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We wait a few minutes in which people begin to enter and and we start Alberto perfect You hear me well no yes I hear you perfectly the same if someone of those who are entering cannot hear us or they hear us well It would be good to send a message in the chat so that to know that we are there, well, great Alberto, how are you? you start with mumbing What are the challenges and as a brief introduction before handing you the microphone and and now take us all the way Yes yes of course Thank you Enrique thanks to the whole team it is always a pleasure to talk with you with Javier Márquez Ari all the truth that always A pleasure and good nothing first principal As Enrique said I am Alberto I am deva López relations I am greeting you from today I see that there are people from Argentina I am greeting you from Barcelona Spain Although I am originally from Venezuela Well, look at my trajectory in blockchain, Ive been working for the project for two and a half years now, however, Ive been interested in the world of blockchain for a long time since the end of 2013, it s not the point of view as trading but technology I was very interested in bitcoin in 2015 when I read about smart contracts but never as I had taken El Salto from working in the world no I am a mechanical engineer I did a doctorate in motors that is nothing to do and Ive always been developing that side of my career but look, its been three years like, well, a little over three years ago I had that click of saying No, Im not passionate about what I do, Im going to look for something else that I like that It is the blockchain and I began to educate myself to learn the technical part, I do nt know what. And well, look at two and a half years working here for the incredible project and a technical and existential question, how many relationships have you seen between an engine and it? I think It would be the best way to start. I always say that like Well, in the end, all paths lead you to Where you are Not now and And if the things I learned along the way I have used them here, not the part that is academic I was working with many university students in the doctorate no but lets say what I have learned in terms of motors has nothing to do with the tools that led me is that I learned during all those years there are many things that you can use without any problem now I think that we have very important No, there is not yet, we do not have a generation of blockchain natives, so to speak, they are on the way, and many people who are entering the workforce, perhaps their first job is blockchain, well, this generation will not have it, but I think that everyone who we are currently in space we come from other similar or very distant industries as in your case and and I totally agree as you said all the roads lead to Rome and all that learning is building you for the next thing you are going to do and I think that in the important part of not standing out in the industry, not in a single issue. Yes, look, I say something, two things that always remain very marked for me, not that in the industry that I was in, it was the engine industry of the of the cars or cars depending on where they are in the world if you take the person who has more experience in history if that person were still alive we are talking to a person who has more than 120 years of experience no If you leave to the world of blockchain if you if you take the person who has the most experience in the history of for example smart contracts in ethereum is a person who has seven years of experience in 2003 in 2023 no then what you say we still dont have a first generation of people who have this knowledge since elementary school lets say high school no and and its really a space where there is space for everyone no Ive met people who come from photography Ive met people who even have a person Im going to have I had to look for it but that he set up a project in the well- known man who was a tennis teacher, I always use him as an example, no. So in the end, in the end, it was for me. The important thing is that if you are passionate, if you have the motivation to learn, you will to achieve because learning is something that is acquired, motivation is something that one has, like here, an attitude and that for me has been a determining factor in that leap. I said career, I didnt notice it. spending nights reading on weekends was not a job it was something I did because I liked to know and that is a very important role in crypto I dont think all of us in the space started this out of Passion for good out of interest more well Out of a lot of curiosity and and a whole matter of passion that, as you say, motivated us to have a lot of information and well, really the story is there building on YouTube and Twitter So thats where the moonville project must be incredible and I would like to start with I mean with the question that we always start with here, which is what was your approach with link and from there if we can start with the great presentation that you bring us Yes, of course, of course. Look, that is, one of the things that I will also talk about next presentation Its that mundi wanted to position itself as I dont like to say the polkadot style but as a familiar development environment for all those projects that existed so that they could enter polkadot no and when you start talking to the experienced developers who have experience in the whole subject, there are no standards in the industry. In other words, there are standards in certain certain technologies and always a standard that everyone wants to have. The world wanted to be clear, it exists so in Well look there are several no but to say echo dance to tell you serious are the Indexes the indexers that everyone wants to have and if you go to the part of oracles Oracle no So always when we were working with a project that they wanted to deploy in they told us look but we need oracles you have that we are working for To have them no and well if an approach was made at the end being recognized as lets say the one that offers the best ethereum compatibility was like a house that welcomed them with open arms and Well we always do it here basically Yes yes And in the end Look we already have a lot of projects that use the oracles of the best known ones that are in the defy part and good because because as Ill tell you at the end its a standard in the industry for this type of topic of course and Well, Ill let you start and I have a couple of questions I asked I imagine the audience also those who are connected can put the questions in the chat if they want there We are reading them and those on YouTube Javier Javier passing here So now I will give you the microphone Alberto and thank you very much No thanks Enrique and look, I really like dynamic presentations So if you want to ask any question at any time I will be there Waiting for the chat to stop the presentation, answer, that is, I prefer it that way because I feel its a little more fluid, so, well, Im going to take advantage of sharing my screen outside and open the chat to keep an eye on it. Perfect, okay. I hope everything looks good. I think so and well, lets go perfect, were going to start here to talk a little. Well, the presentation starts out a bit generic so that you understand a little, getting into the subject that is polk out, that is mumbing, and little by little we are going to touch on various topics and we will arrive to a workshop to the final part that the idea is that they learn a little how to build an application we will start with a very basic web 2 application and we will start selling blockchain components so that everything will be quite basic but we will try to go up the difficulty and then I will present an application