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what is up fam so in todays video i want to talk about chain link chain link price prediction were also going to be having a look at bitcoin i think that this coin will absolutely moon in 2024 2025 after this beer market ends very very cheap and the reason why im coming back to chain link i used to be a big channeling fan fan but i stopped stopped talking about it and the reason why that is because it was overvalued and of course i didnt want to give you guys some overvalued coins that was all-time high but we are ranked 22 and the mark caps under 3 billion dollars guys we have 970 000 people so almost 1 million people looking and traded under 7 which is a fantastic price now i dont think that this bull market is over so were going to be having a look at bitcoin and then a chain-link technical analysis but i really dont think that the bull markets over so lets have a look right here at bitcoin and see whats up see what we can do now the reason why i dont think the bull market is over is because i just think that theres so much negative news out there on the macro economically and everything you know recession uh gdp and whatnot so i dont i personally dont think that the it is over but lets have a look at bitcoin real quick and see where the relief bounce can go can can bitcoin potentially come back to as high as eight twenty eight thousand dollars before coming back up can we potentially see something like this okay now i said that bitcoin in july was gonna rally for maybe three four weeks and then come back down so can we see four weeks come back up and then before coming back down is very possible now the reason why i say this guys we could see a dead cat bounce like we saw right here okay now we know the elite wave consists of five waves okay so this is the first wave second wave we know the third wave is the biggest in percentage okay so can we have a fourth wave coming up right here before coming back down ultimately at twelve thousand dollars which we could potentially bottom out which would be approximately right here around this region around this region sorry twelve thousand thirteen thousand dollars very very possible now the reason why i say that we will rally guys not financial advice its very possible that things can dump now the reason why im saying this is because guys look at the rsi right here look where were sitting were sitting on i dont want to say all-time low but were sitting at a pretty low area okay were sitting at a level at um you know under 30. now we know anything thats under 30 investors are going to be looking to buy anything thats below i mean above uh 70 investors are going to be looking to sell so right here as you guys can see we were above 70 right here boom we sold 70 we had another cell pressure now another interesting thing is we were in a bearish divergence were making a higher high right here higher low on rsi if this rsi right here was higher things would have been different in my honest opinion regardless whats happening with the economy regardless because i believe in technical analysis a lot but this is the elliott wave pattern i believe that we will come up maybe we will maybe well go sideways and then go back up but i believe that we will retest this region right here anywhere between 28 000 to 32 000 i really really think not financial advice guys once again but i think that its possible if it doesnt happen then we could see a nice little move um you know to 21 22 000 i dont think and maybe 24 000 before coming back down but were gonna have to see right now on the rsi we are oversold on the daily time frame it seems like we are making some nice little moves to the top as you guys can see um higher lows right here so it looks like this could be a new trend line um it seems like bitcoin is uh getting ready to move towards uh you know towards the low 50s right here on the rsi yes that means right here maybe coming back to 22 000 like i mentioned on the weekly time frame on the four hour it seems like we should be over so overbought right here no not yet we are not yet overbought um but we did hit resistance right here as you guys can see another thing is that we did break on the exponential moving average we did break the oh no we did not break so we broke it right here but we didnt close below so thats interesting on the one hour time frame having a look at the rsi i just want to look at all the time frames so right here as you guys can see we were overbought guys we had a nice little rejection um it seems like we have a nice little mini bearish divergence right here boom boom this is a hidden bearish diversion guys so its very very possible that bitcoin comes back down and re-test this region maybe below 20 thousand dollars once again we also have a nice little double top right here and double top are very accurate and bear markets double bottom are are going to be more accurate in bull markets but thats that guys nothing too much you see over here i mean if i have a look at the rsi right here i mean the exponential moving average its very possible that we could come back up right here and retest the 21 280. im gonna get to chain link in just a moment but right here ever since we broke down on the 7th of april guys this has been essentially holding us as a resistance we had a dump right here consolidation dump consolidation dump consolidation consolidation so its very possible that bitcoin comes across this region right here 21 22 like i mentioned 22 000 before dumping very very aggressively once again um so its going to be very very interesting right now i am just honestly im accumulating i will short here and there i wont be logging so even though i think that bitcoin could come to as high as 20 000 or 24 000 im not going to be longing in this market i think its way you know safer of course nothing is safe but its safer too short in my opinion than too long but of course guys its up to you im not a financial advisor if you guys