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how to mine chainlink coin Breaking: Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade Date Officially... CRYPTO DUMP INCOMING! - BITCOIN & CHAINLINK TRADING TECHNICAL ANALYSIS!
back to the charts with big boss crypto bring out a day trading analysis on bitcoin and on chain link today were gonna take a look at whats been going on with Bitcoin and crypto in general its been boring its been sideways around the 23k area that means the market maker is accumulating what is he accumulating well lets look at the charts if you watch my last day trading update I told you that we need to break this point right here at 22 to 90. in order for us to break down and recover some of the volume cans which are down below there are a lot of them actually a lot of buy orders that didnt get filled for in order for someone to buy someone has to sell and in order for someone to sell someone has to buy so the market maker will possibly move price here and recover some of those buyers and fill them up and so hes ready for the next moves to the upside when we have our next Bull Run I dont foresee that in the near future at least so we can see that we didnt break this point right here this horizontal line we were close one time and two times and possibly even three times but we didnt break it that means that the market maker is accumulating something and I do think it is possibly shorts because next week will be intense we have the phone SIM meeting on Wednesday and I dont think we will jump much higher I do think we will move up to 24 600 Zone possibly during the FMC meeting and well get a candle something like this and then we will start chopping our way down recall some of the volume cans below because news hasnt been really good for inflation in my opinion we can take a look at the newsman soon however the next Target store downside are at 21.6 okay 21k if we break that you could Target some of the lower zones right here at 19.5 K 19k and 18.5 K and that is possible where we might have a bottom out structure have a recovery another relief for early up to 20K and then move to the next targets to downside because two drops are on the one hour time time frame there arent that many we can see that we have one here lets mop it off in the chart this will get recovered at some point possibly ahead of the f1c meeting and if we take a look at the news events we can see that we have important news as I cannot explain how important it is because it will determine what the FMC might say next week and its a core PC price index that dick stays yeah the price of goods and services purchased by consumers excluding food and energy and if we get anything above 0.3 percent and you are in short good idea because if we get 0.4 0.5 percent thats generally bad and that will impact FMC decision next week also if we take a look at the liquidation map we can see if you like blur out or semi-close your eyes you can see where most of the liquidation points are and you can clearly see if we move to the downside theres a lot more money to be made for the market making than it is through upside we can see the volume count points here 21k we can see them at 20K we can see them at 19k and we can see it on 80.5 K and 18K so that is where the money is theres a lot of orders in those points as well and to the upside we dont see much until we get to 26k points or the 28k point so probability is that we will get a move to downside next week thats most likely if we take a look at the information we have right here however its not Financial advice its just for education and entertaining purposes only probabilities that we will move to the downside power the market maker can do whatever he wants and this is the information we have and we have to play our cards according to that generally we can say you can see that it has been pretty choppy as well as you can see here havent really moved anywhere except sideways so something is brewing in the crypto Market in general and in the stock market as well well see what happens next week during the FMC meeting but I think we could recover some of the volume cans above we have one here at seven point four five five if we break that and move even higher we could move to this point right here at 8.2 dollars for chain link and that will be a great shorting opportunity because we do have some Vol accounts residing to the downside and I think Bitcoin will dump because the yeah the pump in recent weeks have been pretty quick and I dont think that is sustainable we need a retrace in order for us to continue upwards otherwise its just a big hoax pump well see what happens next week but basically these are his targets we have one at 7.445 break that and we could get ourselves up to 8.2 dollars sorry still downside however first at 6.4 dollars could move down to 6.2 and we could close out next week at 5.856 if we get a pretty a volatile week after the FMC meeting lets see what happens these are toys for chain link I do think shorting is a pretty good idea at this moment because we need a retrace in my opinion thats it for todays tapering update please like And subscribe and we will see all on Monday again with 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