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lets just say you werent able to buy any chain link before the price went to 24 per token what other alternatives do you have so today i want to talk to you about band protocol so bam protocol is a cryptocurrency that describes itself as a cross-chain data oracle platform that aggregates and connects real-world data and apis to smart contracts band allows blockchains to access data such as stock prices and weather that are available via api currently the price per token for buying protocol is nine dollars eight cents the market cap is 186 million and the circulator supply is 20.5 million one thing i do like about band protocols is that they have a very small tokens in circulation and what that tells me is that during this bull market run a little bit of investment into band protocol can shoot up the price per token so in terms of price per token ban protocol can outperform chain link but in terms of market cap chain link will definitely outperform band protocol so is banned protocol a good investment of course because um i consider them a competitor to chin link and i believe that theyre going to be eating into a lot of the market share you know for channeling so if youre looking for a substitute for chin link i think band protocol will be the way to go with the fact that they have a small amount of tokens and circulations which is 20.5 million as compared to chin link and um they are priced right now but token is currently nine dollars eight cents so what do you think do you think ban protocol is a good investment leave your comment in the comment section below and dont forget to subscribe to my channel hit the like button and also hit the bell notification button to get notified each time i post a new video with that being said its been a beautiful day outside im going out to take a walk im out