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chainlink node roi 1 USD to BTC - US Dollars to Bitcoins Exchange... EARN PASSIVE INCOME ONLINE w/ NODES HOW TO SEARCH
back with another video no filters and theres a wrong way to search for nodes and theres a right way type in masternodes passive income and youre gonna find a whole bunch of videos like these you know price prices and then some of these are rug pulls and um you know just okay yeah sure some of these are serious and you can make money and some of these arent but its hard for a newcomer to determine which one is real from the fakes all right now theres a right way to search for nodes first of all the word node has been thrown around for the last few months and its been ridiculous people dont even know what a node is look up definitions masternode is defined as a governing hub and some cryptocurrency networks right so in order to have a node it has to have a host a virtual private server let me see virtual private server in most cases when youre searching for real nodes and youre looking to purchase a real node you need a virtual private server in most cases all right now heres how you search for nodes lets go to coin gecko categories this is not financial advice by the way play the game at your own risk go down the list and this is not alphabetical order this is not alphabetical order go to masternodes what i suggest as in my previous videos do your own research go these crypto projects um have market caps theyre in circulation the majority of them um i was checking this one out um this seemed interesting i was checking that one out recently all right just showing you uh what ive been looking at all right uh yeah so just do your own research go through each and every one of these and weed them out dont just go by what these guys are saying dont just go by what these guys are saying dont do that you might end up in a bad position do your own research go to coin get go go down the list of of cryptocurrency projects that uh are saying that they and beware of these question marks right no market cap no coin circulation that should be a red flag but i shouldnt have to tell you that another thing if you dont want to go to coin gecko go to coin market cap go where it says categories go to where it says categories all right the list is gonna populate all right you go down youre gonna come across something that says a category uh where is it see you have to be smart about this do your own research i cant stress that out enough do your own research masternodes now you play if you pay close attention you see that this list is similar to coingeckos list of masternodes i heard about this one thats pretty good here we go yup see check out each and every one of these net diamond and see which one works out for you depending on how much money um youre looking to invest um just uh do your own research another website you want to go to would be masternodes dot online check out the list now if you dont want to go through each and every one and weed out uh nodes and things like that and then that takes hours take a shortcut go to they have a short list of um nodes masternodes and they give you uh circulate the capitalization requirements price return on investment monthly income all of that all of that dash is right there its just coin and just go through the list if you dont this is a shortcut now of course there are more projects than this but this this just gives you an idea now some of these projects are not even listed like pocket network now im looking into pocket network now if you want to uh purchase a node from pocket network just go to their website run a node thats it follow the instructions also rocket pool decentralized ethereum staking protocol stake plus run node so you could stake with less than 32 ethereum this gives this just gives you an idea on um the right way to find a no project to invest in the right way and the wrong way all right just want to share this with you guys ill see yall next time The Best Way to Invest in Nodes is by Doing You OWN RESEARCH, Theres Right Way & a Wrong Way!!! **THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE, ITS COMMON SENSE!!! JOIN MY EXCLUSIVE PATREON GROUP: DEFINTIONS: What is a Master Node?: What is a VPS?: NODE SEARCH: Coin Gecko: Coin Market Cap: All Nodes: Pocket Network: Rocket Pool: EnecuumENQ Master Node :