chainlink price prediction 2025Citi Bank predicts $1,500 per token by 2025?- Chainlink Crypto LINK- Chainlink Price Prediction

VeChain Price Forecast: VET edges closer to a breakout - FXStreet Mar 5, · VeChain price is consolidating in a descending parallel channel on the 1-hour chart. A decisive close above $0.048 will signal a breakout from the consolidation pattern and trigger a quick 5.65% What Is Yield Farming? What You Need To Know - Blockworks Yield farming is the process of using decentralized finance DeFi to maximize returns. Users lend or borrow crypto on a DeFi platform and chainlink price prediction 2025 Citi Bank predicts $1,500 per token by 2025?- Chainlink Crypto LINK- Chainlink Price Prediction
chainlink price prediction 2025 Why is the bitcoin BTC price rallying in January... Citi Bank predicts $1,500 per token by 2025?- Chainlink Crypto LINK- Chainlink Price Prediction
in todays video we are going to be going over some major chain link news and why this is so important to the crypto space and mass adoption as well as were going to discuss a major us bank that believes that chain link could flip bitcoin in terms of market cap and then finally were going to discuss what this actually means for the price of chain link and if it can actually hit 1 000 per token and potentially more if youre new to the channel our mission here on the dante defy youtube channel is to look for the most fundamentally sound crypto projects in the space that will bring us long-term value and keep you up to date and informed on all of the events following those projects so if any of that sounds good to you make sure you hit the like button it really helps me with the youtube algorithm and getting my videos out there as well as hit the subscribe button so you do not miss a single video that i post all right first things first i just wanted to go over the crypto global market cap were seeing that it is at a current market cap of 1.38 trillion dollars and this has been a lower you know a declining trend that weve had in the market for a while in my personal non-financial opinion theres a lot of good discounts a lot of great projects at the moment chain link being one of them failing is sitting at 17 right now and it is 15th in terms of market cap it has just under an 8 billion dollar market cap and i still think that this is severely undervalued for what chan can do now if you are not too familiar with chain link im not going to go over too many details about the actual project but i do recommend you go and listen to the lex friedman and sergey nazarov podcast itll help you understand why the scope of chain link as a project is so vital to the crypto space and why you know in my personal opinion is going to be one of the biggest cryptos period its going to be one that does actually bring around mass adoption and that paradigm shift into decentralized finance and all these other crazy and great things that are going to be a part of our future so make sure you go check that podcast out because it is very good all right so the piece of news i wanted to go over six of the worlds biggest banks are backing swifts new international payment platform so who is swift swift is a global messaging network connecting banks and other financial institutions for cross-border payments it links more than 11 000 institutions and in june alone transmitted more than 350 million messages containing financial information that is huge its basically the biggest cross-border financial messaging platform in the world 11 000 uh institutions use this for their cross-border uh financial information data transfer so it is huge and so the new platform is set to include features such as upfront validation of beneficiary details extension of swifts high speed system to lower value payments and incorporation of the universal messaging standard for international payments so essentially we can see that cross-border payments are becoming a more globalized thing of course globalization is a thing you know the transfer of funds between institutions do go through things like swift and for people especially not necessarily institutions it is not as easy to do these kinds of things it is not as secure to be sending financial information over these internet protocols et cetera et cetera but with the use of blockchain and the use of chain link we can now have much more secure faster more efficient transfers of financial information and payments and so this is really really huge and how does chain link come into all of this why does why does this matter that you know these banks and institutions are accepting this new payment system that is simply because chain link is working with swift to create this system and these visuals on this tweet will show you exactly how chain link is integrated into this system so there was a publication from swift themselves going over and exploring essentially how enterprises can utilize their existing systems so traditional systems to efficiently interface with multiple blockchains so essentially connecting those traditional systems with the blockchain space and how do we do that in the most efficient way and obviously make it secure for institutions to be able to trust it and chain link is the partner that they are working with to come up with this solution so banks as secure smart contract resources so with the use of chain link banks can become smart contract resources in terms of storing data for smart contracts and executing them this is huge again like i said for all of these institutions to be able to utilize this and trust chain link to be doing this if you dont really know some of the tokenomics of chain link its actually required as payment to use the network so the chain link token is going to have extreme