Chainlink finally gets staking. chainlink 2024Crypto Regulation full clarity by 2024?

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chainlink 2024 Massive ‘All-Time High’ Bitcoin Price... Crypto Regulation full clarity by 2024? Chainlink finally gets staking.
hello hello everyone hello hows it going everyone were gonna have talk a little bit about crypto regulation uh clarity by 2024 and chain link has finally gotten some staking well theyre going to get some staking um five percent and we will definitely talk about that because theyve been talking about staking for a long time never really happened i mean theyve really been talking about staking since 2019 it just never really happened for chain link and people have been waiting on chain link staking for literally forever and now it might finally happen so thats a big event uh for them bitcoin itself bitcoin itself really hasnt moved stock markets falling about 300 points today i think like pretty much casual movement for the stock market uh there is obviously people are obviously um very concerned about economic slowdown which is definitely happening i mean i think its pretty obvious that the economy is gonna slow down job hiring is probably going to uh start falling and um people are going to cut down on their spending which should actually tame some inflation so thats where we are right now thats where we are right now so about crypto full regulate about crypto full regulation um we did talk a little bit about that yesterday that is more like with the bill that they introduced now like we mentioned the bill they introduced it was just an introduction the bill has not made it through any committees it has not come up for florvo yet so the bill is actually not in the the bill is actually not in session right now i mean it will take them a long time to pass they will dissect it they will amend it and they might even piecemeal it and attach it to other bills that eventually will pass but the thing is like theyre talking about really starting to pass it in 2023 and my guess is that theyre going to do that and its going to take like another year for them to really piecemeal it together now i dont know which i i really dont know which other bills theyre going to piecemeal it with and pass it with but my guess is like the bits like the pieces and bits will either pass or um my guess is the piece and bits will either pass or um be rejected by around 2024 mid-2024 so we are honestly looking we are honestly looking at maybe like another two years were honestly looking for another two years before its all said and done and i know that seems like a long time for some um i know that seems like a long time for some people but you have to realize ive been streaming for nearly like three four years now so like pretty much half the time left since ive actually been streaming so i dont think its really i honestly do not think its that long to actually wait in my opinion so the thing is like were finally like entering that last hurdle where crypto will actually get clarity and people will actually start to really buy it in traditional finance um they are going to try they are they are definitely going to try to classify it they are definitely going to try to classify it as a commodity which will actually help a lot because you can commodities and the cftc are much more flexible than securities and the sec so that is um thats basically what the clarity by 2024 actually means i think like you know the thing is i think most of it will work out in our favor i definitely think most of it will actually work out in our favor um there might be a couple things that dont work out in our favor and they might actually put restrictions on but i do actually believe most of the regulations because its driven by um brand and loomis will actually be put in our favor i would honestly rather see this bill pass stand alone as a whole bill because that would actually make it much easier for us to tackle but them actually tacking on this bill to other bills is fine as well but the thing is if they tack this bill onto other bills its gonna be it actually might be very much like partisan where where whereas like if they actually just um pass this bill on its own itll probably be more bipartisan if they just pass it on their own you know because like cryptos like more of a bipartisan thing this legislation is a bipartisan legislation and i really dont think its that difficult i really dont think its that difficult for them to really get this to pass but we will definitely have to see like what they connect what kind of magic they can really do with this because i do actually believe they can get it to pass its just that its going to take a while but weve been waiting for a long time and 2024 will kind of be like well kind of align with the next having and hopefully that can actually spur a big boron with the next having and clarity passing so if youre like yield farming right now and with clarity passing um that could actually be worth a lot of money right now so thats kind of like what were actually hoping for for like a really really big push in like 2024 thats really what were hoping for now um thats really really what were hoping for now like a big regulation push in 2024 also chain link has finally got look also chain link has finally gotten staking um well it hasnt quite gotten staking yet but it is actually getting staking chain link hasnt actually gotten staking but it is actually chain link hasnt actually gotten sync but it is it will actually get staking this year merge is just basically eth becoming full proof of stake but chain link is finally getting staking this year um the staking is only five percent which you know isnt really that much but its actually comparable to ethereum and we have a chain link roadmap 2.0 um its going to be its actually going to be um its really going to be divided over three phases the initial staking is really only going to be open to 25 million coins and if you actually look at chain link on coin market cap its actually up because of the news but if you actually look at the total the max supply is a billion so 25 million isnt a lot but theyre going to expand to 75 million and then probably up to the maximum supply so version 0.1 thats going to come out in the second half of this year probably like in july august thats going to restrict it to 25 million supply so as you can see like version point one we have link staking rewards partner growth program basic reputation tracking alerting network and eth usd feed so the initial point version 0.1 release of chain link staking is focused on introducing a reputation framework and alerting system which are key requirements for slashing and other plan functionalities that will roll out in later release versions to ensure robustness in an in-production environment these systems will be used to track the performance of eth usd price feed on the ethereum main net importantly stakers will have the opportunity to monitor feed raise an alert and get rewarded if they successfully detect in a timely manner that the eth usd feed has not met the conditions of an sla agreement in version 0.1 our learning conditions will be focused on feed up time but will expand and scope in later versions once an alert has been raised an adjudication smart contract will automatically verify that the conditions of a smart contract sla were breached and that the alert was valid after this process is complete the alerter will be issued a reward later in time the results of a valid alert will then be fed into a reputation system so basically ultimately version point one of chain links taking represents the core framework of the reputation alerting system which is planned to evolve to provide linear security guarantees and later scaling to support super linear security guarantees edit as described in the chain link 2.0 uh white paper so basically um in version .1 its expected that the native token emissions directed to stakers will get a base level of annualized staking rewards of up to five percent after the release of version one annualized rewards will vary based on user fees and length of the commitment period with stakers choosing longer commitment periods having the opportunity to receive a greater share of the rewards furthermore stakers and version .1 will also be eligible to earn additional benefits from the partner growth program this program is an initiative planned to launch alongside chain link where the chain linked projects provide various benefits to accelerate their growth and align their economic incentives with the chain-link community this alignment creates incentives for chain-link stakers to become active participants in a projects ecosystem providing an avenue for accelerated adoption an early version of pgp is planned for version one uh version point one with more complete versions slated for uh version one more details will be provided in the future so basically like theyre starting very very small theyre starting extremely small and theyre going to scale up the staking so chain link is bringing down uh the total supply whats no no no chain