that was one of the first that I made when I was learning the whole world that uses check link and we will talk about no but well Look first and foremost at the structure we will talk first about polkadot we will talk about mumbing and we will talk about contracts connected, which is basically one of the main focuses that it is having recently. So if we talk about polkado, I have a minute. The idea is not that they are experts on the subject of polkadot, but the idea is to go a little into the subject in which it is understood a little. how polkadot works and where the world is positioned within them no So polkadot is it is a blockchain that is known as layer zero or layer Zero because it is not a blockchain where one can build applications if it is not a blogging that provides services for other blogs ok And so thats why its called layer zero, so the idea of ​​ polkadot is that there are many better bloggings, there isnt one blogging that is better than all of them, so well, basically what polkadot does is connect some blockchains that in this polka environment are known as parachains that come from parallel chains and These bloggings are specialized blockchains that offer some specific functionality to the ecosystem in general. Okay, then there are, for example, blockchains that are specialized in privacy, such as Manta, there are blockchains that are specialized in storage, such as Cross identity as a kilt in oracles I think there is none that is specialized in oracles and we will never know if there is one now but hey The idea is that each one gives something to the ecosystem And why? Well, like all these actors, these blockchains benefit from the security that polkadot gives them because polkadot guarantees each of these blockchains that the block they make will be finalized by polkadot also this architecture allows these participants to talk to each other natively without requiring lets say a character or an agent External is valid, as are bridges, no, in this case, all these participants of the ecosystem can talk to each other natively, so with that fairly basic context of what polkadot is, no, what does it offer to the polkadot ecosystem as such, then it is a smart contract platform Again, you cannot build smart contracts in polkadot, but the idea is that you do it in the parachains and one of them in But the idea is that it is a smart contract platform in which you can have full compatibility with ethereum technology, that is to say any tool you use the style must be able to work the base layer of any ethereum compatible blockchain has the evm which is the sirium virtual machine but it has additional layers that allow adding value the first one is that it is built with soft Street, which is a framework for building blockchains specifically for polkadot But hey, they can be used for non-polkadot blockchains And that allows us to connect in a very simple way, benefit from polkadots security of interconnectivity, etc. We also have support for web 3 rpc that if they dont know what that is This is basically the communication layer between the development tools and the node as such, the node to which they connect to interact with blogging This is what allows you to use tools like harehat troofel remix and well and and which are all tools that use protocols like the other part is unified accounts if you are familiar with bunbi has done has done staking has interacted with the network all the actions that one does are through type accounts ethereum and that is what this unified account protocol does there are other parachains within the world of polkadot that are also competitive with ethereum But it is not like that if you are going to interact with the evm you do it with the syrium type account but if you are going to do Any other protocol thing you have to do with the soft Street type account or well, lets say like that And finally, a lot of work has been done on all the tools and integrations that a sirium developer expects to be achieved and this is where it comes No I mean, the idea is that a developer needs an oracle if he wants an industry standard block explorer he has it nearby if he needs a multisic wallet he has the friendly fork of de gnosis no then they have all the ones that I know to expect Ok then one of the advantages it has is that it has an ebm with additional functionalities And this is quite good because lets say it allows us to offer some certain additional layers of functionality with respect to what the traditional ethereum evm is not and how this works well lets say Alice no, Alice wants to interact with the mundi layer and she does it through, for example, solidity from tools like these development tools. Okay, and through mooming, she can do this without a problem with smart contracts, for example, on the other hand, if anyone would like interact with things that are a bit outside of what the sirium compatibility layer is, such as the staking part, the democracy part, the xm part of interoperating with other polkadot protocols, it would have to be done with a layer that is called the software layer, which has nothing to do with end technology, that is to say, that meta more than, for example, is not possible, and with meta more, you cannot interact with the layer. However, what has been done is that there are some pre-compiled smart contracts that allow Alice in this case to be able to interact with the mumbing democracy with the staking of Moon through the part of thats why you see these arrows going to the right allow through Calling the contracts prepiled can access the Software functionalities that, as I said, are functionalities that are not standard in the part of the vm Okay, so that is why there is a documentation segment that is dedicated to Showing all these advanced functionalities that we have in mumbing that The truth is that its pretty cool. So were going to talk now about what are the connected contracts, what is this? We talked about it a little bit in the Twitter space on Monday, but hey, were going to go into a little bit of detail with slides, which is also easier to understand. understand no So first main to understand the strategy of contracts connected to I have to convince them that the future is multichain no that there will not be a single blogging that it will be the best blog without of all and and well if we see a little the strategy that chainlink has taken recently with the part of the connectivity protocol that it is going to take out that I think is cc hyper, it may be that I say it wrong. If we go back in time, if we look at time from left to right, initially there were very few, very few blockchains, bitcoin ethereum was not there, well, there were others that I dont remember the name of right now, but what happens as it becomes more technological standards have not increased The number of users has increased the number of assets the Apps that exist in various blockchains is worth this has allowed sdk to exist to develop non-blockchains that allow developing a blockchain to be very simple before when you had to develop a blockchain from scratch it was very complicated no Many hours of development, many investments of time and man-hours, and it is no longer like that. In other words, one with what it is, with what Soft Street is, one can create a blockchain in literally ten minutes, no. So this is what we It allows us to think that they are going to see more and more blockchains as time passes, no. And this is also going to happen because they are going to say that blockchains are going to be a scaling strategy and we have seen this, I dont know if it was synthetic or The White dx who are thinking of making a block for their applications no that it is not what it is lets say to be in an isolated blog like for example to say Ok so let s hope that this makes