chainlink freeChainlink, The Must-Buy Altcoin At The Moment!

Why Is Bitcoin Pumping Again? - The Street Crypto: Bitcoin Oct 1, · On Thursday the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, said that the Central Bank has no intention of banning Bitcoin during a hearing with the House Committee on Financial Services . 自信をもって取引するYour Favorite Crypto Exchange USDT Price Data The live price of USDT to USD is $1.0013 per USDT USD today with a current market cap of $80,870,300,345 . The 24-hour trading volume is $1,839,397.17 . The 24-hour change of USDT to USD is 0.06% . The 24-hour low is $1.0002 , and the 24-hour high is $1.0016 . April 14, BTSE Will List Gravity Finance GFI chainlink free Chainlink, The Must-Buy Altcoin At The Moment!
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welcome to a new short update and today were going to discuss chain link for only five minutes and before we continue make sure to hit the like button subscribe to this YouTube channel check out my free trade letter check out the premium platform also check out the affiliate I have a bit get which gives you the entry to exclusive trading competitions and a lot of bonuses but today were going to have a short update when it comes to an altcoin of course its going to be chain link I think youre maybe getting a bit tired of the fact that Im mentioning chain link a lot but I generally believe and thats not a shield Im not in the deal with them that its uh ultimately valued relatively low at this point and Ive got uh two charts which we can discuss in this update the first one you can see on the screen which is the daily chart and you can also see the 100 day ma and 200-day Ma for support uh Benita so the reason why Im saying to you to this is that there are so many arguments to find that the current structure of chain link is ultimately a buyer opportunity for yourself not Financial advice you have to do it yourself risk management should be appropriate dont go blindly or in if you use leverage you are the one getting wrecked not me so what we see here is the following okay the peak of chain link was in April 2021 since then we have been collapsing from 50 bucks to five um and we have been having this crash here in May 2022 right since then we are going sideways so this range is ultimately around a year what does that tell you the moment it corrects the range the longer it has been in the range the half yearly Imperials will be so once it cracks above nine bucks it starts to shoot off quite fast and I think you can Target 20 to 25 dollars easily from there secondly what can we see even more from the price action here we can see that these 18 200-day MMA have been resistance the entire period okay we have been breaking above it a little bit but we hear we started to Rally above and I think that the markets were really eager for continuation but FDX crude is over so we dropped it back beneath what we see right now for the first time since the entire period golden crosses and also the one on a day and 200-day and may are starting to flip as support then finally we also see that the trend becomes bullish in which we make higher lows higher highs results in that were going to consider see continuation on the markets in itself what does that say well it says that there is an opportunity right now and that there are finally more arguments to be made for upside and downside opportunities and in this case you can also see with the numbers if you start DCA dollar cost averaging and accumulating the position the downside risk is small it could be like 30 percent but on the short term which is approximately three to six months from now the upside is between 100 to 250 percent not even discussing investment opportunities because if the markets are going to accelerate to 10 to 15 trillion in market cap it can even be higher which means that this is the final opportunity you have to actually be able to buy the asset and therefore if you accumulate the positions here with the current structure I think you if you play this play 100 times its going to be ending up in a massive profitable streak hence why Im just sharing this with you in this short update of five minutes when were looking at chaining against Bitcoin we can also conclude we are acting in the subway structure since May May 2022 was even the period in the Bitcoin pair to buy into the asset it has been dropping a little bit more during that period And since then we have been going up retest at 2 900 sets also argumenting that once we correct the entire level we have here at 3 400 sets its going to Rally even more and we can start rallying towards the highs which is at 4 700 sets if were looking at link against usdt the final conclusion we can make here is that we have been getting a beautiful retest taking place around 7.30 sideways action once again this resistance at 9 30 is the one to crack and then we start to accelerate quite fast to 12 already I think you can position yourself easily and I think if we have a retest around 7.60 it can still Grant you the opportunity so thats for now these short updates Im just still enjoying my time in Cape Town next week Ill be providing longer updates to you if you did like the update make sure to hit the like button subscribe to this YouTube channel also if you want to see me going live during coming week I might want to do one a special live stream to answer all your questions make sure to leave a comment behind behind beneath and if you want a specific altcoin to be analyzed as well do that in the comments too have a wonderful day ciao Welcome! 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