link is not bringing down the total supply but for the initial staking theyll only allow a smaller par a small part of the coins to actually be staked um thats what chain link is like theyre theyre theyre starting very very small with the staking and then theyre eventually expanding the program in terms of staking thats actually whats happening right now for uh chain link they realized that they actually needed staking because without passive income people arent like without uh like without passive income yeah like without passive income for uh chain link they realize they cant really attract any more investors so they have the five percent staking um im not really sure what this like partner growth program is its kind of it is kind of vague in all their reports i think theres some like theres some more like rewards for long-term holders probably so another anticipated source of benefits for stakers is the partner growth program an initiative where chain-link protocols and dials provide various incentives to accelerate their growth and facilitate cross-ecosystem participation its expected that a number of projects benefiting from chain links security will take part in the partner growth program furthermore we are exploring the possibility of loss protection which would drive additional user service fees from the sponsors of chain link oracle services seeking protection against supported oracle networks not abiding by their slas the more values secured the greater the potential demand for production and greater amount of rewards potentially available to stakers so basically its its like an incentive for um its incentive for growth but im not exactly sure what the actual benefits are for this so theres like the f theres the five percent staking and then theres some like added benefits like theres some added benefits but we dont really know what those benefits actually are im actually interested to see how how fast theyll actually expand the chain link program because right now it is going to be very restricted but they will actually get it in the second half of next this year which is pretty exciting for chain link and which is really really exciting for chain link investors so we also have another nft land cell with alluvium and that actually saves buyers thousand gas fees now this will this actually kind of displays why you know some why a lot of like these land auctions will actually move off ethereum whether on to layer 2 or another chain because the savings because like the savings that you actually get the savings that you actually get um in moving off of ethereum are too substantial to ignore so basically like they use the dutch auctions they did actually use a dutch auction system they did actually use a dutch auction system but more importantly they actually did it on layer 2 and they did it on a luvium x-layer 2 scaling solution so open world blockchain game eluvia managed to keep the average transaction fee for its non-fungible token land at about 20 dollars by holding a dutch auction on the alluvium x layer 2 scaling solution the the price to mint nfts was a fraction of the cost users paid to mint and yuka labs other side sale elluvium reports that users spent only 350 000 in fees to mint a total of 20 000 plots so 350 000 in terms of fees might actually sound like a lot but its actually not a lot if you actually look at how much other people spend so the thing is um they spent about 350 000 in fees to mint 20 uh plots of land that really only means 17.5 per land plot meant and they sold over 72 million dollars worth of land which means nft sales are still pretty hot um basically each land plot sold for i would say sold for about three hundred and three three hundred and three hundred fifty dollars something like that a little over three hundred fifty dollars for each land plot um but wait on 20 000 plots of land for 72 million um no about three thousand five hundred dollars per land plot in elluvium but you know like three thousand thirty three hundred fifty thousand dollars in fees compared to their sale cost was is like less than one percent fees to sale cost and thats what you actually need now you can you cant you contrast that with board apes on the other side sale and basically users paid an average of six thousand dollars in gas fees um compared to seventeen point five dollars in gas fees per transaction and some paid even as high as fourteen thousand dollars and eth actually became congested so a lot of uh transactions were actually failed with alluvium x layer 2 scaling solution they sold 20 000 plots of land for 72 million dollars and there werent any reported network errors so this basically shows that like not transactions not transacting on ethereum is safer more efficient and costs much much less so other projects are going to look at this and say hey were going to either move to layer two um and layer two is going to actually become multi-chain were either going to move to layer two or were just gonna move to another chain completely so i think thats how ethereum is eventually going to lose the metaverse race because they cost way too much the 19969 plots of land were sold mainly to ilv holders using a dutch auction format where the price per unit decreases over time based on how many are sold ahead of it the allow potential buyers they this allow potential buyers to wait for a more desirable price range to place an order co-founder of alluvium kirian warwick said the sale had been designed as an antidote to ethereum and ft sales resulting in wasteful bids that reward miners and cost the buyer the 4018 eth raised in the sale valued at about 7.4 million will be redistributed to holders of alluvium native ilv token however buyers mostly use ilv tokens to make their purchases the 239 388 s il v2 stake version of iob tokens will be burned so this was i mean like this is only impressive because the disaster that came out of ethereum and the board apes yacht club token sale so id like i said i do think people will actually look at this i do actually think other projects will look at this and say like yeah we probably dont want to go with eth we want to go with another blockchain so that is actually the thats the actual thing why ethereum might actually lose the nft rate the uh game race because like other get like games are going to see that ethereum is just not very good to actually deploy on i dont understand why people use eth as so clunky and expensive its a dinosaur e thats been losing people for a while well the thing is like theres a lot of like big institutional money invested in it and theres still a lot of mining theres actually still a lot of mining theres actually still a lot of look look look space karen obviously that guys a troll the wakanda persons a troll if he gets out of hand i just ban him um eth still the settlement lair its sort of i mean like it it might be it might not be that the thing is uh the thing is like um layer two is going to all like layer two is basically gonna become like a multi-chain yeah its probably david debian i mean the thing is like uh layer two is probably multi-chain so the whole thing like being multi-chain is perfectly so it might actually not settle on ethereum and i do actually think that like even 17 and a half dollars is still a lot of money for per transaction or per smart contract landmint so if people actually want like um if people want like lesser fees theyll go to another platform link bring out staking after long years yeah i mean theyve been talk links been talking about staking links actually been talking about staking for like three years remember yeah i mean thats what im talking about with the polygon stuff remember polygon at first polygon at first kind of like marketed itself as ethereum layer 2 but then it became multi-chain eth as government integrating for that purpose i dont really look the thing is like eth costs are just way too high i think eventually ever i think eventually everyone is just going to move off eth i mean like they have this like this the merge doesnt even um the merge doesnt even really solve the problem they have they have to wait for the splurge and no one really wants to wait for the splurge because the splurge is going to be like another two years or something so eth eventually is going to lose to other layer ones and like you know theres theres layer two and polygon and everything but i do think like some of the other layer ones will actually take many of the projects and you know the thing is i think cardano will be i think cardano will be like a huge primary beneficiary of eth actually losing projects because solana keeps going down which people obviously dont like i know cardano moves slowly but solana keeps on going down which obviously people dont like and other projects like luna just fell apart xrp doesnt really have smart contracts and i dont think people are really going to look at xrp as a replacement for eth anyways so cardano really is like the best option right now b and b might be and b might actually suck up um b and b honestly like might suck up um some of the projects but bnb we all know is very very