chainlink breakoutChainlink Trend Reversal and BIGGEST Price Breakout

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chainlink breakout Ambassadors - Cardano There are two main components of... Chainlink Trend Reversal and BIGGEST Price Breakout
chain-linked trend reversal and biggest breakout welcome back Guardians Krypto Rocko from rockso trading channel in todays video guys Ill be sharing with you my thoughts of channeling potentially changing his trend and hitting new highs again so guys the first thing Id like to say is guys chain link has already had a big move and when we have a big move like that sometimes it takes a bit of time to consolidate so one thing Id like to add is if you remember my previous video or if youve been following me you know Ive been doing a lot of work on on understanding how long at the time aspect we always talk about price we dont really talk as much about time so looking at timing cycles guys usually it takes a little bit longer before we can see a breakout so the minimum one weve seen is around seven weeks is taken for it to break out so we could potentially consolidate another few weeks maybe all of November then we could have a breakout so that will be the first point I want to make and the reason Im making this video is another reason Im making this video is someone asked me about trend changes so I made a video on chain link talking about a biggest breakout so I recommend you go watch that video if you want to can stay up to date with what Im doing if youre trading chain link you might want to check out my training videos Ive been making them almost every other week or at least one a month so you can check them out to see what my thought process and learn from it a lot of people that have taken my trading courses they they go watch those videos and try to learn exactly what Im doing and and try to replicate it and thats how you get better so Id recommend that but lets actually look at the trend change that Im talking about so on the weekly we are in a uptrend and and thats as simple as that on the daily as well I would argue that were still in an uptrend so if we break below this red zone it would be bearish so that is the bearish scenario on the earlier for hourly timeframe Ive actually taken a trade at the are using our pullback strategy that I teach again you can go check it out guys two months left and this is still one slot left I think actually that sold out but might released couple of slots again later in the week Ive got a full trading course and then you can you can its also got signals but the main part of is a trading course and you can learn from the signals and and make money but also use this to see how I get you signal so you can create your own signals so do check that out guys but there thats Ive taken a trade here Ive think Im gonna sell some now for a couple of percent profit and then Ill see how what what happens am I wanted to get above this 200 moving average on the 15-minute time frame and I want to see a push through but do I think it will break out into new highs now I do not think that because like I said Id like to see a bit more consolidation but if we keep ranging and breakout Im going to be buying the breakout because one good thing is when we see pumps like that you can see a break down any breaks below when it doesnt break below theres something going on that we dont do that we do not know about Im not saying blindly buy here cuz I say it share this signal here if youve subscribed to my channel and 10 on notification button you would have known about this falling wedge pattern Ive shared the signals and exact entry in the group and Ive shared the videos on free for YouTube as well if it happens again Ill keep you guys up to date but like to say a bit more consolidation one thing that I would not like to see is so one thing I did get wrong so this was the one that I got right this is what I got wrong because I thought this wouldnt have another push and it did have a push I didnt take a trade so I didnt make any money but could have made money if I did it took take this trade but I did say that I wouldnt be buying a breakout and we saw the reason why I wasnt interested in that and so what I wanted to share with you now is on hit on this chart we had a big push up we can see it did a similar sort of pattern he had a big move up a bit then it fell and it tried again and he made a slight heart high and then it broke below support that is a bearish scenario we do not want to see if we see that guys if you own chain link you might want to take some profits because we do not want to see that at the moment it is currently in range were gonna see what happens if it does consolidate for a bit and we see a maybe an ascending triangle where it does something like this and then it breaks out or maybe a cup and though a pattern like that guys what well be looking at to take a potential trades though and Ill keep you guys up to date so hopefully that clarifies the trend reversal what people what I was trying to explain in my previous video and then and also it clarifies what Ill be looking at to trade Ill keep you guys up to date because markets change if theres a different move that come up then Ill have to change my analysis again so make sure you subscribe to my channel and turn on the notification button to stay up to date and if youre interested in a full cryptocurrency educational trading course explaining how I actually do this market with a weekly video you can join now guys if you join now you get the full course and its available until December so thank you very much for watching this video I hope you guys have enjoyed it if you have enjoyed that guys make sure you smash that like button subscribe to my channel and turn on the notification button to end this video guys my question to you guys is what is your thoughts on channeling do you think it will break out again or do you think it will break down long term or do you think chain link could be very good even if it pulls back it the chain link can pull off something like this again because its new and I like the technology but Im more of a trader so Ill be looking at trading it but love to hear your thoughts so comment below your price prediction or your thoughts on chain link and lets have a discussion so thank you very much smash that like button subscribe to my channel and Ill see you guys soon with another great video thank you very much Chainlink Trend Reversal and BIGGEST Price Breakout - Chainlink is a Decentralized Oracle Network that is getting a lot of hype. ChainLink recently announced a partnership with Google and also they have been listed on Coinbase which caused the price to go up even more. Also there are some rumours of Chainlink and Facebook Libra which is causing some FOMO as well. So Chainlink has been on a massive bullrun but can it continue to new highs? Watch the video to find out. Comment below your price prediction on link...After many requests, I have finally decided to create an educational group. I will be sharing with you exactly how I successfully trade the crypto markets, which I have shown you live on my Rockstar Trading Youtube channel. I will be releasing weekly educational video from basic of trading like risk management, candlestick, trend, moving average, RSI to my advanced secret trading strategy like elliot wave and fibonacci strategies. I will also be posting regular trades, crypto update, altcoin reviews, requesting content, new video suggestions and livestream. 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