running multiple validators on a single machine? : rethstaker Well, the validator will need to be pointed towards a ETH2 node, which ideally should be be pointed towards an ETH1 node. Not critical, but if you want to propose any blocks, then it is required. But you can have multiple validators running on the same machine all pointed towards the same node. Which Cardano wallet should I stake my Ada on? - Quora Daedalus is one of the official Cardano wallets, therefore, it is perfect to store, stake Cardano, and trade it. Excellent backup and recovery features guarantee that your ADA coins cannot be lost. An option to filter pools and find the best ones to delegate your ADA allows boosting your staking income. More answers below Anny Po chainlink news deutsch CRONOS ZUKUNFT? ELON MUSK & RIPPLE? QUANTS VERBINDUNGEN NACH UK!
chainlink news deutsch Cardano pu raggiungere 1 dollaro e superare un giorno... CRONOS ZUKUNFT? ELON MUSK & RIPPLE? QUANTS VERBINDUNGEN NACH UK!
yes, welcome to a new news club, nice that you tuned in again, of course, I brought you the most important news so that you have a good overview of the overall market, you can see the crypto bubbles in the background, all mostly in the green area, that of course has its Customer because the bitcoin has broken out of its falling bridge upwards has heaved above the $ 20,000 mark we have been there one or the other time in the past few months but have never really risen above it accordingly it will be exciting to see if we it sharp this time or not cap of club you think this is a very popular analyst on twitter this is really heading towards $21 000 within the next 7 days then maybe going back to the previous zone or maybe even more lower towards $14,000 just look at whats going to happen well follow it the S&P process yesterday was up 1.6 3% the next awesome plus of 2.10% the DAX just under one percent off in terms of things of its increase in the German nation in the plus of number 07%, what can we observe with the state units with the two-year-olds, for example, it is so that in the last five days we have seen a downward trend with the ten-year state shops as well as with the US dollar currency index the upward trend stopped for the first time here there was a slump we fell through the 255 movie Airbus and yes, of course that had its green side, namely the real estate market I told you two days ago here are the numbers from the USA and the new data show a downward momentum on the real estate market in the USA like it hasnt since the financial crises after interest rates had risen so quickly and too violently for the stock markets, the paradox is good news because a faster downturn in the US economy is then likely and with it a turnaround policy of the US Federal Reserve, many are already calling for a reduction in the rate of increases in the central bank here you can see the S&P core logic case Schiller US National home price NSA Index and here you can see the reduction between 1.07 and 1.63 percent July to August yes, the S&P process is currently rated low with things of its PI ratio, so P/E ratios no, that is not very much, we have a PI radio of 20.07, the median is 14.91, the mean is 15.98, the mood has been since 1999 in the bottom 2% of all days so up to date what usually comes next is stunning returns the UK votes in favor of recognizing bitcoin and crypto as regulated financial instruments this is of course also very very positive news from my point of view then I would like to add another Losing a few words about Kronos This is the house own token from the crypto bö Stock exchange talks are generally very popular in Burans I assume that Chronos will have a strong performance silling and will crack the previous ultime because has again properly gained in popularity yes you see here a five-fold number of users from the end of 2020 up to this message on May 6th and by the end of the year even the 100 million should be reached if this really happens we will find out I don’t think so because of the bear market nevertheless the proud pay and you see that despite these proud pay nothing at all to the use case of course depends primarily on the Visa credit cards which of course have been significantly reduced by the bear market things the news case but is of course also working on it further use cases in the future but for it was first of all to reduce the costs they have also laid off employees I think that there will be a lot going on in the future in terms of improving the utility and then I also think that the Chronos tok data will benefit will if more people steak in the cro he is the guest talk from there is a lot to tell i see great potential i brought a small chart analysis to kronos from rsfm checkstar channel definitely from the link in the video function gives a small chart-technical insight into the current situation around Kronos should you buy now or maybe wait then we continue with the crypto news here important for everyone new low formed new low for everyone means very important at 0.059 and important now new low formed and a nice reaction shown on a daily basis came down yes and here now right now now it will be very exciting Backrow yes we are going over here at Cro I would like to say honestly then it may be that we will soon see really nice price increases at Cro because we are then overriding here and the bear trend is then over for us and here would be a very, very good opportunity who would like to get in and as you can see here very very nicely here, Cro showed exactly the action that Cro wanted to see Track off his channel for the Providing the charter solves incredible added value that I can offer on my channel fundamentally as well as chart analytically what you think of charteralyse is of course because you can imagine something of your own despite having two expertises in one video increases again then we come to the following news, namely the rumors about this great app, this all-in- one platform that Elon Musk is planning are getting bigger and bigger and I think that soon I will be coming up with something more in terms of news I think he will definitely implement it on Friday his twitter purchase will be done first checked Newsflash always likes to bring ripple so extra PI here yes in connection with this super app it will be similar to wechat that is also an all-in-one One platform you can chat there you can make calls you can pay for everything in the end in an app he always likes to bring xtrap here in the game of course it generates clicks completely logically nonetheless Elon Musk is definitely on the screen yes he recently commented under a tweet from Brad Gardinghaus so I think that if he embeds crypto payment options in this app that there may also be extra PI in his wallet couchcoin he is also a big fan of if Dodge are coming why not extra PI so impossible stop the whole thing definitely not extra Pia formed at least at the current time on golden cross that means that the 50 moving average has crossed the 25 from bottom to top that could possibly bring positive momentum and extrapie towards 0.56 US dollars move like Champ announces a partnership with a European fashion forum to campaign for sustainability in the fashion industry. There will certainly be one or the other interesting company on site and then possibly get in touch with wechain about this as well implement who knows then Great Britain will vote for the recognition of Bitcoin and Club as regulated financial instruments, which is also very, very good news, then we see strippel wide strong advertising in the USA, which is also a positive sign during the ongoing lawsuit the new Prime Minister from Great Britain is very crypto affine and was already in contact with Gilbert Virgin the CEO of qnt it is certainly no coincidence that the quant is working with the Bank of England to research cbdcs economists expect usu real estate prices in 2023 and up to 20 % will fall US stocks Buybacks by US companies will equal $1.25 trillion this year Elon Musk tightened his banks allegedly that he plans to close the $ 44 billion Twitter acquisition deal on Friday German crypto activity grows by almost 50 percent that is of course also very very positive the equivalent of around 200 billion US dollars apple sets hard crypto guidelines so against any alternative payment mechanisms and against any functions of nfcs on reddit the nfcs definitely beat very, very well This is also a platform where I think that NFC is a very good fit. Since reddit NFC has been integrated in July, demand has risen steadily, as data from the analyst company shows, there have now been 2.9 million averages that are displayed as a profile picture on the platform leave minted as nfcs on the polygon blockchain the number of tokenholds has risen to 2.8 million with Red that also fits like a glove how I find the function with nfcs for avatarge so that would have been it with the video I think you should now again be absolutely informed about the latest news then feel free to write me feedback in the comments please leave a thumbs up because for the research behind the video please subscribe if you havent already done so then you will stay up to date every day and otherwise I say goodbye for this video and hopefully well meet again for the next video quant krypto vechain mnw chainlink xrp rippleHeute unterhalten wir uns über weitere Kryptowährungen wie Quant, Bitcoin, Chainlink, Vechain und Mnw. Kanal von RSFM Bitget Boni sichern! 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