centralized so i do think cardano is set to be like the biggest beneficiary i dont hold any bad i cant get passive income from so no proof of work for me well p-o-w like bitcoins the only pow thats really worth investing in right now and thats only because its like the de facto chain that everything revolves around i mean i dont think any of the other proof of works are really worth looking at at all right now eth has become a rich mans game i remember it was cool before it got stuffed up the only coins i could see their customs ada and uh well the thing is like it was cool before because not that many people were using it as long as soon as ethereum got busy that was actually going to happen and layer 2 cant solve everything layer 2 honestly cant solve everything so solana is looking grim i mean solanas dumping a lot i think like the in the continuous downtime is finally starting to affect it i have no doubt though that solana will probably pump back up i i actually have no doubt that solana will actually pump back up um when the bull market actually returns im just not gonna wait for that plus i dont really believe in solana as a project overall seoul has an issue um so has a next issue in crashes im going to bag something like sold my soul for ada i mean i think some people are selling solana for 80 and 88 still has the um ada honestly still has the uh vassal hard fork now i do actually think it will dump some after vassal um and some of that might actually go back into solana but well actually see some of it might actually go back into solana after the vassal hard fork but we will definitely see and the thing is it might be a rich mans game but you actually need you actually need new adopters to actually keep going and with those kind of with those kind of gas fees eth is not going to get new adopters do you feel about its future polka dots more uncertain i still think it can suck up some of the ethereum projects with the para chains im not really sure how good scaling is on polka dot though i love egypt but did you hear about the yes i did hear about the meyer exploit that is definitely not good for elrond its one of my favorite and it sucks that it happened they managed uh to get i dont think exploits are going to be uncommon in the future i really dont think x-boys are going to be uncommon in the future its its not hard to exploit a chain with with the shoddy programming that some of them actually have and its not like you know especially with a lot of the d fire protocols the security measures are pretty lacks dot is massive its a lot i mean it is live but dot doesnt really seem to be generating really that much excitement though is a thing that really doesnt seem to be generating that much excitement at all i mean the myers staking was probably like one of the best sticking pools for over a year i mean you could have taken advantage of it uh for a very very you could have definitely taken advantage of it for a very very long time i have a good amount of but i mean if you bought it four cents youre perfectly fine sunday swap never really worked all that much like min swaps definitely overtaken it but dot paratrains are still early i would say the other probably still early i mean the pair of chains just havent done for dot price what people have expected i mean dot price has been very very disappointing and id really never hear anything about the polka dot ecosystem uh with no diploma guy now he has a diploma he doesnt have a degree he has a high school diploma he doesnt have a degree he doesnt have a college degree he has an associates degree which isnt an actual college degree venture capital owned more top than any other coin and you know that can be seen as good or bad honestly because like you say like you can say like big moneys really into dot or you could say like its controlled by like very few entities next bullish news is a proof spot bitcoin etf that would actually be very very bullish news i just dont really know if its actually going to happen this year i really want it to happen this year though im still stacking on meyer using lock next and still and its vision accumulating through a bear market i dont know it depends how much you actually have stacked on meyer like im a little bit apprehensive after the security breach but weve seen a lot of security breaches i dont really know anything about triass dodge just focus on text pair chains dropped at the end of the bowl and died if not most invested by institutions i mean eth is still the one that may not held most by institutions cardano is actually more held than dota at this point i mean like great i mean grayscale has like is looking at a separate cardano like um investment track sorry from significant iraq loss on min swap right now can the amount of ada have lost ever come back yeah if if the price of min actually goes up i mean it depends which it really depends which pool youre actually farming if the price of mint swap the price of min actually goes up yeah you can actually it can reverse 88 price action will be minimal unless they get help devs bridge their project from eth network to ada they do need more lack of an evm type of thing i dont really know if theyve noticed that yet but like it is hard to actually get a lot of stuff on your chain without a good evm look like impermanent losses can actually reverse if the price of your asset goes up like basically min actually needs to go up more than 88 and that will happen in a bull market i mean ive lost a lot in terms of like min ada as well i mean ive made a lot in like min just by min swap itself obviously but the thing is like you need the price of those small tokens to go up and i do think those governance coins will kind of i do think those governance coins will kind of have a run i definitely think the governance coins will actually kind of have a run um definitely when the bull market returns i dont really know i i i dont really know if like my min harvesting is like stuck or something because i think that number hasnt changed in a while i think they need to fix the interface right now ch uh something about dish network there was a partnership with dish network like during the last conference but i dont really look too much into it ive been buying link every day at least one link a day i dont really hold chain link no i mean the thing about ada and dot is that you cant really say like which one of these like you cant really say which one of these ethereum killers is actually going to win in the end because none of them have actually killed ethereum you notice that right he does a little more so like the dish network thing i dont think thats at like thats the dish network thing is more with like boost network i dont think its as big of a deal as people make it out to be um im really looking at more the ecosystem development than like the whole dish network partnership stuff the african stuff for cardano is exciting but its really not going to affect price for many for a long long time does that make dokuan magneto ive been holding some blink for a while how do we stake it uh you cant actually stake right now its going to begin in the second half of this year which is probably going to start in a month or two thats why im not going all in on any of these blue chip all spreading it out yeah i mean diversifying is definitely the best strategy money has the medic has the biggest news and people sleep what kind of what was the what was the actual magic news not really sure what the matic news was actually was i mean like blue chip stocks like blue chip cryptos can become non-blue chip after a while i mean we can see the top five or top ten change the circle thing i mean circles the usdc thing so oh usdc supported by the polygon network i mean thats okay thats not like mega huge usdc is already supported by several networks but its cool that its supported by polygon now but usdc is actually like not only on ethereum its actually on several networks circle the issuer of stablecoin usdc announced that the project is now supported on the polygon network the stablecoin with the second largest market capitalization can now be withdrawn via circle account and circle apis without the need for manual cross-chain bridge technology i i do eventually think usdc will overtake usdt when im not really sure but im sure that usdt will eventually overtake usdt at some point along the line i do think like people have more trust in usdc it is fully audited by third parties usdt is not fully audited by third parties that obviously is a big advantage for usdc over usdt so circle has revealed that usd coin is now hosted on polygon network and the additional and the addition means usdc is now available in via nine different blockchain networks polygon is a large crypto ecosystem with more than 19 000 decentralized applications and 2.7 million monthly active wallets as of may 2022 the new polygon usdc is a bridge version of usdc that is minted when a native ethereum version of usdc is bridged circle will support the widely used polygon usdc and the asset has been added to circle account and circle apis polygon-supported usdc can