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hey guys welcome to my channel in todays video im going to be addressing the question of how much a chain-link fence costs about a year ago i installed a chain-link fence at my first house and i spent about three thousand 000 now the fence it covers my entire backyard you know our lot is about a quarter acre or so about half of that is fenced off and so ive got you know probably about a half dozen terminal posts and then probably about 20 to 25 line posts and i have one gate black vinyl coated fencing and i got it all at menards i also bought about 75 bags of kwikset concrete now you would think that with spending that much money that the fence must be indestructible and it looks great and i dont think theres any worries about you know rust its coated with vinyl and with paint and it looks great but i will say the gauge of steel they used for the you know the top rails and the posts is just not very durable its very thin and i feel like i could jump and do a cannonball in between my line posts and it would deform and bend my line posts i dont even know if id feel comfortable hopping my fence there unless i was like right on the line post then i could probably get away with it but if i was anywhere in between id probably end up bending the top rail with chain link fabric often theyll have great discounts on the fabric like i think i got 50 foot roll of you know four foot by 50 foot nine gauge you know half vinyl half metal kind of fabric and that costed me only maybe like a hundred dollars which i thought was amazing right you know i can get all of my fabric that i need for my whole backyard for like just a couple hundred bucks and i thought you know my mind surely you know to get everything else you know its not gonna cost that much to get some rails right to get some hardware boy was i so wrong guys they will they will get you you need a lot of like random bits and pieces uh a lot of caps a lot of you know end caps you need your tension bar you need your different kinds of posts and all your nuts and bolts and wires and tension band and tension wire and top rails line posts terminal posts they often charge quite a lot for the rails in the post i think for the black coated vinyl line post that i got um you know six foot or so cost me about twenty dollars a pop and that adds up when you have to get you know 20 to 30 line posts that adds up really quick and when you need just as many top rails you know like 20 top rails and they each cost 20 a pop that adds up quick and then the terminal post as well and then all the other little things you need you know each hardware bag that you need for each line post in each terminal post that could cost quite a bit so all in all i spent about three thousand dollars now for the second time i put in fencing it cost me a ton less and i ended up getting a fence that is a lot more durable and so i have a hundred foot of fencing and it only costed me about six hundred dollars total maybe even closer to five hundred and fifty dollars now this fence is not vinyl coated but it is a lot more durable than the other fence because the line posts the terminal posts and the top rail are substantially thicker than the posts youd buy at menards lowes or home depot and the way i found those posts was i called around to these steel manufacturing plants and i asked them like do you sell anything like line posts for fencing and theyre like no we dont but one of them knew a guy that did and he had a farm supply company so i called him and he had fence posts and he could order them from another supplier for however thick you wanted it and their prices were literally like half as expensive as lows would be plus they had more options because you could get special orders for ridiculously thick posts and so it really depends on what route you go it costs a lot more money to get vinyl coated fencing might cost one and a half to two times as much to get vinyl coated fencing than it does just have galvanized steel now if you go for the thicker gauged uh fence mesh that has the smaller diamonds youre going to pay more money for that at menards it costs an insane amount of money to get a six foot 50 foot long mesh roll thats nine gauge it costs like 300 thats insane at the farm supply company it would only cost me to upgrade my fence that i got here thats 11 gauge to upgrade that to 9 gauge which is twice as heavy like twice as much metal basically it would only cost me about a dollar extra per foot so only about a hundred dollars extra to get you know 100 foot of this ridiculously strong fence mesh another thing you might consider doing to save money is to buy regular concrete now i know its super popular to use instant post concrete mix or quick setting concrete mix but that can cost quite a bit like for a 50 pound bag it might cost you know six dollars or if youre buying it from a local store might cost closer to ten dollars per bag but if you go to a big box store like lowes you could probably buy a regular 60 pound bag of concrete for about three dollars now the hardness of the concrete is pretty comparable after 28 days at about 4000 psi and so you can save a lot of money if you just get the cheap old regular concrete and yes ive done posts with both regular and fast setting concrete ive used about 75 bags of fast setting concrete that i bought from i think menards or lowes and then i recently bought i think it was about you know 30 bags of concrete that i got from lowes just a regular concrete and the regular concrete quikrete not the fast setting kind um worked great in fact i didnt even pre-mix it i just poured it into the hole as the dust and the concrete and the gravel and stuff i poured in water i didnt even measure the water but i i probably should have i mixed it up you know with just like a hand shovel like this and uh you know i kind of stabbed it with like a little metal kind of rebar kind of thing like this and moved it around to help the water penetrate and guys the next day that concrete set great and i was able to you know start assembling the mesh the next day regular concrete holds a post upright just fine enough you know unless you have like hurricane force winds that post shouldnt be moving anywhere so anyways i hope this video has been helpful for you hopefully it gives you a little ballpark of like how much a fence might cost for most fences i would say youre looking at probably one to two thousand dollars if you go on the cheap you know and if youre enclosing a backyard if youre doing a really high quality or a painted fence you might be looking at two to three thousand dollars if youre gonna fence off a large portion a really large you know half acre yard you might be looking at closer to ten thousand dollars so it really ranges and varies on a lot of variables how many posts you have how many you know terminal posts how many gates you have things like that i hope this video has been helpful for you if it has please give it a thumbs up and subscribe and i will see you next time How much money we spent to build two chain link fence, plus ways to save A LOT of money! 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