demand if 11 000 institutions are using the network and utilizing the uh price feeds and market data that chain link is able to provide to those institutions and so the next graphic is talking about fully connected smart contract securities and this is you know a very simple use case in my mind of how chain link is so valuable they can take the data essentially from off chain uh systems traditional systems like we discussed and then port that essentially onto the blockchain so that applications that are built on the blockchain are able to use real-life events and real-life market data and data in general from off-chain sources on their decentralized apps or apps that are created on the blockchain so this is basically connecting the real world to the blockchain because at the moment blockchain at its very core is a distributed database there isnt a lot going on other than the storage of data securely and so you cant really do much with that and chain link basically opens so many doors for all these institutions and all these developers to be able to do a lot of insane things with blockchain technology so you can see just quick example here you can see that you know credit data and debt scores can be integrated to be ported onto the ethereum blockchain or whatever blockchain it may be thanks to chain link and it is all a very homogeneous system and again this increases the efficiency uh its good for the environment and it is also a very secure and immutable obviously because it is on the blockchain so all of these things are extremely bullish for chain link in general and ive said it multiple times chain link is probably my favorite crypto project out of all of the cryptos ive researched out of all the projects teams that i have come across chain link just hit me as almost a no-brainer again this is not financial advice its just my perspective i think it is going to be here to stay in the long run and i will accumulate chain link as much as i can at these prices so as we discussed um going on to some of the moon boyish predictions that we might have for train link chain link is only sitting at 17 and again like i said in my personal opinion chain link is extremely undervalued if you just do this for example if we compared the market cap link to bitcoin if link were to get to the market cap of bitcoin we would be setting at a one thousand four hundred dollar chain link thats almost eight thousand percent from where it is currently and is it really realistic or feasible for chain link to meet this market cap requirement to see this price i absolutely think so you know who else thinks though citibank so this is a paper that actually came out in march 2021 and it is talking about chain link and how chain link was recognized by the world economic forum as one of the most promising technology pioneer startups in the cutting edge of technology for the year 2020 chain link was one of them based on world economic forums evaluation developers that utilize the chain link network pay with the protocols native token link thus a token that helps to facilitate the growth of the on-chain ecosystem may also gain prominence over bitcoin in time as it becomes increasingly critical to the operation of the blockchain infrastructure and so this is why i like chain link so much if you think about bitcoin it is a store of value it is not a utility based token and chain link the demand for it is driven by its utility and the price will appreciate based on the utility and the need to have linked tokens to be a part of the network so this is why i am so bullish price targets for chain link in terms of where i see it in three to four years are to some people sound moon boyish but honestly are realistic when you think about the fact that theres a supply of a billion tokens and if it becomes an industry standard in defy or data integration and and oracle services for the blockchain theres no honestly doubt in my mind that it can reach the same market cap as bitcoin over time that also means that i believe that it will hit these price targets i do believe itll get to 1500 i think itll surpass that now this doesnt mean its gonna happen in it you know the next three months but i do actually believe that itll happen and then were looking at if link were to be at the current market cap of eth and that would bring it to 500 which is also again in the long term my personal non-financial opinion a realistic target forward link i think it will hit 500 then finally if it hits the market cap of cardano aida which you know a lot of people love to uh make fun of cardona because it does not even have smart contracts yet it would be just under a hundred dollars so i again obviously think that chain link will get to these prices at one point whether it takes you know three or four years is the question however i will be tracking this project very closely as it is one of my biggest holdings and i hope you guys found some value or get interested to go and start doing your own research on chain link yourselves because i really really do think that chain link is going to be game changing and life-changing for people who invest in it now at least all that being said guys i hope you liked the video if you did make sure you like the video subscribe hit the bell notification i appreciate every single one of you thank you for 1.68 000 subscribers ill see you on the next one my name is dante aka dante d5 and im out deuces Chainlink Crypto LINK - Buy Link? - 10,000 insitutions incoming + Chainlink Price Prediction- Link Price $1,500 by 2025? link crypto chainlink defi dantedefi 4thIRTwitter: Business Inquiries: NO CONTENT OR OPINIONS EXPRESSED ON THIS CHANNEL SHOULD BE CONSIDERED FINANCIAL ADVICE! 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