will chainlink reach 1000Chainlink Will Snap To 40$ Because Of This - Whales Buying Chainlink, Chainlink News Now

Sanjay Bakshi - board_member @ Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Sanjay Bakshi is the Direct Privacy-Preserving Decentralized Edge; Principal Engineer at Intel. Sanjay Bakshi attended the National Institute of Technology Bitcoin Boğası Justin Sun, ETH lerini Binance ten Çekiyor! Tehlike Var Son paylaşılan bilgilere göre, Binance den Huobi borsasına 2.200 adet Ethereum ETH aktarımı yapan Sun ın, niçin böyle bir hamle yaptığı ise bilinmemekte. Şuan itibariyle bu ürünlerin değerinin ise 4,6 milyon dolar olduğu gözlenmekte. Bazı yatırımcılar Justin Sun ın ETH satışı yapacağını düşünse de, Sun will chainlink reach 1000 Chainlink Will Snap To 40$ Because Of This - Whales Buying Chainlink, Chainlink News Now
will chainlink reach 1000 The official website of Tourism Authority of... Chainlink Will Snap To 40$ Because Of This - Whales Buying Chainlink, Chainlink News Now
hey guys welcome back to another video on chain link daily today weve got a lot of news to cover weve got this large dip and ill explain during this video why this is actually a very bullish daily candle okay and well see a correlation between almost all the cryptocurrencies okay its a very similar candle eath bitcoin even though bitcoins a bit red but look at this same candle okay and so what that means is really quickly and of course well go into much deeper analysis in a second is that here were a lot of buyers okay a lot of buyers and you can actually also say that there was a lot of price manipulation you know like a lot of algo trading um pushing the price down then a lot of um you know sell stop sell stop sell but here a lot of buyers were waiting okay in each one of the cryptocurrencies and we also say that we also said that in the previous videos were going in the 20-day moving average how the price tends to correlate with the 20-day moving average and close the gaps between them okay we saw something similar here okay so these dips and and just the price how it moves with the 20 moving when theres a large gap between the current price and the 20 day moving average it tends to uh close this gap but here again very very bullish well talk about that in a second you can see how its similar this is cardano how there were buyers waiting to buy the dip which is very very bush well talk about that in a second were going to start with the second giveaway that i did for the other channels xlm and ada and the two winners were mentors sc and tara section if i remember correct yeah tara section now if you want to participate in the next giveaway which im doing it to all the different channels what you need to do is simply be following our instagram page okay so what im going to do is im going to do it much simpler without twitter and some other things im giving away 250 dollars worth of crypto of your choice to three people that are following our instagram page so thats what you need to do just follow the instagram page the link is in the description of this video and any other video theres going to be three winners theres going to be uh announced on february 25th on instagram so make sure to check that out and 250 worth of any crypto that you want if you want bitcoin ada chain link i mean eth anything thats the giveaway just make sure to follow us on instagram on the 25th i will announce the winner so were going to talk about the charts in just a second i first want to go over this article right here which is by lorenzo strobe from fx street he talks about the fact that chain link is basically ready to jump to 40 with no significant barriers ahead okay uh he talks about what were going to talk about in a second chain link price had a massive selloff in the past 24 hours hitting 27.5 which is actually a massive self we saw it in all the cryptocurrencies i mean eth went all the way down to a thousand six hundred and sixty-five okay thats a huge move from its top which is around one thousand eight hundred and seventy thats a 12 move in two and a half days and just this day it was around a 10 move okay in one day and so thats very significant but again i mean the amount of buyers that were here to push the price up and now its in the green again very very very bullish okay and i mean can it reach 40 in the next few days i think so i said in previous videos i think chain link is undervalued and it can reach uh four dollars which is you know a significant increase its almost a twenty percent uh move but i do see it reaching it in the next few i dont know when no one knows but uh it could happen very very soon okay so linkables bought the dip pushing the digital asset by 24 within a few hours which is incredible okay large wills have bought a lot of chain link coins in the past week chain link price another massive rally in just three days jumping by 33 percent and reaching a new all-time high of 35.7 on february 15th the digital asset suffered a massive sell-off dropping by 20 but the bulls bought the dip and let me know in the comments by the way if you also bought this dip okay or if you if you sold any of your links chain link price looks bullish as well as continue to accumulate number of whales with 1 million to 10 million link coins to 34 million dollars to 340 million dollars has increased significantly by three in the past week okay so three times more wales with a million to ten million links coins uh which is incredible okay just in the past week indicating that large holders believe chain link price can surge even higher thats why we started talking about some sort of price manipulation where we see a lot of this happening in the crypto space we dont tend to see it too much in very large stocks such as apple facebook google microsoft um sometimes in tesla we do but for example in crypto what happens is um large institutions start