be used for trading borrowing lending making and accepting payments and making program programming payouts for businesses that want fast and efficient access to polygon usdc the circle amount abstracts away the costly and time-consuming process of bridging usdc from ethereum to polygon manually via the polygon bridge um so you dont really need to bridge ethereum to polygon anymore you can directly use a usdc on polygon which obviously is a pretty big benefit so thats actually thats actually really cool and its definitely a big its definitely a win for polygon but usdc is actually supported on multiple chains and this will help help polygon this will definitely help polygons ecosystem grow hopefully matic gets to ten dollars in the next boron i do think i do actually think matic can get to ten dollars in the next boron i mean polygon is going to suck up a lot of ethereum projects theyve tricked people into thinking that polygons ethereum layer 2 when it really is its own layer one and a lot of projects have actually been migrating from ethereum to polygon so yes the russians arent going to win first of all because theyre not actually winning unless youve been completely like solely listening to russian state media matic is so undervalued i dont i mean like its top 20 already so im not really sure like how its undervalued i dont actually think look i really dont think 10 is an actual joke for ten dollars an actual joke for uh polygon i mean its 61 cents right now so youre asking it to grow by like you know essentially like 16 15 16 times i think polygon will absorb and benefit most from the eth debacle i mean i i think polygon and cardano will probably um benefit the most from the eth debacle and the thing is like how much theyll absorb actually depends on how long ethereum actually takes to get their together which honestly could be a very very long time because we know how ethereum likes to delay we know that all their projects and all their updates do actually get delayed eth 2.0 fails then matic will moon i mean i think a lot of layer twos will actually take advantage of that its not only matic i dont really know if anyone will truly win it i i personally think like i think russias on the losing end right now its costing them too much money to actually fight this war the the uptrend in oil prices is helping them right now but if oil but if europe like basically gets off russian oil for the long term theyre kind of screwed because like most a lot of their revenue just comes from selling europe gas and if they cant do that anymore theyre basically going to be screwed in the long run anyways because like half of the kremlins funds come from oil and if they sell to india or china the extra gas they have to sell at a steep steep discount so eventually its just going to cost them a lot of money there will be a there might be but its probably going to drag out for a while like ukraine isnt going to ukraine isnt really willing to give up land ukraine really isnt willing to give up land the us has already agreed to supply ukraine with like long-range missiles plus lng is coming in mass to europe thats money in the bank you mean liquefied natural gas yeah i mean that actually might screw russia more than anything like if europe actually starts depending more on ellen like lng like russias kind of screwed will not be able to get off the russian oil i do actually think they will be especially like they wont need to buy nearly as much and like even without the war they like even without the war they were trying to get off of by 2027. so like i think in a couple of years theyll be able to wean themselves off because they see that like russian get like depending on russian gas isnt like is a security concern to lose the no putin i think like for his own like reputation and face he cant actually afford to lose the war europe is further into green energy yeah but they cant generate enough off of green near leed right now to actually power them like they could go back to nuclear power but theres political costs of doing that as well uh indonesians have the highest rate of people participating in the crypto space 41 of their population to be exact im kind of like skeptical on that though like 41 is a is a really large number in terms of like people participating in the crypto space so im im really kind of skeptical of that but maybe its true we dont really know it could be true im not really sure every anyone buying veracity the write code partnership is is big just cant get good alpha on it i mean the thing is like you know i if i if im actually buying i might actually wait until like next month to actually buy like i want that i want to see what happens the price after they like announce a recession i think well probably have a small drop again maybe 25 000 again and then at that point i do believe we will have completely bottomed at that point and then like i think its more safer to buy at that point im sure swiss will find an alternative i mean the thing is like its kind of its really germany and italy that actually depend on the russian gas i mean like the uk really doesnt um the uk is more like the us they dont depend on russian gas at all systems to ukraine all those prolonged can destroy the country all more be in the hill by the end of the year i mean a lot of eastern europe like the nordic states are all joining nato like putins really putin really hasnt accomplished anything well the thing is like look smith smith copied himself russias already lost phase one of their war their original uh their their original like the original goal was basically to take over the capital and institute a regime change so they kind of failed at that so they had to switch to phase two of their plan because phase one failed i dont know how crypto will do well in a recession to me crypto has not proven to be a hedge i mean crypto is an investment asset its not its not a hedge asset at all the henry that ukraine need to sue for peace ukraines not willing to give up like ukraine is really not willing to give up any land though thats the thing buy on the 200-day moving average is really not that hard i would just like after they announced the recession i would give it like one or two days to shake out and then i would probably buy goes bad risk on assets plummet i mean the thing is like with crypto i think weve already pretty much plummeted near the bottom like you can see now like cryptos not that much affected by the stock market anymore its still like it doesnt follow it one to one and theres a lot of buying pressure right under 30 000. a crypto has always been highly speculative though dude btc is obviously not a hedge against inflation i mean like we have like ma we have a lot of inflation right now and btc is still done in the down in the dumps obviously so no one actually sees bitcoin as a maybe maybe george sees bitcoin as a hedge against inflation no one else sees bitcoin as a hedge against inflation its obviously an investment asset anyone can see that at this point and my 12k btc bottom now im scared dude bitcoins not going to 12k its its not like its not like anyone besides like i dont even know if he really believes in it he might just be trying to hype it up just to get more viewers but the thing is no one sees bitcoin as a hedge against inflation and its going to be a long time before anyone even um its going to be a long time before anyone uh really really sees it that way no one at all sees bitcoin as a hedge against inflation because like obviously and look inflations at like inflations extremely high right now and bitcoins like half its max so that doesnt make any sense i mean like bitcoin is more correlated with tech than anything else because bitcoin is more correlated with tech like tech is definitely not a hedge against inflation so bitcoins not i mean with the links theyve been making to traditional finance uh with like yeah with the links theyve actually been making their traditional finance like bitcoin is just more tied to the stock market than anything else uh btz a hedge on the four year time frame i mean not really samuel adams because like if youre gonna look at the four-year timeframe you have to look at multiple four-year cycles bitcoins basically been going up on multiple cycles no matter what whether we have inflation or not its been going up so it doesnt really matter i mean like it really doesnt matter what timeline you put it on i mean if you only look at like a four if you only look at like the last four years maybe but thats just because its a four-year cycle and the thing is like while inflation has been skyrocketing bitcoin has not been going up and the thing is if you actually like if you actually reverse back out further on the four-year cycle you can see that theres really not much of a four-year cycle at all at all anyways so none of that stuff really makes all that much sense anyone whos telling you that uh its hedging against inflation is basically just like trying to like show the hopium which a lot of people do and the thing is like and the thing is like people who need hopium are like short-term investors man it like