comprare chainlinkChainlink To Only Reach $250?

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hey this is digital Dave with yet another chain link update wanted to do a follow-up video about my previous chain link video about how I said it can go up as high as $1,000 from its current price of about four dollars and a lot of people a lot of chain link fans are excuse me happy to hear this some are a little upset saying the prediction is unfounded etc and thats totally totally normal to have people come in and say that its actually healthy to have a conversation like that so the way I came up with that number theres a couple of reasons is that chain link is the third and final solution to block chain we had Bitcoin that came out 11 years ago and it was fantastic for sending payments around the world permissionless no third party in between no banks no governments nobody no entity can stop the payment it was great then akhirin can be theorem came along and enabled smart contracts and for people and institutions businesses to create tokens easily on the etherium blockchain enable smart contracts now of course chain link came in the third and final puzzle in my opinion a chain link comes in and allows these isolated block chains like Bitcoin a theorem and others to bring in outside data which is important which is going to be about 80% of all use cases for for block chains okay so the reason I came up with $1,000 and and and you know I really think is it can hit that high but I dont see how it can be capped at well why would it stop at $100 why would it stop at three hundred five hundred thousand why would it why would it cap that Im not saying its going to go to five ten thousand dollars or whatever it very well made a thousand dollars is an arbitrary number but if all block chains are going to eat Oracles chain link is the best Oracle out there and theyre to have partnerships with Google Microsoft theyre now part of the Swift payment platform the list goes on and on and they just keep announcing all of these partnerships and these are real partnerships not like a certain other blockchain and and crypto that has announcements of announcements and nothing ever happens theyre actually doing things and another thing about chain link is that they havent done any marketing so they havent done any hype its all been low-key and yet it was the best performing crypto 2019 I think its going to be the best or one of the best performers overall this year I still think its going to do I still need 2020 is gonna be a stellar year for Jing Li but theyre doing all this stuff but theyre not doing a lot of hype theyre not doing hardly any marketing if if at all yet its it was the best performing of crypto its the best performing crypto for a reason because people really get it understand that all block chains are going to eat Oracles chain link is number one theres nobody else coming close to what theyre doing and definitely not coming close to the amount of partnerships that they have okay so the number of a thousand dollars is an arbitrary number if it if it only goes as high as $200 I dont think too many peoples can be upset maybe it maybe you need you know a few more thousands so I said so maybe four thousand dollars buys you almost buys you a thousand chain link maybe youre gonna need you know fifteen sixteen thousand dollars to our twenty thousand dollars to become a millionaire with Chang Lee okay now again crypto space its not theres nothing theres no guarantees but you know were all pioneers here and when youre really risking it for its still a pretty speculative asset these digital currencies but people that take the highest risks and get in early super early like what were doing make the most money this is how millionaires are made with just a few thousand dollars maybe ten thousand dollars okay the other way and after I made that video about chain link can go up to a thousand dollars I was looking at my notes and there was a certain very popular high profile newsletter and the editors name sounds like teakwood okay and his he he said that chain-link also could go as high as $1,000 now I may be subconsciously I came I came up with that $1000 figure from from my notes but but I sell the notes after I made the video and he said that Jane link most likely hell say definite theres no definite here definitely $250 coin but with the Bitcoin having things the really good Kryptos go up four times higher than what they normally would go okay example Z theorem XRP two prime examples about the the parabolic Rises that these Kryptos can go around the having okay so they said he said also $1000 okay thats that was like the perfect world to go up to about a thousand dollars but even at $250 I mean thats think of the gains so you need four times more jingling to become a millionaire so you need if its $200 coins so you need $16,000 to become a billionaire okay approximately so theres a few reasons I came up with that number again subconsciously maybe its because I saw it in my notes but but Im also on Twitter a lot and I can pick up a lot of overtones about projects and its a way to kind of to peer into whats really going on with a project and after hundreds of hours on Twitter and I was like man this really is close to the holy grail of all projects and I do think that its gonna have a more parabolic move than aetherium so just give it a few years you know chain-link has gone up but I must hit $5 its now retracted a bit but I think its its a good time to get in if it goes down another 10% you know dont hate me because you got in it whatever the price is and it went down ups 10% I think the getting it chain leak under $5 is a really good really good deal thats my final financial opinion so take that for what its worth and yeah thats it thats my follow up video for chain link so do your own research as well and Ill take my word for it really start to dig into projects if you before you start putting a lot of money into anything really dig deep so Ive got a picture on channel which you may know Ive got a lot of deep dives and research articles documentation and most two years worth in my patreon check that out link in the description and thats it this is digital day give this video a like give it a share subscribe to this channel if you havent already and Ill see you in the next video Chainlink may only reach $250. 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