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activate notifications from the tech channel be notified on your cell phone whenever a new video is posted here the mobile device just click on this nest on the desktop just click on this gear saw the 2016 main news of the year for microsoft apple versus fbi north defense organ american manages to unlock iphones of terrorist news on instagram miss neshat waze application becomes even more interesting for the public and the secret of the area 51 kilos clinton promises that if elected he will tell everyone what happens there these are the highlights of the tech news channel starts now the most important event of the year for microsoft took place this week is april 2016 where the company reveals first hand the news that will be available in its products and services over the next few months once again the watchword of the giant was integration between all devices that run windows 10 leaves the pcs with the operating system even the mobile version that runs on cell phones and tablets in addition to xbox o ano and rolex everything will work with the same application same logic lets say so the partnership started with facebook universal apps should be created including for messenger and instagram microsoft also announced the arrival of windows 10 anniversary and update the first major update of windows 10 before dubbed redd stone the update was detailed during the conference and the update will be made available free of charge to all users of the most recent version of windows in the third quarter of this year the main innovations are the integration with the xbox the year that allows you to take all the pcp applications the console the windows zink system that promises to revolutionize the way the user interacts with a screen touch sensitive with smart features and native support for the linux command line system called bash the latter is aimed at application development will be available for download in windows history soon we made an overview of the build news just access it the links here along with the video to check out everything that happened at the event after months of work the fbi finally managed to access the encrypted data on the iphone in the san bernardino case a prosecutor told the court that the new method for hacking the iphone is safe and that assistance from the area is no longer needed in the report it is very clear the advances made by the fbi team the process effectively ends the legal fight that the fbi has been fighting with apple since february it is still not known what exactly is the difficult fbi or how many different iphones had to be unlocked for the method to be proven anyway the unlocking raises the possibility of future clashes in the courts apple released a statement justifying its position throughout the process that did not offer tools for the fbi to have access to data on it the company stated that from the outset it opposed the fbis request to create an iphone desktop because that would put its users at risk and would set dangerous precedents the company also guaranteed that it will continue to contribute to investigations to help law enforcement but that it will also will continue to work to increase the security of its devices against threats and attacks on the states as each day these threats become more frequent and more sophisticated meanwhile the department of justice remains determined to continue working on collecting data from encrypted devices which shows that the story may still not have an end point and continues to generate a lot of subject mainly because it is no longer a clash between apple and the US government and has become a public discussion instagram announced this Tuesday that the social network now supports videos of up to 60 seconds long until then the videos had a maximum of 15 seconds the news is not yet available to all users but will arrive soon according to instagram the time spent watching videos on the platform has increased by 40% during the last six months which probably explains the emphasis on content posted in this format by s users the even greater novelty the platform is resuming the possibility of creating a video from multiple clients present in the camera folder of your device marisa monte was the first brazilian to experience the novelty is support for videos of up to 60 seconds will be available for west android users over the next few months inep shetty also presented this week a series of news that makes the application more and more like instant communicator the program update added a series of news in what was one of the biggest accidents ever made on the platform most of the news is concentrated in the chat now users have a specific button to send funny stickers and that will increase the interaction between the contacts in addition the application has support for sending video notes second video button to record a sequence of up to 10 seconds and then release the button to send in the conversation each record works as a gif runs in automatic loop in addition to the video now it is also possible to send a voice clip just keep it pressed the call button added to the chat and release the voice the function is basically the same as those existing in other messaging applications such as telegram in this engineering whatsapp in addition the multimedia communication part of the application has been reinforced with a new function of video call so far to carry out a voice and video conversation with another user it was necessary to start a text chat so wait until both were on the same screen at the same time now the user can call another contact at any time another new feature of the chat is the possibility of send multiple photos in a conversation before sending them to another user you can return each one of them with the built-in editor or even apply filters and this can happen even when you are on a video call with someone the company responsible for the application also guarantees that it keeps content sent by users only during the period in which they are available in the history of each profile, after which the data is permanently removed, that is, nothing has changed in