well uh like you a lot of the assets we talk about if you actually invested more than a year or two ago youre already doing extremely well regardless of the recession or not i mean if you bought cardano at four cents youre like 15x up like thats not bad bitcoin is a great way to make money its not a hedge people need to get over that well the thing is eventually it might be but were not anywhere close to bitcoin being a hedge right now epic partner with gala games for p2e do you think its uh its next axis it i mean honestly like if epic games involved it could be way better than axe infinity actually infinity was always just like people just played it for a money grab no one actually wanted to play axe infinity for the game itself we have to recognize that point i do think gala does i do actually think gala has a chance to be pretty big though i i will agree with you on that one definitely i do think gala actually does have a chance to be pretty damn big gala is on my portfolio list could take decades for btc to be a store of value we might be dead before that happens i mean i cant really argue with you on that because youre probably right unfortunately meme corners never realized that crypto itself might become just a meme um i mean there are plenty of memes about crypto ive seen guy lancel crazy tier four land yeah so the average price for an ilv a plot of land was over three thousand was like three thousand five hundred dollars so nft land sales are not dead nft land cells are still really really strong i mean yeah it is a gaming ecosystem g bad but realistically you still have to have a pretty good game in it not invest in that dough quan crap a lot of people wrecked saitama is another meme coin its supposed to one punch everyone but it didnt actually work look i just really like in a bear market i dont think meme coins are the way the way to go meme coins are definitely not the way to go uh in a bear market see oil broke 120 today its been in and out of 120 for a while do you think 2024 is going to be greatest ever with crypto regulation i mean with crypto it doesnt even matter who wins the election in 2024 i mean like with crypt if the crypto regulation actually passes and like whoevers president signs it into office its gonna be great uh if it turns out the way we want to be we want it to turn out trump isnt even pro crypto trump is actually pretty anti-crypto hes made that pretty clear i think luna classic and luna 2.0 finally died hopefully so its not dead but its dying look i never really had too much hope for luna 2.0 anyways saitama was foreshadowing the cascades of rugpuls that came after whats with the cost shilling and what the hell is called luna very high luna is always very high risk and look i dont think luna really had too much hope to begin with i remember ada and vdt were at one cent when i started watching yeah the the thing is like if you bought back then youre perfectly fine i dont ever remember ada being one cent but i do remember being two cents stay away from any two with tara luna yeah i mean i i would definitely stay away from terra luna at this point definitely stay away from luna classic i do think its gonna crash into oblivion there might be look i wont deny that there could be one or two pumps for tara luna and tara luna classic but i think overall its crashing into oblivion and theres really no help for that uh to see if i can spend 10 luna classic to kucoin to lock in losses i mean weve all known dough kwanzaa prick like even before luna collapsed honestly theyre saying 100 uh oil in the mid july i mean the demand for oil does kick up over the summer but people are kind of changing their driving people are kind of changing their driving habits especially if oil is like oils like almost like oil is pretty much like average five bucks nationwide right now and like the whole like theres definitely like a huge energy crisis at this point this is exactly like the 1970s 1980s energy crisis uh uh luna except americas not the one in the war this time luna classic is where crypto is going to die gonna protest yeah but kellys always been extremely expensive for like everything though i dont think you can look at california as an analog especially like beverly hills its still like its about five its about 490 here but i think thats probably going to go up uh 220 canadian leader and thats pretty brutal because um what happens for i mean like its still cheaper in toronto than it is in san fran than it is in california though because 220 liters roughly about seven bucks canadian a gallon and seven bucks canadian gallon is probably like what is around six usd right so its a little bit more expensive than here if you leave a big mac out and uh i find it hard to believe eth will not survive assuming proof of stake is here in a few months and scaling upgrades are here in two years uneasy holding i mean i dont think itll die but theres definitely going to be some competition i i dont think eth is going to be nearly as dominant as in the past i definitely dont think eth is going to be nearly as dominant as it was in the past though ill give because like it was so dominant in the past because theres no other competition but now since theres like other competition i dont think itll be like as nearly as dominant is the thing it will serve like look if they can get it within two years it will probably survive but theyre going to start losing projects whats the next eth i have not theres several like theres not going to be like one as dominant as ets because a lot of the layer twos are going to like be fairly similar i dont hold eth myself and thats probably not like i would actually buy like cardano or polkadot or something like that at least diversify myself in id im sure eth will go up when the bull market returns but it may not go up as much as some of the other layer twos i didnt sell at three dollars am i allowed to say i lost em since yeah thats fine you can say you lost whatever i it doesnt really matter here i mean like if you didnt its still like i mean it is 60 cents obviously right now but its still more than four cents what was bitcoins highest market cap i think it was like 60 that was when bitcoin was like 69 000 or something like that i think eth is actually feeling the pressure from other blockchains right now i i do actually think thats one of the main reasons for eth dipping i actually do believe its feeling the pressure from other blockchains should i wait to buy i i mean its only up like 10 right now but there actually might be like a buy the rumor sell the news type of thing i dont think theres too much to lose in buying chain link right now outside of just like outside of general market losses i dont think theres too much to lose by buying chain link right now do you expect the market to go back down in the next few days it might i mean i i dont really know what the cpa numbers are going to come out as if the cpi numbers are really bad i do expect it to go down yes 88 went to 88 actually bottomed out at like two cents but it came up like really really fast i have a feeling it will surpass three dollars im almost sure 88 will surpass three bucks next time anyone got alpha no i dont know they will feel sugarcoat the cpi numbers theyll use the same metrics theyve always used uh new i mean like gas has gone up a lot though so they theyre not going to be able to theyre really not going to be able to do anything about that new arbys wagyu burger is really good especially coming from arbys how much is it though if its a wagyu burger it costs like 100 let me actually check arbys wagyu burger like i wouldnt expect a fast food restaurant because there is an arbys nearby so the wagyu burger how much is it dude that does not look like wagyu that looks like a hamburger bun that does not look like a wagyu burger that looks like a hamburger patty bro what the hell i want my money back anyways crypto is pumped it will eventually yeah i mean it will eventually replace but its but er its up 10 its not really that much uh thats not really like much of a pump like 10 is not much of a pump it has 0.04 wagyu do you think ada could make take the third spot i dont see ada pumping past b and b any time i mean its not impossible but i dont really see it its like right now in the bear market like having such a huge pump for a large coin is unlikely i would say i think arbys five for five deal was some of the best deals they had that was like 10 years ago though wagyu blended its like almost no wagyu i think shorts on longs are just playing btc at the moment yeah i mean i really wouldnt play derudas and leverage at all they need to stick to roast beef arbys roast beef stuff was like really really good though i mean the wagyu burger i might actually go try it to see like how how it does arbys reuben arbys is actually a really arbys is a really good restaurant ill give you that much i do think arbys is a pretty tasty restaurant is there an art i know theres an arbys near here i dont know how close or far it is though i dont know how much arbys wagyu burger is i really want to try it theres one in middleton so theres one its not