get ready.. is chainlink iso 20022CHAINLINK: THE SLEEPING GIANT OF CRYPTO CONFIRMED!

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there are a few altcoins Im happy holding for years and shaylink has to be one of them basically every single decentralized application and every single layer one interacts with chain link and in the near future they might just add every single Bank to their Network as well Im going to go over the latest link updates in this video as long as my price predictions and also explain to you just in general why exactly I am accumulating link for 2023 and weve got some very very detailed papers by some very very gigabrine and smart people that we do need to go through because they have looked at chain link and told us some insane predictions as well guys as usual if you do appreciate these research videos make sure you like And subscribe for more and yeah lets get into it guys Im reopening my altcoin research Discord in that Discord Ill be sharing with you guys all of the old coins that I like and just fine interesting so if you guys want to check it out you can by simply just clicking the link below now normally I really dont like old generation coins that means coins that have been around since the last cycle as a lot of the times those coins tend to just die off and become irrelevant but I think chain link is different and thats because chain link is integrated with basically every single blockchain and every single application on those blockchains chain link managed to reach a massive Milestone of 7 trillion total value enabled so 7 trillion US Dollars flowed through the chain link Network since the start of 2022 so just over the last year so purely based on the fact that chain link is actually running a bunch of these D5 applications as long as D5 and the blockchain space doesnt go anywhere chain Nick should still remain relevant as once again it is the underlying technology behind a lot of these applications but heres where things get very very interesting and Ive got a video from the Swift Co coming up soon in which he talks specifically about chain link but um yeah you guys already know that shaming has partnered with swift if you guys do not know what Swift is it is essentially the bank network of the entire world it connects basically 11 000 major Banks and worldwide facilitates 150 trillion in transactions per year and basically this banking network has recognized the power of blockchain technology and wants to be a part of it and in doing so they are partnered with chain link to test out whether or not Swift can interact with the blockchain space through the through the chain link Network and chain link have created something called the cross chain interoperability protocol which essentially just allows for that to happen so using this protocol Swift has been testing out you know sending money between Banks and blockchains you know interacting with smart contracts between Banks and blockchains you know moving nfts around you get the point anything that Banks could potentially want to do they are testing that out through the chain link interoperability protocol now keep in mind chain link is the only protocol that can do something like this is the biggest protocol and is the only pro tool that Swift has officially you know said that theyre working with now lets move on to another key factor which is that Swift actually said back in 2022 or late 2022 that they had a plan for a global Central Bank digital currency Network now regardless of your opinion of Central Bank digital currencies I personally dont like them because I do think it would allow for governments to exert more control over to um you know on their population but it does seem like unfortunately the central banks seem to be moving in this direction if that does happen you know I might as well get filthy rich as theyre taking my rights away but yeah Swift has delivered on a plan for a global Central Bank digital currency Network and here is a video from the Swift CEO talking about the chain link protocol literally being at the center of this major Network um but in in cbdcs in particular we made a breakthrough experiment last year whereby we came up together with several central banks and Commercial banks with the results that we can through the Swift platform with all the controls that have been embedded over the past decades through Swift platform we can Bridge any country having any kind of technology or any kind of formal value and we did particularly obviously focus on cbdcs so cbdcs dlt-based Network bridging them with other cbcb dlt-based networks but also as importantly cbdc blockchain based networks with traditional existing Payment Systems whether it is our rtgis or real-time payment systems and and it was a very important innovation in the in the sense that if cbdcs or when cbdcs uh are rolled out in a particular jurisdiction they can immediately scale and be interconnected to the rest of the world crazy guys absolutely crazy that more people arent talking about this so once again if you didnt understand what you said right there he is essentially talking about Central Bank digital currencies being on top of blockchains and them interacting with real world Banks Etc through the chain link interoperability protocol so before I do get to the price analysis for chain link I do just wanna essentially sum up everything in this video and the guys over at abstraction Capital which is a really really smart VC firm actually delved deep into the end game for chain link you guys should definitely read this out I read this entire thing there are kind of there are a ton of key and important points for chaining that they do point out and break down but essentially the whole article just generally says that chain Links cross interoperability protocol is set to become the global standard for Intel blockchain messaging their partnership with swift further reinforces their Network effect of ccip the chain link cross-chain interoperability protocol as it will enable any Swift Bank to interact with any blockchain environment in turn ccip will connect the Legacy Financial infrastructure to the blockchain ecosystem enabling a unified blockchain based Global Financial system the chaining network will capture more transactional data than any other piece of infrastructure in this new web 3 Financial system now under the price chart for link and one of the main reasons I am also accumulating is because unlike many other tokens out there chain link is actually lagging and it is still in its accumulation Zone we can see right here you know where other coins including Bitcoin have completely exploded and gone up to like these Heights right here chain link is still in this bottom section right here well below the 955 line of resistance so its is still in its accumulation range so I personally think right now is a decent price for me to accumulate chain link and guys as to how high this thing could go obviously there is no concrete way to tell if chaining will actually deliver on everything they said they could deliver on but if they do and chaining becomes a central part of the blockchain infrastructure connecting Banks to blockchain then guys it may sound crazy to you but I think chain link could easily reach a few hundred US dollars maybe even a thousand US Dollars obviously that is years and years and years away when chain link has had a ton more adoption but nevertheless guys I do view chain link as a long-term hold that I am accumulating that I plan to hold for years let me know in the comments down below what you think about chain link and also let me know about any other altcoins you think I should research like subscribe if you like these deep research videos and Ill see you guys soon guys Im reopening my all coin research Discord in that Discord Ill be sharing with you guys all of the old coins that I like and just find interesting so if you guys want to check it out you can by simply just clicking the link below Chainlink has plans to take over the entire crypto and traditional financial industry by being the glue that connects the two. 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