3 4 inch chainlinkDIY 4 Hook Fence Stretcher Bar for Chain Link

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3 4 inch chainlink Dogecoin Rockets To New Heights Due To... DIY 4 Hook Fence Stretcher Bar for Chain Link
This 4 Hook Fence Stretcher Bar is used to tighten chain link fabric when installing a chain link fence.I was working on putting up a 10 feet tall chain link cage and realized I did not have a stretcher. I went to Menards to get one and did not find a tall enough one. They only had 36 inch one. So got 4 J hooks 7” J hooks 5/16 and extra nuts to weld to the bar and a 6 feet flat bar. I already had the extra posts to cut 6 feet section and use. Drilled 4 holes to accept the 4 J hooks so you can adjust and change the rotation of the hooks on the opposite side I welded the small section of the bigger pipe to be able to hook the come-along and welded the flat bar to stop the whole pipe from bending under stress. ============= Social ============= Email Web You can follow me on twitter Instagram Follow me at Facebook