too far its actually not too far from me but i need to drive like four or five miles to get it white castle is like a lot of like cheap fast food but its kind of nasty link is up 22 over the last seven days do not fomo in right now i mean i wouldnt right now but realistically a growth of 22 isnt that high its pretty high for where the market is at right now though but it does have a it does have potential to pump more vet hasnt pumped so its fine to buy right now there like um i i mean the tokenomics for vet arent that great the yield farming is all right but not great either so is kobe beef out loud now or what uh i dont know i dont think it would be out loud i dont know why kobe beef would be allowed itd be hella expensive though no no no no link doesnt traditionally run in the bear link is ran in the bear market like once you cant say something traditionally runs in the bear if its like running the bear like all of once like traditionally runs in the bear means it has to run like multiple times its done it all of once people well i havent had that ages for like i havent had white castle for like five or six years now i mean i know i mean like white white castle is not about taste its about like getting a lot of garbage food on the cheap i work for a kobe beef four-star restaurant the beef was heavenly uh yeah but the beef also costs like you know a hundred dollars an ounce or something like that how much is arbys wagyu burger now you got me intrigued now you have me intrigued 5.99 so for a limited time arbys will offer the new wagyu steakhouse burger for 5.99 okay if theres a wagyu burger for 5.99 its probably not a wagyu burger ada ecosystem is de uh dilapidated though what works i mean all the stuff actually like all the entire ecosystem actually works its definitely not allow you on pauls deep and ada native tokens mel liquid and sunday swap mainly i am i mean like i have meld just because im yield farming but im not like balls deep in that looking at monero and others did a lower aths boron compared to others do you think that could happen to v chain cardano it can always happen the stuff thats out there works if like it was if it was like if the burger was like 20 bucks i would say its it could be wagyu but its like you know like 5.99 its not like the yield farming and everything doesnt actually work you know it does actually work the sunday swap is up and running flawlessly i mean its up and running youre not getting like its up and running its like not that many people use it sunday swap is up and running its just like not that many people use it right now i mean like look if you look at d5 llama sunday swap has been completely overtaken by um a min swap sunday swaps definitely been overtaken by min swap if you look at uh cardano right now which is way down here number 27. i mean if you look at it right now its min swap and then sunday like mid is almost twice the size of sunday then wing riders is pretty close to sunday swap so like wing writers might actually overtake sunday swap at some time along the line i have more t uh no wing writers is slightly below sunday swap so like with this you have min swap at 66 million sunday swap at 36 million and then wing riders at 34 million the thing the problem with cardano d5 is like cardano basically came out with their d5 pretty much at the exact same time that the market started crashing so people werent putting a lot of money into defy now some people are some people for cardano they are actually waiting for the vassal hard fork and i think a lot of other i think a lot of new stuff is going to come out later in june it sounds like some kind of biker it actually sounds like buffalo wild wings to me genius yo liquid and metadex all coming soon everything waiting on hard fork thats true the ada community does have a bit of that cultish feel but not quite as much and the thing about and the thing about ada is they actually do have yield farming and nf like and nft stuff whereas like xrp is basically youre hoping on their lawsuit at this point i actually heard of ata from influencer top 388 coins to invest in code i mean i dont think codys dead i i think they do have to relook at i think they have to look at djed some more though after the terra luna collapse even though de gea is like over collateralized sierra down to 17 cents i mean i do expect like i do expect a cardano ex d5 expansion once vassal actually comes out um and i dont think that i dont think vassal will actually be delayed this time around well remember this count theyre basically waiting for they are essentially waiting for flair to launch and we dont really know when flair finance is actually going to like flare network is actually going to launch i mean theyve been theyve delayed it multiple times the airdrop really hasnt happened i dont really know if theyre actually just waiting for the lawsuit um to actually end i mean its its really up in the air and its really anyones guess was promoting ada back in 2018 i mean ada has done great since 2018. so flare rollout process so theyre actually going to roll out flared network on independence day i hate their website by the ways so here we go in in 2020 we set out to build a chain net chain that would allow a few tokens from early l1 to be used as smart contracts this is not the flare that well be delivering through extensive additional engineering and research we have further developed this is from flair directly we have further developed our initial ideas and protocols to build something much more exciting flair enables a breakthrough and decentralized cross-chain functionality existing solutions are unsatisfactory as an example the reality of token bridging is that almost all existing systems are heavily centralized these bridges are essentially a digital adaption of historical banking model thus they can actually they actually control your tokens while being unregulated though those that are genuinely decentralized are constrained to use an existing method of communication the light client relay that forces a choice between being slow or unsafe furthermore light client relays relays do not work with all consensus protocols blah blah blah when flair launches it will be a technologically advanced cross-chain interoperability network that will answer many of the issues inherently and inherent in the space today it will enable a safer and uh properly decentralized cross-chain future as well as cure cancer nothing else we are aware of comes anywhere as close so flair is building three three core interoperability products f assets providing non-smart contract chain tokens with smart contract um functionality on flare so the tokens that they mentioned are btc xrp ltc algo and doge layer cake safe genuinely decentralized bridges between smart contract platforms both to and from flare relay things like that so theyre going to try to launch on independence day so im not really sure i really dont know if theyre going to do it they might actually delay again so youre really depending on like a a good launch not into xrp is probably freaking out that it hasnt performed hardly at all unfortunately i dont really know if alex is just really pretending that way because xrp like video is making money or whatever or does he really invest that much into xrp its really hard to say you know didnt he like did him it didnt like alex didnt cobb and like brad chimes get into some kind of legal argument i was uh watching doug polk and alex cobb in 2018 how the tables doug polk basically stopped doing crypto for a while alex cobb i think is more i think cobb is like more active on tick tock than youtube these days i think him and kims did actually get into some kind of like dispute with on youtube im not exactly sure one of the best heads up players i mean he definitely does more poker than crypto at this point yeah i mean like doug polk is definitely doug polk just did crypto because it got him views but like hes definitely more of a hes definitely more of a poker guy than a crypto guy for sure i dont know how i dont really know how widely recognized he is on the poker circuit though i havent really been following wosp for quite a while so i dont really know like if any new players have come up on world series of poker where can you stake link um not until like the second half of this year which could be like in three or four weeks so theres no place to actually stake it up i stake it right now but they are coming out with it the second half of this year but it will actually be limited to 25 million coins first and then theyll expand it slowly because alex called out brad kinds about selling the information about swell no i dont think thats actually what got cobb in trouble with climbs i think cobb actually accused kymes of like i think he actually accused brad kimes of uh using the money he raised for the documentary and pocketing it for himself which i dont really know if thats true or not im not really going to speculate on it i have 300 bucks at elon doge i mean throwing 100 bucks at like crap like that is perfectly fine i i dont think theres anything wrong with throwing 100 bucks at crap