them understand that the future is multichain not that there will not be a Just blogging, but youre going to see Many bloggings coexisting with each other, okay. Alberto, I would like to interrupt you because what you say seems very interesting to me, no, and I certainly believe that we are all here in the mindset that the future is multichain, and we know that more and more and more will be creating for you or for the mumbing team, how is it that you envision this future multichen and what would make a Chain now yes, not win the game and as we say there will not be a only winner But how what are the necessary points for a blockchain to position itself correctly Lets see, I think the important thing is from the point of view of the and it is a very good question Enrique de By the way from the point of view of view of the user and I also mentioned this on Monday is that the end user for me is going to interact with the blog without knowing it. I dont always imagine it as in my ideal world. For example, look, there is this possibility of staking in such a chain and you want to enter or not And then one makes only clicks Imagine that one has, I dont know if in USDCs, one makes only clicks and from behind It is a judge they can be in a blockchain to transform a a a token B They go to a blog without c and if this and they stay there and the user has no idea that this happened no So for me from the users point of view that should be the final experience that should happen no and Since blockchain is going to win, I dont think there is a way to think that a blog is not going to win, but rather that blockchains are going to be created that each offer something in which it is going to be very efficient, for example, there is no As you say, depending on each need of what is being validated, not correct. So for example, the idea of ​​ polkadot is that there will be, for example, blockchains that the example that I like to give the most is because it is very very quite understandable is look at a blockchain that specializes in prediction models in which there is a business model behind that blogging that allows predicting statistical models to say look at the probability that I dont know Real Madrid beats Barcelona Its not so much and in a decentralized and decentralized way and without trust trozles not how it is how blockchain is then but imagine that there are some smart contracts in avalanch what do I know that they need they would like to access that service because that blockchain is very good it is very efficient doing that no So what is the best way they speak I do Well look in this case it could be through Moon why because avalanch has a gmp protocol that is, it has the communication space between blockchains it could be the csip it could be Axel it could be I receive a law that communicates with bombing a request to this parachin telling him Look at this protocol in avalanch he wants to know who is going to win what statistics do you think between Madrid and Barcelona and then the call is returned This sounds quite complex but think that today in day the internet works like this I mean, when I go into any application on any web page I am not thinking that there, for example if I am here in Barcelona I can make a request to my server here in Valencia that Valencia server connects with one who is in Frankfurt the one who is in Frankfurt connects with someone who is in the United States who is the one who takes the Data that is in the United States and returns to Barcelona one does not think about these things why Because there is already a quantity quantity of standard technologies to make all these communications, no. So I think that my opinion is that in the future that is what will happen and there will not be a blog that is better than another, but rather which path do you want to take? Basically, no. So I I think that lets see everything It depends, no, but I think thats what will happen in the future, well see. So what is the idea of ​​ connected contracts and there more or less capable of understanding a little why we have been talking about this, not what any user can be accessed any user does any service from or through the world no if you want for example you are in an application that is on ethereum an application that is in Cosmos an application that is in avalanch wants to access a particular service in polkadot en the best way to enter that ecosystem or for example if a parachi needs a service of some protocol in these other bloggings it can be done Through also no and and I think that later I have some practical examples that better show this idea Alberto in this case that it is like just the Core of The Core of could not return to that at what moment does it come to validate well everything here everything depends not for example that is, lets say an example we will wait for later that I will have as tangible examples Where We can go in to see if there is a footing there but right now its difficult because Im leaving a lot of things up in the air so Im going to continue and later well get into the subject of the idea Okay so here the idea is like why not why Moby I This is is used for connected contracts. So, first of all, you can design smart contracts that are connected to any blog without since Momio is integrated with the main interoperability platforms of the moment, Axel or multi Chain World hyperline is not for you. Arrive that that IP surely deploys second allows or provides an ideal development platform since the development tools of a are the most advanced lets say they are the ones that have more time so in the end they are the ones that have more developers used and well as we have seen is that you can use all these tools without any problem and thirdly, being in polkadot will allow any project to access through these specialized blockchains natively within polka, not what we have seen previously, lets talk a little of the current multi Chain models, not because we have seen but sushi or any other project is multichain so currently there are two main models, what is called a centralized deployment in which I have, for example, my deployment on the blockchain and I ask everyone the world that moves its assets is worth this blog since I have my deployment And what happens that you have a user experience problem you have the issue of the safety of the bridges you have the issue of a limited market that is willing to accept those risks No, and on the other hand, the other strategy is to do a multi- instance deployment. I take my contracts, I deploy them in mundi, in avalanch, in ethereum, in binance, and then I have the same contracts everywhere, and then what I do is fragment my users, fragment my liquidity. and fragment my functionality. Because if I launch a new feature to ethereum I have to develop it also so thats why there are currently no really connected contract strategies that offer to solve these problems that are listed below, so hes the key to everything. this or what all this new movement of connected contracts unlocks is called the gmp or general to months passing, which is that between blockchains, blogging can communicate with each other by passing assets or passing these messages, we cannot see a contract that is in a blockchain a and tell a contract on blockchain B do this update this state to xgz and polkados gmp is called xm as we have seen before so look lets go in here what else do I need to add the ccp or scip logo but Since its not yet available, then maybe Ill leave, no, then, how would it be? Dont look, and there are already use cases that exist today. Im going to give an example of a use case that currently one can go and make an application in Cosmos. If you just know it, its called osmosis, which is a definition of Cosmos. I needed I wanted to have liquidity of two. a