Ripple-Klage: Aktuelle Entwicklungen könnten erhebliche Apr 10, · Die Klage der SEC gegen Ripple wartet noch auf ein Urteil des Gerichts. Jüngste Entwicklungen deuten darauf hin, dass der Fall eine neue Wendung nehmen könnte, die sich erheblich auf das endgültige Urteil auswirken könnte. Open Positions in Ether ‘Calls’ Hits 1 Million Mark as Nov 9, · How Ethereum s evolution impacts crypto markets. Crypto for Advisors What financial advisors need to know about crypto. By signing up, you will receive emails about CoinDesk products and you better than chainlink CHAINLINK VS. ETHEREUM - THE TIDES ARE TURNING FOR LINK!!!
better than chainlink New EVGA firmware boosts Ethereum mining on GeForce RTX... CHAINLINK VS. ETHEREUM - THE TIDES ARE TURNING FOR LINK!!!
hey everyone welcome back to five day crypto my name is chase today is thursday april 29th of 2021 and today were going to talk about chain link link versus ethereum what were looking at now were going to look at link versus bitcoin and also link versus the us dollar key chart jumping right into it on the weekly on the weekly going back to 2019 we are rapidly approaching key support heres the bottom back here heres another bottom when you have two bottoms thats called a double bottom double bottom is a great sign for a move back up and anytime you can have a support line going back years on a weekly time for your weekly time frame uh youre going to uh more than likely much more than likely going to hold that as support and with our double bottom a lot of our signals looking like this trading pair is a little bit exhausted and due for a move back the other way so uh if the end is not today i would or this week its rapidly approaching so you can look if we lose zoom in here you can see we got a wick just under this but we closed right here and then nice shoot up so far we havent quite touched it so maybe we have a little bit more to go over this the rest of this week maybe even next week but in my opinion the end is near for the link east valuation to be this low and i would look for link to really start making gains on ethereum now that doesnt mean that ethereum is going to start losing value or go down in price or anything like that it just means that link will start to out pre outperform ethereum in the coming days weeks months once we start moving back up this was a 46 percent move up to the upside in one week against ethereum back in here so our first sign just letting you know that how fast that can move and i would anticipate something like this whenever we do start decide to start moving back up but our first resistance line will be the 21 week ema which weve been below since we since look going back we first broke through it back in september so once we get back above this and hold it as support like we are doing with bitcoin the link bitcoin valuation right now look at this weve broken back through our 21 week ema line we come back down weve held our support so far this is our second week if we close above our 21 week ema this week yeah were doing great this is great to start moving back the other direction and hopefully this summer time the next few months link pulls another one of these against bitcoin maybe against uh ethereum as well and we really start to really see some serious gains out of chain link going towards the us dollar you can see were already pretty bullish against usd were con continuing our move up 36.50 currently this week were this is our 21 week ema on the us dollar and you can see its almost at 27 now so if we move down unlikely that we break below this maybe with a wick but in a bull market a candle closing below your 21 week is not likely going to our daily lets look at the daily broke back through it again so far were showing nice respect to our 21 day this is now the 21 day moving average because youre on a daily time frame it changes if youre looking at a chart thatll be your 21 hour line if that makes sense so your green candles your prices are closing on top your red is on the bottom so weve only had wicks touching our 21 day if we close up here again thats an even more positive sign all these positive signs start to align and youre getting clearer and clearer signals that link is ready for another move up this is a weekly log scale of link us dollar so this is going back years right look at look at the move of this this is probably the most bullish chart the most bullish looking chart in all of crypto i would bet you could not find a chart going back two years that looks more bullish than that not likely if you got one show to me above our 21 week for pretty much though its whole life is spent above the 21 week a few drops here drop here but for the most part theres not many coins if any that have spent this much time above its 21 week moving average uh consecutively so fantastic sign out of link on a log scale for years just nothing but up fantastic bullish unlink obviously so if you if you resonate with that follow us like us subscribe follow us on twitter telegram patreon everythings linked in the description below happy to have you happy to have questions lets jump to our car of the day ford gt the new one nice orange orange color its like a orange pearl doesnt really show up in the camera but its pretty sweet very nice in our quote of the day thanks guys for staying around this long if you did appreciate it thumbs up to you and to me if you want to leave it dont thanks so much ill see on the next one happy thursday Today we look at Chainlink vs Ethereum ETH , Bitcoin BTC , and against the BRRRR USD. 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