like that because that actually might end up working out well you dont really know like those things can moon at any time cant use binance freaking cuckoo and where is the best place to stick my matic matic has like internal stake you know like matic does actually have on chain staking right you dont actually have to use an exchange medic does actually have its own on-chain staking polygon is actually one of the few like my polygon is one of the few things i still have in my atomic wallet because i dont have too much of it im actually staking an atomic anyone going to gamble on floki you knew i feel this corner run i mean it could like all those things could actually run at any time but no im not really interested in focus plan out exit strategy for the meme coin so you dont accidentally ride the dump i mean if youre a meme coin like 10x it should probably sell i know some people are waiting for 100x but i dont really see the point in doing that i think if like my memecoin10x is im gonna sell pretty much right away i would definitely sell like right away if my meme coin like if my meme coin like 10 xs because like its like free money man and you dont really know how high its gonna ride especially during a bear market like meme coins should completely die in a bear market so if i make like 10x during a bear market im just gonna take the money and walk because like the thing is even if it goes up higher theres always another theres always another meme coin you can make money from its not like its not like people are gonna stop making meme coins even with the regulations theyre going to keep making the meme coins like realistically even with regulations theyre not going to stop making the meme coins theyre all going to always going to make it uh rex city i also i mean yeah i mean the the most likely possible probability with meme coins is youre going to lose the money im not im not debating that definitely not debating the fact that whether youre going to lose the money or not like meme coins youre probably going to lose the money but realistically like its just i mean its sunk cost you know if you bought a meme coin already its essentially a sunk cost you might as well try to get something out of it dojo mars had like two good pumps last year i got out in the second one i mean thats nice thats what youre supposed to do with meme coins youre supposed to buy them wait until they have a good pump and then sell because theyre really not long-term investments at all have no place in the bear market its nice to make thousands out of hundreds from a meme though it is i mean like if you can make two thousand dollars out of a hundred you take that any day out of a meme coin because like youre really not expecting meme coins to get you that much more you know thats the thing even if under one samsung its nice to make i mean look at shiba inus founder i think he didnt chiba inus founder just abandoned the project or something i think he just would i didnt i think shiba inus founder just like went mia or something right would you buy half a bitcoin now or wait for lower prices i would actually wait until july i do think july could actually usher in lower prices because like they are going to announce a recession in july and i do think that could actually play with lower prices link is going look link is actually going up right now because the announcement on staking but remember its not actually going to ha come here until like a couple of weeks from now i literally did that with the doge and sheba i made three grand she been two grand from doge from 200 i mean yeah you got like 10x you could have gotten 100x but who cares you got 10x wait for lower prices everyone should be in usdc right now usdc at usdt are the two most popular uh erc20 coins right now thats to really no ones surprise in a recession everyone is backing out of like crypto into like stable coins so thats really not nothing that should surprise people definitely nothing that should surprise people sheba founder is on a beach with and laughing laughing at what made a lot more with you but i dont want to take the chance i mean yeah theres no i mean like theres always another meme coin for you to make money on its not like sheba is going to be the last meme coin that you can make money on theres going to be plenty of meme coins that that you can make money on so i really wouldnt sweat i wouldnt really sweat it if i only made 10x and you could have made 100x i mean youre gonna get other chances to make money off of meme coins youll farming and play to earn gaming are still better than holding stables i mean sort of because you like your your yield farming tokens do go down in a bear uh my friend made over 10k from a 1k investment in safe moon and he didnt know how to sell and wrote it down yeah you got to realize how to sell the damn thing at least like sell back into bitcoin stay clear of shady things including memes and crypto i lost almost lost 100k to x markets its not worth it i mean i i dont really like dealing with crappy exchanges that i i really dont uh i dont have too much confidence in like i dont deal with crappy exchanges that i dont have confidence in degree can also lead greed obviously can lead to loss yes you you generally can swap them but theres a lot of like impermanent loss in swapping them though how did he buy safe moon in the first place im sure like there were plenty of exchanges that had say like safe moon you could just swap them out into another coin thats more liquid youre not going to be able to swap like safe moon into usd obviously but you can swap it out into something a little bit more liquid whatever like is anyone still using the sheba decks i know there was a dex on shiba inu like is anyone actually using it what happened to safe motors havent heard them yelling leroy jenkins well you know what happened to leroy jenkins right he died so thats kind of what happened to all the safe mooners as well i do think the whole safe moon thing is actually like whats plaguing safe haven as well because like the whole safe like because the whole like safe knee uh safe name like association is really not helping them at all they might actually need to rebrand sellings the hardest thing to do in crypto takes years to learn i mean if if you bought it on a dex you could just swap for eth or something like that yes the gas usual carbon costs you an arm and a leg but if youve made like 100x it doesnt really matter all that much yeah i mean like with meme coins you definitely have to walk away thats the truth safe moon is an example of not just yoloing into memes well i mean im sure a lot of people did actually make money on a lot of money on safe moon obviously its not like a obviously its not a great investment over the long term anyone can see that its obviously not a great investment over the long term most coins you cant sell that is i mean like that is true you cant really sell most coins and also remember like profit isnt actually profit until you actually take the profit like theoretical like theoretical paper profit isnt real profit thats actually thats what people need to understand like theoretical paper profit like oh i made x amount thats not real profit you actually have to like sell to get the profit like profits not profit unless its in your bank account because like you cant buy anything with those crappy meme coins you cant actually use those crappy meme coins so its not really profit you need to make sure there there is liquidity and you dont spend 200 bucks on erc20 fees yeah but if you just made 2000 and youre and spending 200 bucks on erc20 fees honestly isnt that bad if you just made like 2 000 or something like that at this current rate theyre having there is a lot of hash rate power there there is actually a lot of hash rate power in bitcoin that that much is true if you look at the total hash rate of bitcoin um if you actually look at the total hash rate of bitcoin it is um 209 right now so like even like we started dying in we started like dying in november but even like in november we were only at 166 weve actually gone up like 20 percent in terms of hash rate so yeah i think the having is having this on track to happen much sooner than anticipated at this rate yeah you should make sure there is liquidity and you dont need to i mean like for you know when meme coins are actually going hot liquidity honestly isnt much of a problem because theres always at least a couple million dollars in liquidity but you just got to exit at the right time the way he bought safe moon was complex he was going through trust wallet and a couple other rinky dinky apps which would allow him to buy and he could sell some of his homies that k had ks worth yeah but why cant you like why would you do that why wouldnt you just use a dex and swap like a safe moon for like eth or something more liquid that that doesnt really make any sense though like you can always swap the decks for something thats a little bit more liquid so i dont understand why he just didnt do that because uh that would have been like the smart thing to do i think definitely would have been the smart