consensus was reached to make an integration in which the dots move to mundi through xm Remember that xm is the native of polkadot then they move through Axel from the native protocol of Axel to the world of Cosmos because Axel you are a blog without within Cosmos and then by IBC which is This language of communication within Cosmos moves to osmosis so the idea is that the user with a single click on a very nice application says I want to send three feats or five feats to this osmosis account that it is another completely different world and when you click on it, all that happens automatically and in osmosis his skills come to him, okay I said Axel Art But this can be ccip if without a future it is integrated in this way no I mean in the end the The idea of these gmp protocols is that they connect polkadot with these external blogs through these these protocols and there are other cases throughout the world Right now we are seeing one that multichain the multichain gmp protocol is bringing liquidity from filium to this paracha called balance no And it works the same way through mumbing they bring assets those assets then move through xcm to the balance parachain balance no so they are real use cases that are already being used and good that we hope there will be more and more cases as time progresses and it is quite interesting So the benefits of connected contacts is that it solves the fragmentation problems of multi-instant deployment dapps increases efficiency allows the use of specialized blockchains and most important of all is to improve the experience from the user by hiding the infrastructural complexity of interconnectivity as I told you before. The idea is that all those complexities that sound quite difficult are not the jaca developer so that the user does not have to live that little by little is what we should aim for because currently moving between blockcha is quite complex, it is not as I say, it is not easy, it requires many clicks, many signatures And this is not an ideal experience for users Ok well, as I see that there are no questions, I will continue and we will go to the part of the workshop first of all before to start showing you a little bit of code Enrique I dont know if you have any questions no no I would rather say yes Apparently there is nothing in the chat I think yes at some point sorry if someone has a question I think this Its a very good time to do it and do a recap then but if we dont see anything almost lets say with the workshop Dale Perfect perfect thanks Well nothing then todays workshop the idea was to do it like a little bit involving chilling a little bit also teaching How can you build an application and how to take it to the web Mira Lucas has a question to be able to do more from other networks I will need to have gas in the networks currency I want to call you It is a very very good very good question Yes the truth is yes And That depends on the protocol you want to use. For example, Axel has a functionality in which you pay the gas in the destination blockchain. Lets say you are making a call from ethereum, I am here pointing to the screen with my finger, you are in ethereum and you want to make a call to mumbing axla allows you to pay for the execution gas and they make, lets say, an internal exchange and the Network takes care of that payment, however, wormhall for example is very different because One basically what they do is tell you Look, Ill tell you I approve the message I approve the message but you have to execute it in booking So if you are building an application you have to think of a business model that allows you to, lets say, fund a relayer than a piece of infrastructure that allows you to execute that transaction in paying for the gas then the truth is that the answer is not unique to your questions but it depends on the protocol you want to use each protocol offers certain ways of not having to think about the gas but nevertheless it is a very valid problem in this type of situation she adding adding that question would be clear using Axel Art or using I imagine that there are some costs linked to the soap for the bridges to do all the transaction that goes behind when using this service AND You just pay the final amount. How much does it go up now, yes, of course, yes, its good. In the end, the gas will not be the same, no, because the gas does not depend on those, in the end what will depend the gas is the call you want to make and well basically that Axel In that sense no he is not going to give it to you no in the end they charge you somehow So that was what I was referring to Ah Yes yes without a doubt without a doubt in the end because lets say they are not doing charity no in the end they need to charge for that because someone is paying them if it is true that if you are going from ethereum to mundi the cost that they are going to charge you is much less than going from ethereum because remember that the one that executes is in the destination chain, so executing in a spurt is very expensive. They are charging you for the execution, its very good because its so cheap that they dont give it away, so they do nt charge it in that sense. Exactly, but its a very good question and what do I recommend that you see what benefits each of these protocols has and thats it when the csip becomes official How are they going to deal with this because any intercom protocol has that problem Even the one with polka or polka or xcm us For example when someone wants to send a touch of hydra or equilibrium that we charge In that touch in which that call is being sent, that call is valid And it was sent to the treasury of the chain, which is controlled by democracy. but a very good question Lucas, ok, Ill continue if there arent any other questions. So, how does a Tab work, not a decentralized application? The basic components of a decentralized application; ok or you want to interact with the application or you want to read information in the application not on the web page So when you click a button if you want to interact with the application lets say the application code will send a transaction through your wallet So in that case the wallet is working as the intermediary between the user and the blog okay And it is an intermediary that allows you to write information to the blockchain but also allows you to read information from the Blog okay And thats why this arrow is in both directions then What the wallet does now is send the transaction to the blockchain and it is processed, executed, etc. There are other types of providers that, since they do not have an associated private key, are not a wallet, they only allow you to read information from the blockchain, which are the ones I have here. below then you can also connect to a blockchain to read information without having to have a wallet but as you can see in that sense the arrows go in only one direction you can only read information from the blockchain that provider can only provide that information to the code of the application and the application can only display it through the frontend Ok so it is important that you understand that there are these two components ok the component that allows you to write and read blogging information and the component that only allows you to read Blog information ok in is very common in ethereum development codes that you when it is a smart contract if you of smart contract when you execute it with the code you associate a wallet with it you will be able to write information in that smart contract and read information from that smart contract But if you associate it with a read-only provider, you will only be able to read information from that smart contract and we will see all this step by step in the workshop that comes with it. If you have any questions, you can