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hey everybody Maddy here with altcoin buys happy hump day hope youre having a great midweek were gonna be discussing some major large-cap coins such as V chain today that have really exploded so far this summer with phenomenal returns particularly in June talking about 40% range or so V chain definitely sticks out as one of the premier choices on that list well also take a look at AI exec RLC which is going to release a version 5 this month we also have details about their roadmap cardia chain is in the news theyve joined hands with neo EcoBoost to lower entry barriers for cardio chain integration of any Neil like block chains will discuss more about that particular partnership sharing is also in the news the sharing bu SDS HR pair is now live in finance de X well be talking about that electro neum is also in the news as is iOS t quite a lot happening today guys so lets first take a look at the markets on coin get code calm as you can see were more or less flat on the day you could argue that were marginally up up 1.2 percent in the market overall 278 point 1 billion dollars Bitcoin however basically flat versus yesterday 0% increase 0% decreased 9217 dollars with the dominance of 61.2% now before we really launch into things today we want to point out that we have noticed a lot of ads are playing on our YouTube channel and basically in YouTube in general ads with Vitalik purportedly Charles Hoskinson Elon Musk other individuals giving away cryptocurrency allegedly whether aetherium or other crypto currencies these are fake ads and were actually flabbergasted that YouTube is allowing them I guess they havent been flagged sufficiently but if you see such ads make sure that you do report them these are scam videos and theyre expecting people to send them money or ask for information give a private information that kind of thing so it is very important if you see these ads once again to report them and do not send any money do not send any cryptocurrency do not send any information or participate in any way with these ads again were very concerned that theyre airing in the first place but we have no control over that kind of we cant select or deselect these kinds of ads we have to collectively report them together to youtube so just want to make sure thats clear and I know you guys are smart enough youre likely not falling for those kinds of things but just have to be sure to mention it out of the gate here okay so now lets take a look at bye Nance comm with the June Trading report whats next for boring Bitcoin as we just saw Bitcoin is flat but theres a lot of other stuff thats happening here key takeaways bitcoins 30-day volatility down to its lowest level since October of last year indicating a lack of directional bias however its been altcoin season at least a micro altcoin season in the month of June overall crypto currencies delivered a mixed performance most large cap Kryptos delivered negative returns while mid and small cap crypto currencies such as link adab et ve T and I OST delivered positive returns in particular the ETV chain had a phenomenal month delivering more than a 40% return in June as the report indicates Bitcoin you know has more or less been trading flatly its been up a little bit its been down a little bit but were basically where we were last month and the volatility as I mentioned is similar to October 2019 but V chain for example and others such as chain link actually be chained up about 40% over the last seven days and even over the last month or so I believe chain link is up also above 40 percent so you do have some breakout success stories of projects that have really been poised for growth its like theyve had pent-up energy you know coil into a spring almost Cardno comes to mind as well and I think in the case of cordon Oh a lot of that is attributable to the Shelly summit that happened the first week of July but lets little Cardno into the list as well so V chain Cardno and chain link among others its been a very good month for altcoins all around not every single project but many of the projects that weve been focusing on that have been on our radar for a while right now take a look at the full report guys for more detailed information well link to this in the description below we also want to discuss I exec RLC which are going to release version 5 this month theyve also released details about their roadmap so I exec at I X underscore EC on Twitter exec is proud to announce its participation with Google the confidential computing beta I exec will offer expertise in the context of confidential computing and blockchain presenting work in use cases alongside Google in the near future more on where you can read about that here I accept participates in Google confidential computing program here they also tweeted I exec meets hashtag defy this from the 10th of July v5 coming soon if you take a look at their roadmap which is available on AI X dot e c / roadmap you can see that they have quite a bit planned out overall and this goes back several years in fact but if you look to December 2020 I exactly ond the decentralized cloud you can read more about their ambitions and their goals and their aspiration with the roadmap here on the website will also look to this in the