terms of privacy and from now on, the stories that reach your child are reproduced in a automatic so when you finish seeing the posts made by a user you start reading someone elses stories right after the net believes that this makes it easier for viewers to consume content and increases the number of views on each item posted the new version of the application is already available on google according to the story and posted the west will start using its large database of speed cameras and speed limits registered by the users themselves to try to improve traffic in a new feature the service started to inform of more clearly and directly when drivers exceeded the limits brazil is among the first 16 countries to receive the tool now the and if the speed of the road that the car is using sensors of the device is shown in the lower left corner the application will also be able to to measure the vehicles speed and indicate when the limit has been exceeded, the user can also check their speed in real time and have all the information about their driving concentrated in a single place. example in which the gps becomes a more than essential help knowing the speed limits of the lane ensures not only safer driving but also avoids receiving fines the function is also fully customizable users can, for example, turn off the warnings completely or configure them so that the alert only happens when a certain percentage of the limit is exceeded with in the case of accidents, deviations and everything else it is also possible to carry out corrections in real time on the presence of speed cameras or the available limits and more than the new utility for users is also a way to increase the isi database the company itself states that the speed limits may not be correct for all roads since it would be impossible even with the help of users to know exactly what the regulations are for all roads streets of the world, so many of the rules were obtained from the average of the users who pass through there and the company hopes that many corrections will happen with the constant use of the functionality the update is free and the android is already running is the s good part of the secrets by behind the famous area 51 of the united states, the days may be numbered at least in the case of hillary clinton or if she is elected as president of the united states interview jimmy kimmel the pre-candidate for the democrats said that if she wins the elections she intends to open the mysterious area 51 for the public the famous military base of the united states is currently one of the best guarded and watched places on the planet between facts and the creativity of common sense the place has already been listed as a shelter for top secret scientific projects and also there indigenous people and ufos of all colors shapes and sizes but the candidate says the following if there is something home - that poses a threat to national security I think we should share it with the public and if theres nothing there then let people know its nothing there itself The existence of Area 51 was only admitted by the US government in 1994 after 48 years of secrecy. fliers and corpses that absurdly protected from the public for more than half a century supposedly the area 51 would also be a test site for the project called aurora more specifically the reconnaissance plane and personifies the sr 91 aurora whose development was always denied by the US government some people those who believe in this theory say that this aircraft could, for example, move from rio de janeiro to paris in just over an hour of travel on the aurora however it is a fact that the base served several times in the test of the so-called black planes only aircraft considered secret in military budgets among them there is a lobby rege the 2nd f117 nighthawk first plane detected by radars in history and the sr 71 blackbird the fastest of the serial planes ever produced finally still being the possibility of putting an end to the infamous roswell case now wait due to the elections in the united states scheduled to take place during the month of november to find out what will really happen last week marked the arrival at the cinema of batman verse superman the origin of justice directed by zack snyder the film marked the long-awaited meeting between bruce wayne and clark kent on the big screen and despite the mostly negative reaction from critics reached the fourth highest grossing of all time in the opening weekend that its critics and many fans were disappointed with the final result of the second film of the expanded universe of dc comics in cinema it cannot be said that warner bros responsible for the color film in the promotion of its film a proof of this is the partnership with google that gave bat man enthusiasts the possibility of using street view to visualize the new super hero hiding places using the google maps tool you can explore the new cave and also the new mansion online using the mouse cursor you can walk around the whole place see a dark knight uniform closed by the joker see some of his equipment up close and of course do a 360 degree spin around the new batmobile so click on the link next to the video and check out some of the main visual novelties of the new batman and todays technical channel stops here but on our website know theres much more new and exclusive content for you six basic tips for using the internet safely how to find out a persons email using gmail and the weeks controversial article seven improvements we would all like to see on netflix new for you also follow us on facebook on the next instagram happy with what we have all the social networks just search for the tech channel with ch at the end you turn to the tires channel until Build 2016: as principais novidades do ano para a Microsoft // Apple vs FBI: órgão de defesa norte-americano consegue desbloquear iPhone de terrorista // Novidades no Instagram, Snapchat e Waze: aplicativos se tornam ainda mais interessantes para o público // e os segredos da Área 51: Hillary Clinton promete que, se eleita, vai contar o que acontece lá para todo o mundo. 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