ask. Ok, so how is the basic structure of a blogging in a single block No, here we are not talking about connected contracts because it would already be much more complex Well, a user connects the wallet connects with his wallet to blogging this will allow the user to interact as I said in a way reading and writing with that explanation if the application is read-only, it is still a decentralized application because because it is web 3, lets say it does not have a wallet, but if it is necessary a provider that allows you to connect with the blog So if the The user is going to interact with the application, a transaction is presented to him on the screen, this user signs the Blog node with his wallet without receiving it and by including a block, the frontend or the graphical interface will be updated no matter what. Either it happened, no, so think about all these steps that I mentioned in these boxes and in these here when you see the code that we are going to present it next, because when I was learning all this it was like a click when I understood this part. that there are components that allow you to write and read and in components that only allow you to read information Okay, so for todays example I made a fairly simple application that has four examples that increase in complexity, you can see them in this kit of up that is here is public you can clone it and you can play with this application to modify so what I did today was I have it here we are going to go here to the code and we are going to see little by little what each of these applications does no these applications were built with react which is good a component to make web interfaces quite famous I am using next next which is a component to do renderings on the server side okay That means that the render is not done in the browser that I I have open but a server that is later presented in the explorer and I personally saw that I really like to use semantic which is like to make prettier little buttons, more prepared graphical interfaces, but notice how simple this application is, it is an application that is not connected to the boxing is worth nothing basically what you have This is the part of the application as such there are two buttons one called increase and another called reset this button increases when you press the which this is what this component does here the increment function is called and when this other button is clicked the reset function is called ok Its that simple What these functions do well we have a state variable called number or name and a function to set this number called set number and the variable initially has a value of zero when I call the increment function what were doing here and this function doesnt even have to be easing By the way I just realized here what were doing is increasing the value of this variable times one ok And if we call the reset function this function of the reset button what it does is set the variable to zero it is very simple This application is not going to solve any problem in the world I hope I hope so with this application but it is simply to show some very basic components an application that does not connect to the blockchain Ok so here and what you have to do to run the application is change the name of the example you want to Index dot js we run the application with ya in Def and what this is going to do is run it a local server okay the local server is located at zero zero zero zero three thousand which is the one I have open here okay Im going to refresh this tab so we can make sure were loading the application Im showing the application, its not pretty, its just functional So that you can see it as a super basic web application, even compiling the server Okay, and heres the application, okay, its just here we are deploying Ah I forgot to show it, we do it here were showing the variable number and here i have my two buttons just below it ok and we have a button that increases the variable and a button that resets it that s all we have two buttons we interact we can increase it we can reset it and here we have our first application that is not there connected with the wildcard blockchain ok Ok the second thing I wanted to show you is a super simple smart contract is basically what we are going to replace to save that little number that we have saved There we are going to do it in a blockchain Sorry in a smart contract that I already deployed in our test network called Alpha world here is the variable which is the number we have a function called increment which basically increments the value of the number by one and we have a function called reset which makes that number be zero note that we are replacing this variable that was previously saved on the server by a variable that is saved on the blockchain which is the beauty of web 3 no so how can we do here all we are going to do is show it on the second example How can we read this value from the Blog, it is worth noting that many components that change in this application and many components that are the same So we are going to go at least for the components that are the same we have again a state variable called name and we have a function to configure the value of that state variable called set number ok we have the same application below as before where we are displaying we are showing this variable called number but now note that I removed the buttons to make it simple but now we have that this variable number is not defined anywhere but we are going to read we are going to read basically that is the value of this variable of the block and how to do this well we have the address of the smart contract that I deployed in the network Moon test And we have what is called the Abi of the contract or the abib of the contract, basically it is a list where they tell me the functions that the contract has and what inputs those functions need, what outputs or what values they return So its like basically a summary that it allows me that it allows applications like in this case I am using easers which is the application that I personally like best to understand what functions the contract has available in this case what I did was the smart contract that I showed you I deleted all the functions and I only left the one that interests me, which is the one that allows me to read the value of the number that I have saved in the blockchain Ok so what do we do? Lets create a test provider here, notice that I am not passing at no time a wallet that remember what I told you the wallet is what allows you to write information in the blockchain here the only thing we are looking for is to read information from the blockchain so here what we do through ikers is to create a provider is read only okay And here we create an instance of our smart contract okay passing the address passing the interface the list of functions that our contract has and in this case I am passing a read-only provider test which means that there is this contact that I have created here it only allows me to read information from the block, okay I cant modify that number variable, that is, I cant call the increment function or the reset function because that changes the variable that is in the blockchain, in this case nothing else I can use this function that is generated for me because I have the public variable called number to get the value of the world so if we already understood this part and there is no question how do we get the value of the number well I grab my interface my contract that we have here which is a contract that has the number function that is read-only and I simply say Well, look, I am going to make a website because it is an asynchronous process in which I make my request and I have to wait for the answer to arrive, okay, I make my request the variable number and I