how to make money with chainlinkChainlink to $606 - Get that LINK!

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how to make money with chainlink Crypto price prediction: Arbitrum ARB, EOS, VeChain... Chainlink to $606 - Get that LINK!
Hello darling today were going to talk about chain link and my 606 dollar Target and its not a pie in the sky you need some assumptions Im going to show you how its derived were going to go through my Twitter post to hold to the end you need balls of steel I can give you my balls but you still gotta hold them in your hands right between your hands you need to feel the weight of my nuts like weighing you down you need to put them on your chest and believe that if if there was more substance to this you gotta think man how are you gonna take advantage of it without actually knowing the future all you can do is look at the evidence try to find the trend and hold and were going to go through that today so please take my balls out of your hand were gonna go through this presentation was done by Sergey and Sergey actually at smart con he just revealed his estimates conservative estimates for oracles and youve got the red red circle here I just took the average about 130 billion that is the price thats a sorry the total revenue made for decentralized Oracle Services because in the future lets draw the little Penny remember in the future were going to have a world where there are smart contracts everywhere each Little Dot heres a smart contract yeah and they are going to connect to chain link and chain link is going to feed data back to them and these smart contracts are gonna be like super powered and theyre going to talk to other smart contracts and theyre gonna also use other parts of chain link theyre like oh lets get medical records and you know and this smart contract is like hey lets get people just in South America and lets get you know people with a certain age demographic people signed up with certain Banks Services whatever man its infinite possibilities we can actually make smart contracts smart so that is where its heading so I mean you can let me look at the top 867 trillion dollars to be disrupted so these numbers are so big just sit down sit down for one second hes gonna get too excited just derive this I just go through man youve gotta obviously obviously I say Ive got bring friendship again weve got the future of defy conservative estimate is 130 billion we took the middle link does 60 of this which is enormous enormous you cant just Fork link just like you know with Ave and uni swap which I also love they dont have communities like link I mean Link Technology you cannot just Fork it you cant because you rely on other peoples valid data and the Networks going to get bigger so if chain link just trades at 8X Revenue of its 60 market share you get 600 billion market cap you can get a 606 link and by the way this is conservative if you keep stretching it out it Ill call the real number if youre listening to theres a real number is between 1 800 and 2 200. your hands gonna go up and be like all right now youre smoking crack but thats actually the real numbers this number just sounds so mind-boggling huge for most people but thats actually where its where the industrys going man so enough about these numbers do they make sense on the chart do they make sense on the chart I say I say good day to you sir all these assumptions rely on Big Daddy ethereum this is how I view the world to see the future I need and you need and everyone needs ethereum to be ten thousand dollars one day we need it to head to one trillion market cap and if people just bought Bitcoin to 50K which is what they did surely surely ethereum should be up there minimum right I think its racist for ethereum to be under 10k personally I think ethereum should be a two trillion dollar asset I think its worth more than Apple 2.5 trillion dollar assets so I think it should be like above 24K but some people cant handle that so even 10K men one trillion asset item we cant get here if you dont think we can get here you shouldnt even be in this industry please all right we should be in this range obviously I dont know the path maybe ah we go to zero and then we go up maybe that path happens maybe we just go to zero first right maybe something happens yay oh no bear Market yay maybe that happens man maybe it doesnt matter the path to get there doesnt matter one day well get there lets go to stinky link we put a log chart heres where six hundred dollars is obviously Im just guessing man maybe this repeats maybe you know maybe or like obviously yeah wouldnt it be fantastic if we just went in a straight line I dont think were gonna do that because I just dont think were that lucky maybe we go oh yes the futures back oh no its not recession oh yeah were coming back oh oh maybe we hit like 200 dollars new paradigm oh no we gotta go for another beer market back to 50 60 dollars and then maybe in the next bookmark we go up so maybe you know maybe thats why man Im saying to everybody please please pray to God that you have enough to retire bye see Im gonna be fine obviously Im fine but I want you to be done at like 70 bucks I dont want you at a hundred and eighty dollars right I dont want you to be dreaming of 500 I dont want you to do that I want you to be set at 50 to 60 I want you to be set so at 150 to 170 if youre like man weve been going up quite a bit time I want to take some out convert back to eth maybe get some shitty stable coins I want you to be in that position of power I dont want anyone to be dreaming about the 600 when were here because what if that happens you know thats what my biggest fear is so thats why I am bullish down here you gotta feel my balls in your hand man you feel the weight as chain link got lower and same as other coins all the coins on the left as they got lower I got louder I said buy more buy more buy more man what are other people doing running away scared Diamond hands is a scam you gotta be a leverage Trader thats where all the people make money those people soy boys you cant listen to them man you gotta listen to people like me Guardian Angel we get strong when everything around this stuff starts crumbling you have to run into the burning building Were Gonna Save the kittens okay remember my balls in your hand you gotta feel the weight now does this make sense on link 8 chart yes it does it actually also matches up and Ive hit draw it for you here if 80 is 15K you only need maybe that maybe linkage goes up here what this is the link eighth ratio right so Link versus ethereum ratio so if ethereum is 15K here youre chain link will be 600 around there maybe thats too much I dont know you know maybe weve got to halve that you know I dont know maybe ethereum seven thousand five hundred dollars here I hate to say I know that numbers a bit low maybe if chainings 300 bucks I dont know I dont know you can even see how like Im so scared to do a Power Pump against ethereum because I respect the theorem so much maybe Im just wrong and chain link does that again I dont know I dont know Im just too Im too scared to even think of such a scenario because I just lets just assume the returns keep diminishing its hard to keep outperforming ethereum whatever you know if we get up to this top Arrow it means chain link has absolutely blown ethereum apart and let me tell you if we are up here you basically know you never need most of you will never need to work in your life ever again you rotate out to ethereum here maybe with half his stack and just take it man youre done you are done so thats why its really important you are whoa all right we have a crazy trend line going nuts okay we have okay all right you have to be careful because whens everyone gonna get bullish you know when everyones going to get bullish everyones going to say new paradigms up here all right everyones gonna say new power lines up here up here you dont want that you wanna just just accumulate as much as you can down here please please please look after yourself down here because when everyone else is getting loud and sounding or saying theyre a Believer the whole time you are like you know 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