selling okay so they start selling and they know that here and here and here theres a lot of sell orders like a sell stop if it reaches this point automatically sell and thats why like sell sell sell sell sell and theyre waiting over here if it does reach for example 28 dollars which it did to buy okay it even reached um it was very close to 27 people institutions and banks especially like round numbers but a bit over started buying buying buying pushing the price again back up and then the people that sold here theyre like wait a second whats going on and then he started buying again pushing the price to where it is currently and again in my opinion were going to continue to rise we might see a few more red candles along the way but this move right here very very bullish okay the fact that theres a lot of people buying the dips and also uh seeing that theres a lot of new wills okay because this is smart money you need to understand okay this is not the retail investor who doesnt know anything about chain link and just puts his money these are very very very smart individuals if you have 34 million dollars okay you probably know a thing or two about investing im not saying about people who inherited money and just uh throw it because most of them just you know were not talking about them but were talking about very very smart individuals or institutions of course uh they have a lot of money they know what theyre doing they have a lot of analysts probably a lot of mathematicians and theyre looking at chain link theyre saying okay chain link is currently undervalued this is the potential that it can reach and lets just buy so thats why its very very bullish to see such a move like this so talk about fibonacci a little bit all right so thats thats the two main things that i wanted to go over in this article the fact that a lot of new whales with 1 million to 10 million link coins and the fact that you know there isnt any significant barriers to 40 dollars and let me know again in the comment if you bought the dip now regarding the other cryptocurrencies okay if youre holding ethereum bitcoin you can see the same thing see the same exact thing so and this move for eth i mean thats a huge move okay to go that much down in one day and uh again here there was sell stops okay people started selling sell sell sell stop sell stop sell up here buyers waiting okay buyers waiting pushing back the price more and more people now are buying making it green and each is around 1000 its at 1820 it was at an all-time high just two days ago 1873. and if we go on the one-hour trip were only one hour chart on chain link as well lets clean this up we see how it over here starting okay on the all-time high it started having a gap between the 20-day moving average closed it okay continued this consolidation and then here was the sell-off but here again here were the buyers waiting just waiting but push the price back up and we can we can see that the uptrend from here the buy pressure is continuing which is very very bullish what do i think will happen with ethereum i think the same thing with the link i think the bull run on the cryptocurrencies is going to continue okay after seeing this if we saw like a lot of red candles a lot of elephant red candle which is like these ones okay three percent in one hour and if we saw more and more we didnt see this over here then yeah we could have said that we might start seeing more and more uh selling going on but currently you know and and this level right now is very important because of course we can either do some sort of consolidation here around the 1 800 to 1 840 level i think theres enough buyers under 8 000 1 800 sorry for eth to continue push the 8th price high and higher and regarding link i think as well i think i mean all-time high is very very close and i think theres a lot of people even if it does dip back again and kind of try to close the gap with the 20-day moving average i think theres going to be a lot of buyers as well here here here okay during all this period to push at the end of the link links price up now does that mean that were not going to see any more red candle of course we can see more red candles but as long-term investors whats important to see is this right here okay these buyers pushing very very fast the price back up and the 20-day moving average continuing to rise with the price so thats what you want to see you want to see the the price continue also the 20-day moving average continuing to rise like this so the gaps will be smaller okay so higher lows and higher highs pushing the price uh high of course its not going to be thats fast okay i always my drawing is the worst but you get the point okay so thats why it looks very very bullish and let me know again in the comments when did you buy link some commented in the previous video that they bought when it was seven dollars ten dollars eleven dollars which is amazing let me know when you bought when you got in let me know what do you think is going to happen with link and whats your sell strategy its very interesting to see what other people are doing and make sure again if youre interested to participate in our third giveaway all you need to do is follow us on instagram the link is in the description you also have other channels to um subscribe to if youre interested to have interest uh instagram twitter crypto daily podcast xlm stellar cardano ethereum bitcoin polka dot and of course chain link which is us and make sure to subscribe to this channel if youre interested in anything that has to do with chain link my name is nate i love you all and ill see you in the next video ️ Follow Me On Instagram, Twitter & Other Crypto YouTube Channels Here - Subscribe to the channel for daily news on XLM Stellar Like This Video if Ive earned it Welcome to Chainlink Daily. 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