but otherwise Im ha you know Im actually just kind of happy to that weve kind of gotten this thing to get some move weve kind of gotten it to start dipping a little bit lower and get closer and closer because Im tired of coming on here and saying this is what I think Im ready for Moon math YOLO thumbnails and I think were getting close so well keep checking in on it well keep checking on bitcoin and something tells me this lawsuit is going to wrap up right when the chart tells us its supposed to and then [Applause] but all right guys Im gonna go ahead and wrap this thing up kind of a little bit of a hype video but I am excited to see the price finally starting to dip down were getting lower its been a big patience game for me up in here I know a lot of people got excited to see the price go up there to 58 cents but the whole time Im sitting there thinking ah man I think were gonna stall out here I think we still have to come all the way back down and now weve kind of done all that now were getting back to moving all the way back down now its time to me for me to get excited and be like hey I think like the real breakout could be coming after this one the next time we shift our way up it might be the real one so Im just popped and of course Im pumped after just an awesome weekend of meeting so many of you uh you just you made me feel so good you made me feel so special you made me feel appreciated that was just absolutely incredible and the inconsistent thing that I heard over and over again was just the appreciation that I try to keep people with a level head when things were exciting trying to keep a level head and things are scary trying to keep a level head and that thats really kind of one of the best attributes that I have so Ill do my best to do that continue to do that but otherwise amazing week lets get this show on the road Im gonna go ahead and wrap this thing up so I want to thank you so much for watching if you could please like this video and give it a thumbs up if youre new to the Channel Please Subscribe and hit the notification Bell so you can be notified of when I create new content and when I go live as always this is not investment advice and I am not a financial advisor but if you ever need a pick-me-up or a little bit of 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