want us if you want you guys want to go ahead and log its up to you if you guys want to go ahead and short its up to you guys as well chain link chain link we know that chain link right here on the daily time frame we are below a pretty pretty important resistance level at 12 and 76 cents okay right now the same thing like bitcoin were consolidating were consolidating nothing too much right here weve been consolidating since i believe yeah since the 11th of may so guys weve been consolidating on um on chain link for quite some time actually but if i have a look at the rsi right here and pull it up we are sitting at an all-time low of course this is the binance chart future so im i dont i actually dont have the all-time uh the all-time chain-link data but i think i probably should pull it up because its probably more important for you guys but um lets have a look at chain link us et real quick so this is chain link usdt as you guys can see now i had i had a few levels for me in this bear market that i will be accumulating okay yes i started accumulating once we fell below nine ten dollars okay my number one level is 4.2 okay 4.2 why am i saying this well we have this area right here sitting at um 4.2 the second area would be the bottom of the support line okay so this was a resistance right here that flipped support now we have a support right here if you go below that thats going to flip to resistance so its going to be very very tough to break these levels in the future and then my last and not least would essentially be 78 cents i dont think were gonna reach that low guys i think the bottom of chain link should be around uh this region right here anywhere between four dollars and one dollar and sixty six cents now my accumulation region would definitely be around here for chain link theres no question whatsoever our size low i dont know how low were going to keep dim dumping on the monthly or low guys were pretty low on the monthly work were hitting an all-time low okay chain link has been around since 2017. right here so were hitting a pretty pretty crazy all-time low right here on chain like if i have a look on the daily timeframe it seems like we took a nice little swing to the upside we could be potentially uh forming a nice hidden bearish bullish divergence right here as you guys can see uh chart decreasing rsi increasing yes thats bullish we could have a freaking flying rocket soon maybe to 12 if bitcoin does end up going to these levels but its gonna be very very interesting to see how these levels and um yeah how channeling reacts to bitcoin pumping or dumping but uh that being said we do have support right here as we know the trend is your friend theres no question guys lets have a look at the shorter timeframe because shorter timeframe doesnt matter and this time it seems like chain link is getting ready for reversal or we are starting to reverse right here as you guys can see on the one hour time frame but were gonna have to see my price prediction for chain link guys in 2020 uh for 2025 is crazy okay my price prediction should be around anywhere between 300 400 450 now assuming you buy chain link lets say you average it down at 2.7 which is in between this area i think not financial advice but maximum you you you buy a thousand dollars here lets do the calculator for you guys right here lets say you buy a thousand four hundred dollars um of chain link right now at four point two when it goes to four point two i think were going to reach thats 333 chain links okay now if you do that that times 450 which i really think it will go guys thats 150 000 this is why people say you will you know people who accumulate in bear markets get rich not people who accumulate in bull market so assuming this goes to 450 right here thats 11 000 that is crazy and i and im not even saying that the juicy part if we do and you do end up accumulating at 2.8 okay so assuming you put 1 400 and chain link in my opinion is here to stay chain link is one of these coins you know its like kadena like you know chain link kadena ethereum dot bnb you know these coins in my opinion are here to stay but look at that guys width 1400 at 2.7 you get 500 chain links now assuming you do that right here times okay 450 guys that is 225 000 i dont know where you guys are in the world in america this potentially could be life-changing money now assuming you do that every month guys you accumulate kadena you communicate chain link every month you accumulate 500 500 500 okay this time is the best time to essentially work accumulate work accumulate work accumulate work accumulate work accumulate theres nothing else to do in this bear market youre not gonna most of the time youre not gonna be successful trading um and swinging with 20 to 30 x leverage especially if you long in this bear market most of my longs have been failing actually something thats something that i want to say i i took 10 trades my 10 trades were 80 were shorts seven of them i won and the longs i had like two longs and both of these longs were very very bad losses so i wouldnt recommend longing in this bear market in my opinion i would you know recommend accumulating putting that in a ledger you could put chain link in the ledger stuff it put kadena on your kdx wallet close it put on a ledger close it throw it in the ocean um get a new one in two years but guys i wouldnt recommend really you know trading and uh gambling right now its not a good time right now its the time to accumulate a little by little and thats about it if you guys like this video on chain link of course dont forget to leave a like comment subscribe and i will see you guys in my next video peace How high will Chainlink go in 2024? ️CRYPTOCOM sign up for and we both get $25 USD : ️Binance link: ️ Twitter: ️TradingView: ️Travala: Earn $25 ️CRYPTOCOM sign up for and we both get $25 USD : ChainLINK LINK CRYPTO chainlink,chainlink link,chainlink crypto,chainlink prices,chainlink 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