chainlink crypto newsChainlink vs API3 - Which Coin is the Best!?

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chainlink crypto news Bitcoin ATMs Illegal in the... Chainlink vs API3 - Which Coin is the Best!?
back to the charts of big boss crypto and Trey will go through Chain Link versus API 3 the so-called chain link killer and do a comparison between projects well go through an interesting with the thread about the API 3 is basically get to just about what its all about and then well do comparison between chain link and apad 3 when it comes to Partnerships and Integrations then well also look at high level people behind the different projects and also the main use cases and what makes chain link stick out compared to eps3 so we thought we would do lets look at the charts okay thats a shout out to this guy on Twitter called liquidatory for provided this interesting thread right here about API 3 and why its called the chain link killer so briefly go through this thread right here and as you can see first off both these projects tackle the so-called Oracle problem where blockchains cant pull in data from from or push data out to an external system and therefore they need oracles to connect data between the blockchain of change systems like for example with D5 and APA 3 State the goal is to allow decent transfers of apis to be built managed and monetized at scales and as blockchain technology placed on our bigger role in the comments becoming increasingly important for smart countries its probably reliable real world data which is super relevant as of today and of the issues that weve seen in the world today as well and the title this with their so-called dapis digitalized apis both basically providing and set up manager martial and that the governance is eternally simplest and opening into those technical sorry but participate in The Gardens of the problem directly and which is their way of tackling the Oracle problem okay interesting so first off if you look at Partnerships and Integrations comparison between the projects we can see that chain link far is far far ahead of API 3 when it comes to project Integrations with APA 3 on it being about 57 roughly and chain link being at over one thousand one thousand one 166 so I mean its the last like competition when it comes to Partnerships and Integrations right here and also if you look at chain link I mean with their ccfp protocol compared to what API 3 is using after the apis we can see a chain that gives has a far far bigger vision and basically tackle huge world global problems which basically creating a world weve had this big vision of basically creating a world with where everything is powered by chain links uh interoperability protocol and decent trust Oracle networks so if basically taking all of the real world data process through the jmx networks and any types of blockchains and also processing any type of real world events so when it comes to the ultimate Vision I mean chain link four four outweighs and things bigger compared to pair three now if you look at the people behind chain link compared by three we have none other than Eric Smith himself the former CEO of Google for 20 years and the man who scaled Google towards this today and basically filed him and his leadership I mean as of today and willing to revolutionize our lives basically with the power of Google so definitely want this kind of guy being behind your favorite your favorite crypto project and its great to have him at the chain link project basically and also if we take a look at this book right here called forefenders Revolution written by non-underment class himself the chairman of the world economic forum well basically wrote that the former name of chain link provides programmable contracts and payouts between two parties one certain criteria have been met without involving a middleman with these countries being secured in blockchain as self executing contractual States very votes the positives and where it will be an explosion tradable assets as all kinds of value exchange can be also on blockchain better property records in emerging markets and the ability to make everything a tradable asset contacts and legal services Crystal tattoo code link to blockchain to be used as unbreakable escrow programmatically designed smart contracts and lastly increased transparency as blockchain is essentially a global logical storing all transactions and cover this in depth in our video right here by Cloud Schwab plus chain link which if you want to see it you cant click on it on the top of the screen right here so you definitely want that kind of guy like class Schwab and Eric Schmidt like I said before being behind the project so when it comes to the people behind the projects and the people is key when it comes to scaling a product to become a world leading dominant product I mean chain links is a safe hands compared to abs-3 and last time when it comes to products it is well known that ever since 2016 that chain link has been working very closely together with swift of basically planning for ISO 22 and basically having chain links or gonna talks process all the payments through Swift Were trying to constantly and secure this user I just want to do compliant messaging ever since 2016 and it switched was formalizing requirements for yet to be developed tc307 based on ISO 222 in 2016. so shout out to this guy called run the jewels on all bikes on Twitter for basically providing this information but anyway if we look at basically chain links and Swifts they coverage together were Sergey Nazareth said that the goal is to get 12 bookstore data into a smart contract allow it to perform the proper operations as security and then allow you to pay using infrastructure that everybody already runs on specifically in the form of the Swift network with the payments message coming through coming from that next Generation security and basically this infographic excellent illustrates what chain will use basically rapidly growing Securities volume and blockchain middleware which chain link is selling back Services together with the global banking infrastructure chain link will be the great middle hand when it comes to Smart contracts processing that will save a lot of time for different organizations such as dtcc so chain link we followed up be a great technology that saves a lot of time money and and energy for these Global institutions so far without chain link will be a top project in my opinion thats all for me thank you so much for your time leave a like subscribe if you enjoyed the video or leave a dislike if you didnt please note that this is not Financial or as investment advice this is only for educational and the team and purposes only this big boss crypto the reels of the wheel of 50 YouTubers have wonderful day everyone Big Boss up oh Today we take a look at Chainlink and API3, compare the projects to see which coin is the best!DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that we are not financial advisors. 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