thing to do so thats a little weird that he didnt actually just do that because thats definitely what i would have done the whole mechanism of safe moon i mean yeah there was that mechanism but the thing is if you made 100x i would just eat the loss and sell it its different like if youve made 100x already why not just eat the loss and sell thats like the most logical thing to do because like if you made 100x and you lose half of it you still made 50x so the mechanism wouldnt actually work on me because like ill take the 50x like once i saw that i hit 100x i would easily cash out i came up in the play with meme coins beyond me yeah you dont youre not supposed to have diamond hands for meme coins obviously i think people missed it i really do think people missed the memo on that because diamond coins arent like a meme coin thing youre supposed to have like 10 hands for a meme corner straw hands for a meme coin like holding meme coins is not supposed to be an actual thing i think people people really did miss the memo on that because like holding meme coins is not actually supposed to be a thing is just like uh cardboard hands basically yeah its never supposed to be a thing i i people just got dude people got totally duped man over 100 x 150 x matic not selling i see yeah but maddox not a meme coin though matic is a very much investable asset meme coins are not different and maddox are also like pretty liquid so i wouldnt really be all that scared with matic really would not be that scary with matic at all just go on rgb army and say i had paper cut hands from all the cash i know but still not so over 100x i yeah i would say so like if you made over 100x you should definitely sell i mean polygon pump from like what four cents like two cents i mean polygon was between one and four cents for the longest time but that was like three years ago thats uh that the e news turned out to be better investments than luna thats because luna like completely died man and the e news even though they have like dumped a lot they havent completely died eventually theyll completely die but not yet at least not yet enu was like kind of like the flavor of the month thing like f2 fotm or whatever the hell the acronym is its just like you know its just like when a bunch of people showed to me like bomb coin during the last boron theyre like yeah this this deflationary thing is great every time you make a transaction it burns two percent of the transaction cost im like you do know thats not like a long-term thing right because eventually it just is gonna reduce to zero and its not gonna be worth anything like this is not a long-term ecosystem thing but they were so convinced that deflation was such so great for uh a coin funnies after they took the safe moon they kept saying diamond hands and they wouldnt listen yeah look people get like people just get mesmerized by like people get too mesmerized by this stuff and they cant really see like the whole point of meme coins is to make a pile of money and leave i dont really know what stargate is although i have to say stargate sg1 was a pretty good show apparently sheba is coming out with a metaverse i thought the i thought the creator of sheba abandoned it though i i was pretty sure that creator of like sheba basically like jumped ship and left whats supposed to be happening in the 15th that could hurt kryptos uh did i i dont think i said there was something happening on the 15th i mean the cpi numbers are coming out soon that could definitely hurt cryptos but thats kind of like every month though also oh on the 15th yeah theyre probably gonna hike the interest rates again and the yields are going to go up so thats that could actually hurt crypto but like i like if they hike it itll probably hurt it by like a couple thousand dollars and then theyll bounce back up within the next few days so theyre theyre just hiking theyre just hiking theyre gonna hike the rates again thats whats happening are you thinking of doge creator might be thanks man thanks the donation well jackson palmer left a long time ago so no im not thinking of the doge creator like jackson palmer basically spends his uh days getting mad about doge going up so much because he like basically sold out too early like hes like palmers basically just bitter because he sold out too early and he didnt get to cash in on like millions of dollars because he had a ton of doge and he sold it all so shibtoshi bailed im pretty sure didnt he like write something didnt he just like disappear off social media or something like that i know like is he still around i thought he i thought he bailed i was pretty sure he bailed but im not a hundred percent sure who would win in a fight a dozier or shiba inu i think theyre the same thing though i mean theyve been talking about look shiba inu has been talking about going to their own chain and creating like these this ecosystem for a very long time dude palmer doesnt really believe in crypto and palmer doesnt really believe in dogecoin obviously he never did he he created dogecoin as a joke to make fun of crypto so thats why he sold it all and jackson palmers just like pissed off that he sold off way too early because hed be like a super millionaire by now he spends his time criticizing crypto and dogecoin by saying how much of a joke it is ive been buying art people have been fraction buying more valuable ones it drives me nuts i think theyre getting fleeced you know like a lot of people buy art as a way to evade taxes right its like kind of like a tax laundering thing i think shiba is very ambitious for a meme coin it is extremely ambitious for a meme coin i just dont think its gonna achieve any of its ambitions though but youre right they are very ambitious for a meme coin i i wont deny that cannot deny that oh it was that he deleted all his twit tweets uh and went ghost i mean don quan went ghost because like i think people were like trying to taekwondo him but i dont really know why the sheba creator would go ghost and i think like for people who bought shiba inu they should know that theres a huge huge chance that its just like you know a get rich quick scheme and get out you know the creators of all these meme coins should get in this the creators of all these meme coins should actually get into a steel cage match and then fight for the right to be the ultimate meme coin shiba community is big and the developers are working on new metaverse blockchain yeah i dont really trust any of these meme things i think like i honestly think they sell people a bunch of bs and then like they just disappoint people and run away tell you how to sign that chain link is getting staking i was like weve been talking about chain links taking for like three years man i hope they finally get it i really do hope they finally get it because like its become like the challenge taking things becoming kind of a meme theyre supposed to start rolling out at the sec the first the second half of this year which i hope they do because those chilling people they deserve some staking lets be honest now isnt saving me on taxes ah youre just not doing it right then you get a piece of art appraisal extremely high price not that anyone would buy it at that price and then you donate it and then you save a bunch on taxes yeah i think omi and vivi do have a future just dont really know what like how big of one though dude tic toc is the last place i would actually go for crypto advice or like any kind of crypto tips or something tick tick tock like from what ive seen tick tock is basically like a platform for like creative twerking thats really what tic toc is like literally a platform for creative twerking yeah i mean like everyone but we dont really know when its actually going to bottom though is a thing mean its easy to say pick it up when it bottoms we have no idea when its actually going to bottom i still favor the warriors but well have to see how the game comes out tonight i i still think the warriors have too much firepower for the celtics cigar but the celtics has but the celtic size is going to be very problematic for the warriors so its going to be interesting to see how this it is going to be really interesting to see how the series actually turns out yeah i would say sentiment are leaning more towards the celtics now but i still think the warriors have the upper hand well see i mean they did beat him in game one i dont know i would probably take chain link right now just because of the fomo for staking but yeah we will see like what happens in boston tonight because like the thing is like if if the threes are look if the threes are going down for golden state like no one can beat them and they go in for golden state more often than not but jason tatum is a stud dude jason tatum is the stud clay has to get going clay does have to get going well you miss pretty much the entire stream because im gonna sign off now so i will see you guys later tonight like and subscribe hit that bell notifications button ill be back later tonight crypto regulations laws Crypto regulation full clarity by 2024? 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