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benioff chainlink Dogecoin Surges 5.8% as Traders... Crypto Power Index Launched Top 20 Crypto Sentiment Rankings
all right so welcome back into our tag team live stream today if you guys have been around maybe hanging in the waiting room getting a nice brewski getting ready for the day is over were going to dive into our top 20 projects on the cpi and this is going to give you guys an insight to not only our sentiment data but also on some of the projects that are starting to move out there in the space right now my name is paul barron welcome back to techpath its fun because well get a chance to really kind of drill into some of these projects and do a little bit of a deep dive one of the things though that i keep you know talking about here in essence of growing the market and when i say growing the market meaning the all coin projects that well continue to see here a lot of the metaverse projects the blockchain gaming projects that youll see again start to kind of cross over and mend meld in the middle in this top 20 ranking and that is why its very important to understand whats happening in the metaverse so were going to dive in and check all that good stuff out before we get started i want to of course thank our sponsor which is paybolt this is one of those very similar projects out there theres a handful of them that have started to move into crypto payments being able to basically give you guys the ability to accept crypto on your websites whether youre doing this as a business or youre doing this maybe as an entrepreneur and youre thinking about maybe taking crypto this is one of those projects that can definitely help you do it paybolt is pretty easy theyve got a ton of roadmap achievements including their inception of bnb pay theyve also started to move out on 50 000 holders right now merchants in over 20 countries and i think that will be an interesting aspect let me zoom up on that merchants over 20 countries and of course their crypto marketplace which is getting ready to go has already gone live so lots happening with them another thing that is kind of cool is they accept crypto right now where you can and theres no fees thats right yeah so if you have been in the scenario of accepting any kind of online payments you understand the carriage fees that most banks and credit card companies charge this is a good opportunity if you are looking at taking crypto payments check out paybold and of course the way to do it is check the link in below which is just all right so lets get to it and i want to talk about the metaverse because this is going to lead us into the top 20 and really kind of break it down this was a story that has broken a lot of people have reported on it but i have a different take on this and that is morgan stanley sees eight trillion dollar metaverse market in china alone now weve seen numbers like 2 trillion in you know overall weve seen a 4 trillion china big market pacific rim maybe some of you guys dont know i had a chance to spend a lot of time in asia in my early tech career for microsoft and i spent a lot of time in about 10 different countries building in that ecosystem which was at that time an evolving technology uh community and it really has become one of the leading players out there so i do think that we will see a massive move on this but the real play here and this is something that a lot of people i think are still kind of putting their head around is i think we are in in place right now for a 50 trillion dollar metaverse thats right so you can say pbn broke that news when we start to see this break out theres a lot of things leaning in on this and the reason is very simple if you have followed internet lore or got to live it then you understand how fast and how quickly we saw growth and i want to just kind of jump to a couple of the scenarios real quick and this was a story this was done back in look at that date november 9th 2000 that was 22 years ago there was a 1.7 trillion dollar dot-com lesson that happened in a span of about 52 weeks about a year 280 internet stocks essentially cratered and most of them lost as much as 90 some of them around the 75 range and if you look at this right here the combined market values of the 280 stocks at that time had fallen to 1.9 trillion currently from around 2.9 trillion at their peak loss of about 1.7 trillion dollars this was 22 years ago and if you look at where the market was meaning the internet at that era and what we saw come out of that phase every billionaire on the planet today thats walking around whether its bezos whether its mark benioff with salesforce whether you take a look at what elon is doing over at tesla all of those guys peter thiel the paypal mafia all of those guys came out of that event that occurred now will we see that kind of thing happen here thats the big question mark that i think a lot of people are pointing to i think that the dot bomb was a training run for what we could see happening with a lot of projects but the shakeouts that win on the other side and those are the ones you you really need to watch are going to be the ones that absolutely unhook and thats where i think were going to see these massive numbers if you look at social media this is an adoption curve for social media from 2005 to 2015. 60 this is sounds funny right now right 65 percent of adults use this was in 2015. so seven years ago 65 of adults now use social networking sites nearly tenfold jump in the past decade theres the charts so you can kind of see it moving up internet social you can kind of see the movement internet user 65 million there you go continuous continuous and boom there you go internet usage 76 social is at 65 critical mass started to occur this right here is a good example of what i think we will see in crypto in the sense of adoption curves we have not seen the adoption curve we are right there at the tip before you see those typical bell curves that start to move so a lot moving in this direction and why it will matter uh in the long term i want to get over to bitcoins price because i think this is another thing as we track whats happening in the space what you see here and what were going to show you today is some breakdown on some sentiment data and of course this right here let me bring that one up a little bit because its