save it in a variable that I want and then I use my function that it creates here above This is something typical of react to put the ball okay And then there is this function called get value I am going to call it inside this function called Us effect that makes when the page loads it is the first thing that will be rendered Okay so I recommend that you use these exercises to go as it says if you dont know about react you dont know this you can become familiar by understanding what happens with the Us effect function that happens with these values ​​ you can try playing with that kind of thing now what Im going to do is Im going to return this variable here Im going to put it as example one and now Im going to render the example two which is The one that I just showed you is okay, remember that what is going to happen when this renders is that this function is going to run, this function is going to call this other function, and what this other function is going to do is grab my read-only instance from my contract its going to call the function number and its going to get this number here okay So if we go here my example were going to refresh and its going to have a super simple application that doesnt do anything but just shows me the number that s stored in My smart contract is okay. Its that simple. We are going to go one more step one more step in this example and we are going to go to example number three in which now the only thing that this application is going to do is nothing more than connect with meta, its better. So if you want to read the code in detail, you dont have it in the github repository but basically what we are using is an additional library given by metamas that allows me to detect the provider that we are using from web 3 that we are using from ethereum that we are using and here we are making sure that it is meta, it is better here I leave you a little comments if you want to see what each line does here basically we connect with the meta rather than ask him to give us the shein ID of Network we see if that chane ID is from the moombing test network called moonves Alfa ok we get the meta accounts plus that are in meta plus and basically we are going to put them on the screen dont think that down here The only thing Im doing is showing in the application in the account and the Network to which we are connected, what is it that we configure here, no, and we have this as a goal, more as such, it is once again a very simple application, but it takes one more step to what web three is. We are not already interacting with a wallet, but again, not there is nothing complex it is all quite simple So now we are going to return to this example two and we are going to now use example three ok we are going to go here we are going to refresh and now we have an application that notice that it is waking me up meta more almost here Saying hello, do you want to connect meta more to this application, I am going to say yes, I want to connect and when I connect, notice that I get the address, my wallet account and the Network to which I am connected, and notice that this is completely true or that is what has a goal here I dont know if I got to see it but Alices account expand this and zoom in okay Alices account is 442 and here it is 442 and the Network to which we are connected is very Samsung okay Ok Lets continue advancing a little more again and now we go to the last example before going to the chenning application that I have initially promised, which is where we put a little bit of everything, not everything, that we have learned in the previous examples in the one in the two in the three and now in the four note that you are going to see many things that are similar to those of before, the function to obtain the value of the blockchain is enough, there is the function to review the meta more than now I am calling it here in the Us effect I have here the variable for the Network the variable for the account the address and the variable for the number that we had before I dont have here the provider for reading my contract that we had seen before I have the address of the contract and now What is certain is that now I have the Avi of the entire contract No, here I have all the functions that exist in the contract and why do I need all of them because Well now we are going to call the increment function of the contract and we are going to call the reset function of the contract, that is, I need the the list of functions is complete if you want to know how to get this list Well its very easy you can take this contract go to remix and compile it and there the Api will come out its really quite simple and there is a lot of information on the internet that shows how to do it the same so here you have it if you want to try then again we are going to pretend to recap recap we do not have here an application that will show the account that we are connected to the Network that we are connected to the value of the number that is currently in the blockchain and two buttons one that calls the increment function and one that calls the reset function, just like before the web application two, but not now. The only thing is that if we go to the increment function, there is something that has changed, not because now that we have to do it, we have to create a version of our contract is worth creating in this line but now that it has as a provider, see what you get if you remember up here in this in this argument we passed the read-only provider but now we are passing here to the contract when we created the contract to the version the instance of the contract we pass to the Vale wallet and which is it we create it in this way So now the contract has a provider that is read and write, that is, it can send transactions to the blockchain as such then with this instance of the contract that is also writing we can call the increment function to increase the value of the number ok And here below we do the same and call the reset function to reset the value of the number and notice that this number is again saved in the blockchain not AND thats the only thing that changes in this app we just make a read write version of the contract Okay using the wallet And with that read write version we can call the write functions not that modify the state of the contract So lets do Oops I have to here change this as and now we are going to put this as index think that at no time here we mentioned look it was a quite generic works of how to build applications What is true is that well this smart contract is deployed to Moon no in the end it is not a very complex smart contract, but that is, we can go to the munscan block explorer, which is the version of Easter scan in mundi, okay, and we can look for the address of the smart contract, which is this one here and you can see it I verified it so that it could be seen here This is the smart contract that we are using, which is the same one that I showed you, okay And we can see that the value of the smart contract number is currently one, okay And it is the same as what the super application shows What we built is that we are connected to this account Ah look no this is the wrong one Javier because munscan which is fine it will take you to mundi but this is the one from Moon beige which is the test network notice that we have our application which shows the value of the account the name of the Network the current value of the number and we can here Call the when embedding the increase button and this what it will do is display meta better and meta more we sign the action okay And then here What is happening we are entering this function that is going to set the variable number as increment and that is why this value of incrementing appears here Ok then we create our instance we create our contract