description below and here we have another high profile partnership to discuss at kardia chain on twitter kardia chain joins hands with new blockchain ecoboost to facilitate easier integration for any new like blockchain to join cardio chains interoperable Network here on cardia chain joins hands with neo EcoBoost to lower entry barriers for cardio chain integration of any neil like blockchain so kartaa chain is very excited to announce our eco partnership with mio founded back in 2014 neo is one of the leading public blockchain projects in the world and neo is also among the first public block chains that cardia chan has chosen to provide interoperability for via our unique dual node technology john Wang is the eco growth director at ng D he had the following to say quote we met cardia Chang team at a blockchain event back in 2019 we only found out then that there has been a project out there that has achieved cross chain communication with Neil I was thoroughly impressed by the team as well as the tech the partnership with cardio chain will enable interoperability for all neo based block chains sharing now is in the news with there be USD sh r pair which is now live in the finance decentralized exchange at sharing global here on twitter sh RB USD is now supported by bi Nance Dex trade the new pairing by clicking the link below by Nantz org which is right here by Nantz org also in the news Alvin Chung at ek HQ c49 something huge and amazing is coming for sh r its a done deal SH are the real Tim boss liked rhodium is also in the news today a tall coin buzz IO we tweet about it here breaking electro Neum etn is going live with enabling electricity payment top-ups for four countries tomorrow the 15th of July ie today Nigeria Senegal Mali and Gambia here on naira metrics comm electro Neum a cryptocurrency to launch electricity top-ups in Nigeria so etn will be launching an in-app electricity top-up feature across for African countries to support digital payment projects for electricity so theres a little bit of exposition here as to what electro neum is but heres what it ultimately means for Nigerians the electricity payment platform will allow electro neum app users to recharge their electricity meters directly from the app installed on their mobile phone by paying in electro neum tokens ETM electro neum had the following statement that they submitted quote by working with NGOs or non-government organizations on the ground in developing nations we are achieving through adoption of a cryptocurrency we are enabling people and allowing them to join the global digital economy for the very first time and finally for today we are discussing iOS Ts IU tech here at a Jimmy Zhang underscore iOS T we are honored that iOS teased IU Tech along with the tech giant a leap a is picked as the outstanding blockchain program for contributing to the fight against Kovach 19 pandemic by china mobile communications association and they link to this article which you can read more about here iOS teased IU Tech and Ally pay selected as outstanding blockchain programs in Cova 19 pandemic fight by china mobile communications associations will leave this for you to explore further link will be in the description below but that about wraps it up for today everybody be sure youre following us on all the regular social media channels and keep checking back into altcoin buzz dot IO for all the latest go ahead like subscribe share and hit the bell of course to receive notifications if you guys enjoyed todays video dont forget to report those ads guys if and when they come up just off the top of my head Ive seen versions or iterations which involve the towel you Terran Elon Musk Charles Hoskinson unfortunately those are the most prominent ones these are all scams do not send them any cryptocurrency any money or any private information for that matter we have to collectively report them and get them removed because we have no jurisdiction we cant do so on our own we have no control over who advertises on the channel we got to send the right signals to YouTube that being said guys have a wonderful hump day a great midweek stay safe out there and as always we do hope you again soon in our next video take care Most large-cap cryptocurrencies delivered negative returns, while mid and small-cap cryptocurrencies such as Chainlink LINK, Cardano ADA, Basic Attention Token BAT, Vechain VET, and $IOST delivered positive returns. In particular, Vechain VET had a phenomenal month, delivering more than 40% return in June iExec RLC to Release V5 this month. Details on the roadmap KardiaChain joins hands with Neo EcoBoost to lower Entry Barriers for KardiaChain integration of any Neo-like Blockchains The partnership between KardiaChain and Neo will have both teams closely collaborating to optimize technology to facilitate easier integration for any Neo-like blockchain to join KardiaChains interoperable network Sharering SHR BUSD/SHR pair is now live in BinanceDEX, and something big is coming for ShareRing according to Marketing Director Elvin Cheung Electroneum ETN will be launching an in-app electricity top-up feature across four African countries to support digital payment projects for electricity in Nigeria, Senegal, Mali, and The Gambia Today! 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