been weve been using a different font right here so right here we had this occurred on a red candle day which was january 26 we had a 64 19 and a 63 50 on amp again 6350 close to the 6419 sentiment score but this was up from two or three days earlier to that uh date and that was a 6281 and a 5928 now what youll notice here is that this was a movement upward and immediately right behind that is what you end up getting from the time we scored on a negative day we were scoring positive movement and this is what weve seen with bitcoin those are the kind of things that sentiment data starts to reveal and in some projects well start to predict how these projects kind of roll out and some things that we are doing i want to look also over here at the tara price because this is another project that made the top 20. tara of course lets go to the one month you can kind of see this little bit of a rebound right here thats occurring right now tara i think is going to be in a position even though it did have a little bit of a of a problem with some of the issues that it was faced with from a pr standpoint so i think that one will correct fairly quickly but the one that really kind of surprised everybody i dont think it surprised anybody but i thought a lot of people were looking at it and that was avalanche avalanche course was our number one token last week in our cpi and if you look back here on the seven day when you could have gotten in right there at around 61 now trading right there at the high at 74 and right here smothering in at around 71. so a nice big move for avalanche and again these are projects that are identified in our cpi most the time well deliver those here on the show and give you guys access to it but we dont do it often enough because you know were constantly pulling data and all these different projects and different categories so you know wed have to just do nothing but that so we want to keep you guys informed on other projects but anyway if youre interested in getting into the index itself its pretty simple to do the way you do it is you jump over here to uh pbn all right so this is the way youll get to the power index if you want to get and be part of it mine im just logged in right now so im just going to go back to my library and if im in the diamond circle thats free maybe im interested in some taxes tax prep guide i can go in and grab that one but i want to go into the index itself this is the one where im a member and this of course gives me that overall sentiment breakout let me zoom up on this because its going to give you guys some a little bit of insights on the overall category and when we track against overall sentiment which is the 12 v thats all crypto projects almost 8 000 projects being tracked so you can kind of see a little bit of a stabilization right now on overall then you look at bitcoin definitely a little bit but it is slowing its decline thats good eth started to go flat we may see an uptrend on eth right now so thats an interesting one heres all coins nice little bounce again following what we saw again avalanche leading out the space and then theres metaverse which really only took a little bit of a dip right back here on january 3rd and then immediately recovered on january the 10th and then of course weve got the 17th had another little rise another little dip and then a bit a little bit of a flat but up here on the 31st so again easy to track against these we also cover d5 and then you can kind of see what the overall does by bitcoin ethereum altcoin these are overall verses and then heres overall versus meta and then you can jump into the different projects and i want to get into the top 20 here for this week ill zoom up real quick for you guys on this again this is the projects that starts breaking it down so again avalanche breaks out again as number one holding it as 7508 and a 7461 uh thats kind of interesting too because im looking at how close this has been with avalanche for two weeks now helium is a surprise uh because theyve moved up the charts pretty quickly again had some movement on their token a little bit soft on their amplification hedera we had mance uh harmon on our show just last week or maybe it was early this week no it was last week uh so check out his video but he really goes into a deep dive on hedera phantom little soft and this is one that ive talked about one that i like and i will hold this year but definitely going to take a little bit on the chin i think in the month of february polygon starting to move a little bit i think well see some stuff and then of course crow we already saw some action on crow with its nice little move this week are weave about even uh ftx having a little bit of a move made it into the top ten and theta coming in also at number nine or excuse me number ten and then youve got polka dot maker xrp coming in holding a little soft chilis coming and making a present a presentation and then ecomi also because of all the news weve seen on the migration a lot happening there al goran makes it a quick move into the space on sentiment but not anticipated to hold and thats because of the amplification scores that well see there graf tara tara again in there solana really taking a little bit of a pounding on the sentiment side and then clayton which was a new entry in the top 20. so these are the kind of projects that well continue to dive into for you guys and um theres a lot more in the power index you can check out gaming you can look at the metaverse you can also look at our trending and our trending is kind of interesting because we look at projects that maybe have not made it into our credential for the broader data discovery that we do its usually a smaller macro trend data that well look at that identifies projects that are on the up and coming so make sure and check out that you can of course click the link below if you want to get into the index itself were going to take some questions because i want to get into those and kind of curious on on what you guys think about how the metaverse could sway the traditional altcoin sector and where that might flow in to the rest of the market because were seeing more and more of this starting to show up right now in trends so a lot happening for sure all right lets go over here to our questions get into kb verse big advocate for ecome absolutely man we are we