read write instance and call the function of increment is worth And once this transaction occurs we are going to call the get value function that get value It is the one that obtained through the reading method the value of our of our number and put it in the variable Okay then notice that the transaction occurred we can even see it here in the browser a transaction that occurred 3 seconds ago okay And now our little number is number two okay again If I see it here reset notice that you signed the goal transaction plus all this is the Lets go to the reset function We have here that we put that the number right now is no longer a number but we put risetting we do the read write version of the contract we call the reset function We wait for this transaction to be executed and then we call the function that updates the value in screen Okay so we are going to wait for this transaction to be executed and now as you can see the value of the number is zero And if we go to the block explorer we have a transaction 29 minutes ago that was the reset method Okay then well all this all this the The idea was to take it to this last point, which is a slightly more complex application because it has a lot more components but which is cheng and for that we can quickly remember these two checking models as well, lets see, I dont know if there is a much more advanced model but how these changling models work one is an asynchronous model in which a consumer a user lets say make a call in the case of salfa from the test network the payment in the currency of the link that is set to zero is free then basically through a smart contract you make a call to the link coin this coin makes a call to the oracle contract and then there is an Ocean worker or an oracle that sees that request okay Look up the prices of all that and basically a through another call to the smart contract this call will write the requested price in the in the shein client smart contract ok This is an older model that was offered is called brm because it is basic request model ok And it is asynchronous because there is a request and a write then its okay then there is the one that is best known here for the final consumer user, which are the famous pricefits, which is a continuous reading of data okay, that is, there is a consumer contract that through a Proxy contract reads a a price aggregation contract Vale and continuously there are some option workers some oracles of no two oracles that in the case of Alfa are going to write the prices the prices They are reviewed every minute and a new value is written in the contract every hour or if there is a deviation of one hundred Ok then on the one hand there is a worker lets say continuously overwriting the prices and on the other hand there is a consumer in the case it can be a graphical interface that is continuously reading the contracts the prices that this worker writes are not in smart contracts think what does this mean not in this model in the brm model you have to have a reading instance of the smart contract because you need to make the request and the return in this case the consumer the person who is the application the web application only has to have a reading instance because it is reading only the final smart contract So you dont need to have a connected wallet And thats what were going to see in this last application that I brought you today, which is a link in our moonves test network and So that you can see what Im mentioning, Im going to disconnect my wallet from the application. Look, I dont have any wallet connected to the web application. Ok, and Im sharing the application here in the chat. the application is able to give me the pricefits Why Because again not he is read only I do not need to have any wallet no private key I can only read the blogging for free and I can present the information that what you have in the next notice here are all these There are some that are out of date we would have to see why this was a check link app that we did a long time ago as a demo that worked in a beep before the official one was released but as you can see all this exists Not all of this exists, they are prices, there are some prices that are being updated, for example, a price that was updated yesterday at four in the afternoon and things like that, they are still fully updated, but well, if I look, here is the model The brm model that I showed you before is asking me to connect the wallet that I connect to the wallet. Why? Because I need the write-read version of the smart contract, so if I connect my wallet, the application is able to detect that I connected my wallet and Here below I opened the window of the Quest model where right now it will tell me the last price that was in the prm smart contract and I can ask for a new price, make sure that this price is there, here we are already at 17 if these prices are updated They are the ones that I am a day before I can go and tell them Look, give me the price of the bitcoin, the last price that is saved, I think it is the deum, I do the meta transaction, it should open more, I dont know whats wrong, metamas that is not opening meta anymore being a meta, it will refresh the page to see what is happening Alberto also affects the internet connection not for this type of calls to So fast well that is, the internet connection depends on basically what it will affect is that your transaction arrives from your local environment to the node from the blockchain provider that connects, not once it is already in that provider, the network internally does its thing, it is not worth it, so note that I am here for those who want to see Javier is sending us in the chat The links of the pages where you are in case someone wants to review it, correct yes And here note that I already sent my transaction here I see my transaction in the mumbi explorer ok Me here Well Im waiting for these transactions to be processed which is usually take 12 seconds 14 seconds depending on a test network So sometimes they are doing things that make it a little less stable and once this transaction has been processed the process takes about two minutes Not the same due to time issues I am not going to extend much but here it is below All the code that is displayed is the source is open it is openers will pass the github link here also so that you can see it This application is not that I am super proud of it because well I know It was done a long time ago, but eh, I think it can be useful. Yes, if you are interested in programming applications, its good that you make them do a little more than a little button, no, so I recommend that you take a look at it and well, if you want to see a I have a little bit of the code open here due to time issues, it will not go into too much detail either, but note that on the main screen we have the same check meta function more than a previous set with slightly expanded functionality to take into account how much is change the account when the network is changed if you are in the goal, more if you change the network what the application does about it if you are in the application and you change your account what the application does about it ok the logic is a little more complicated because you have to conditionals and things like that, but in the end the principles are the same, okay, that is, the principles are the same if I am reading this, this is the the instance of the reading contract from the pricefits that we showed above, do you think that here I am creating my my my instance of the contract is fine, I am creating it with a provider that is read-only But if I am doing the part of brm in which I have to send a transaction, I do it with the part of the wallet, I am not doing my provider that is not read-only but reading and writing So at the end Although