love it im glad you guys love it uh comey i think has got a real possibility here to make a dent in the universe the key here theyve got to get that conversion done with vb and that in the app itself just being able to get those gems into a tradable uh economy is going to be a key element for sure all right whats happening kind of scenarios and i think luna is the same issue because luna remember was on the floor when we really started to showcase luna and saw a big run-up on that so again timing in the market is everything but also time in the market is everything cosmos and icp interesting that you went with icp weve had dominic on the show and it was a long time ago we probably should maybe revisit but a lot of people got hurt on that initial many people called it a rug pull but there was an initial falloff now i dont necessarily think that was the case i think they just had an overhype of what they were trying to do and theyre just very early projects like icp are so big in what theyre trying to do its hard for them kind of its kind of like blocktopia you youre trying to do too much really what they need to do is isolate in on a certain handful of achievements and go execute on those because if they do that youre going to see market movement and youre going to see those investors come in and of course obviously the group um all right so this is another one of ftx is buying liquid exchange so price is getting ready to move there uh definitely new uh new that was coming uh paul love the show any crypto surprised you in the last in your top 20 yet at le this week i would say the the surprise for me is clayton um this one is 7305 and a 71 12. because of the fact that its holding it a little tight right here this one is a little bit of surprise to me solana most of these guys are and have been in the um in the top 20 before xrp just because of their army you know youve got that one always makes the move maker has been kind of in there you look at binance coin again just strong ecosystems hedera very solid projects but there is movement in these top 20s so it is not something that stays the same a lot of these will cycle in and out all the time lets get over to a poll real quick and try to wrap this up for you guys because i think theres some cool stuff do you use analytics data tools when youre trading all right cool glad to see that 55 percent of you 45 of you not what im kind of curious what you do use if you are you just picking tokens like what you like which is fine i do that too but im just kind of curious if youre looking at that or just looking at market cap and trade volume maybe thats the analytical tool youre using because that could go across to things like market cipher and some of those uh on ch or i should say volume based data or maybe do you look at on-chain data im kind of thats going to be interesting to kind of cool patrick weirs pegasi yes just had it on a a video last week go check the video out for sure we did a axi zed run and uh d-race comparison it was kind of cool pegaxi came out on top so good for you zuki moba dont it is a dead it fell hard it did fall hard but it is one of those that continues it has a good community and that is the one thing that sticks around when a community sticks around even when the project starts to dip then you got something and i think thats one of the scenarios with zuki mobile im going to kind of watch that one a little bit yes the cpi dashboard is available now thanks for asking you can just click the link below and you can go you can go get it i think the whole metaverse narrative is something that the average person can relate to an experience if the crypto side can bear can blur a little more might get more people in i think the point that the metaverse makes for you know joe six-pack and just the common person that uses technology and the internet daily is that they just need to be explained it is the next internet most people get that when you say that and they always want to know why and the evolution is when what weve seen and everybody has seen in the internet today and that is security the issue of your data not being yours all those kind of factors that have kind of rolled in and then these closed and walled gardens all of that i think people experience on a day in day out basis and when you say web 3 or the metaverse fixes that then now theyre paying attention wait a minute it fixes uh issues on scam artists now im sure youre going to have scam artists out there trying to get you a token but once youre inside the blockchain and youre connected and we see more security continue to layer up on that then youre as tight as youre going to be probably more so from a financial aspect and then you talk about the opportunity for e-commerce they already understand that you mean i dont have to use my credit card in the way that ive used my credit card before its just connecting a digital wallet boom people start to get it yeah you just have to paint the picture for them and its definitely going in there thanks for the super chat there marion um lets see what about eagle okay very good new tokens listed on decks uh eagle has been in our top 20 before so thats a good one too disney just announced theyre looking for an nft expert guess what that means bb ill just say it bb anyway you guys have been great its good seeing you and of course if you are listening in over on the podcast right now make sure and jump over here to the youtube channel this is the place where youre going to get all the insights were going to give you the data were going to give you the love right here on pbn and of course you got to join the diamond circle guess what were doing next week were giving away a thousand dollars in bitcoin back out to you guys the only way you get it though join the diamond circle make sure and that youre in our selection were going to try a new um selector tool which i think is going to be kind of cool to use were going to get that ramped up for you guys were going to do it on monday and its going to be the official launch probably bring some champagne in and have a big one for the cpi launch so anyway great seeing you guys you want to catch me on twitter its at paul barron well see you next time right here on tech bath We finally launched our beta release for our Crypto Power Index. 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