the application is a little more complex because it has more components, the basic principles remain the same, for example, in this function that we are seeing here, which is the function that obtains the prices of the contracts, I am creating my instance From the contract I am calling these functions They are functions that exist in the Chenning smart contract I am How do you say manipulating the Data to make it beautiful and I am saving it not at the end at the end the logic is very similar to the cases that I showed you previously And what I recommend if you are interested in starting to build with both schenling products and mumbing smart contract products that go like this, start progressively starting with basic applications, adding blockchain components that make it more complex and go little by little Lets say doing more and more complex things to see if Im lucky and the price below was updated, note that it was updated to 17, which is today at three in the morning, utc, which is correct, I think this is correct, it may be that it is This is incorrect, but well, thats not so important and the current price of Enriques then, well, I dont know if theres anything else left on my part, the only thing left here is to say goodbye, what I wanted to show you here is This this this this slide here you can get the QR code of these slides that I showed you They also have this URL of UPS let me do one thing let me copy and paste it in the chat in case you want to see the slides calmly you want to see the stew repositories that I showed you if you want to know about us in booming you can follow us on Twitter with the information that I left here the slides you can always contact me on Telegram at Alberto v19 on discord I am also very active if you have any questions about how to start building you are always welcome and well glad to be here Eduardo Javier Thanks for everything and I dont know if there are any questions or Eduardo, incredible Alberto and I think I still have a question basically and its there are a lot of people I know who are here or who or who get the information and and always Seek help they are open in a to contact you Hey I tried to do the exercise can you give me a hand yes Look look at us the truth is that more than anything on records because in telegram there are many users on discord it is more designed for developers we are We are very open to help answer if not its us Because we cant we re busy theres a community thats quite dynamic that we have a little while ago we have a person who was starting was starting to program in ethereum and and literally that person asked questions and other developers helped him and such And thats it is doing much more complex things so I invite you to join discord ask us on the channels we are willing to help you and well yes in the end the idea is that you want to build in mooming And in this case that they also use things from shein in what comes a question Alberto I leave here the QR code for the poaps for those who are with us they just have to scan the code they know with their cell phone camera and with that they will be able to clean the poap and incredible that they have to have this approach with the Alberto community so that it is the main thing not the approach with the development community developers and and I would like to know what paths they have had or what have been good experiences of people who have helped and start to develop with you, yes, as I told you, that is, he has many programs to develop ideas and for good, even right now if you are interested, the truth is that it could be a good time to share it, I had not thought about it, but the accelerator program is now, let me know look for it to share the link But look, if you have any ideas, you have a team and you dont know how to start, you can take advantage of the accelerator program, which is a program that is focused on accelerating the development process of an idea for an application and take it now a much more final product where you can also make contacts with bikes to find funding help, so there really is also a scholarship program if you want to build your world, we have our community of developers on discord, as I said before, they are very close to me to my to my in English Im sorry friendly thats what happens when you always talk a lot at work so look I mean disco The truth is that its a pretty happy and friendly community and if you have any help you can ask us there because thats where Its true that you can offer that support and that rapprochement with the incredible community. Alberto Another question, what does the future hold for mumbing? What are the next steps that will continue to innovate? From this, what follows but in the project I think the next thing is to look for applications that want to do the connected contracts part. We have seen some quite interesting applications right now, for example, down finance is coming with Prime protocol, which are two incredible applications, the truth is incredible. I think they even use link By the way or I do less one of them uses chainlin and and good to see more of this type of uses not of applications that are not designed to be living in a single blockchain but already natively they think of multiple blockchains no To give an example of the Prime protocol The idea of Prime, among others, is that you can, for example, deposit collateral in avalanch and mint dai in ethereum, no, and all of the smart contracts are mumbing, no, but the user has no idea, no You dont have to be thinking about these things, that is, simply with interactions in one blockchain, interactions in the other, if you can, you are able to do it, so we are pushing hard to have this type of integration that uses mooming as the center of its hop to interoperate not natively so that the user does not have that friction when doing it and that it is quite fluid as you said. The future is multichain and above all it is in the Back, it does not remain in the Back as you say The goal is that the user does nt even know about it and can navigate from blockchain to blockchain in a fairly simple way. I think that its a happy thing, that is, its good news for the user, bad news for the developer, not because it means that the Development is going to have to work a lot but well I do believe that the applications that manage to do that are the applications that are going to make them successful, not because they are applications that are going to allow the user I always say the example Not my mother or my father that is People who are not associated with the blockchain end up using it without knowing it. Incredible Alberto, thank you very much for joining us. I think the Shop is very interesting, very didactic and I think it is very easy for everyone. It is important to remind you that the links are in the chat of the likes you saw from Alberto and how to replicate this and well thank you very much Not even add something Alberto no No thanks to the invitation Enrique Javier all of Marks people greetings they are also all people I have met throughout this blockchain life and well Los I invite you again to join the communities that Javier was visiting. The links are always welcome in mumbing. Well, nothing. Thank you again for the invitation, thank you very much, and then from here on this side. Anything you need and the discord, which is as you said, not the world, the platform where we are all correct. Well, thank you very much, Alberto, nothing, happy afternoon and happy night, happy tomorrow to everyone who is out there in the world. Thank you anyway. A hug bye Aprenderemos a utilizar Chainlink en la red de Moonbeam en una dApp desplegada en la red.Será un lugar ideal para conectar y adquirir nuevos conocimientos. 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