what is a chainlink oracleCHAINLINK - The Fully Decentralized Oracle Network You Should Know About

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what is a chainlink oracle 3000 Ripples XRP to Philippine... CHAINLINK - The Fully Decentralized Oracle Network You Should Know About
whats up crypto fam welcome back to another episode if you guys are new here we do giveaways at the beginning of every video it has to do with different types of crypto currencies and last weeks winner is actually turtle 773 congratulations turtle I just sent you some Bitcoin for this next weeks giveaway feel free to comment below something about the video and the review and leave your Bitcoin wallet address Im going to be talking about chain link today chain link is effectively applying smart contracts to the offline world and plugging into different apis that are off change using were khals are a good way of verifying data offline and bringing them on block chains but the reality is is no one has ever done this before so in my opinion chain link is a kind of hidden gem so lets dive right into the overview whenever I do reviews of products I like to dive into why Im interested in the project primarily and also what the key performance factors are like what I need to see in a project thats really compelling to me and something that popped onto my radar because I go to tradingview pretty often is chain link is considered a strong buy and what I noticed was that there wasnt much hype around the coin which is actually their intention theyre trying to do something unique in that they have this massive online presence on Reddit primarily and their hype is all based on the commits to their github basically how cryptocurrency started was the hype that was around commits on github because that proved he had demand and people were interested in innovating on top of your project and that was who used to follow when I was starting in 2013 I was following projects on github monitoring their commits to verify that the project was legitimate and it was worth you know potentially investing in and chain-linked has really brought that into this new world where the market is very much flooded with a lot of height a lot of people are just doing press and press and press and press and they dont even have a product but chain-linked has been completely kind of silent other than doing updates here and there and their biggest one was last December but now theyre really starting to come into the limelight on things like tradingview part of the reason that bringing it off chain and different types of apis on to blockchain networks and plugging that together is such a big deal is because you have different networks like lets say for example Swift the company that sends payments all over the world theyve partnered with Swift and theyre creating this new decentralized oracle for Swift so that they can actually bring their offline network onto a blockchain network and using chain links so this type of bridge is something that allows lets say low tech companies like Swift to be into the next generation of blockchain powers technology I think that a lot of the future blockchain is going to be educating people on what it is and how to bridge between offline and online networks so thats why I was really excited in this project not only because of the trading view notification that I got but also because after researching it I saw that Sergey the founder this is actually his first lakhtin project and they have insane backers like absolutely mind-blowing investors so I when I do my diligence I look around for new projects I dont necessarily go to github anymore I used to because that was where all the hype happened people DM me about chain link probably a good two weeks ago a couple weeks after Id heard about it and I realized that their github was active like hyperactive compared to 99% of other projects is a vibrant community of devs working on the decentralized oracle Network and I think that thats a really brilliant way of marketing to developers there needs to be this sort of throwback Ill say to the original types of marketing of just committing to github and sending people in notifications one of the ways that I wanted to simplify this down for people that arent really familiar with Oracles being you know used for a verification and stuff like that is that basically chain link is sitting in the center if imagine a diagram its sitting right in the center and you have all of these different technologies that have apis and theyre off of blockchain entirely they have nothing to do with blockchain and what its doing is it is bringing those people in its allowing them to connect to things like the theory of network its allowing them to connect the things like hyper ledger and bringing those different businesses and different technologies in is something thats going to help the ecosystem as a whole so I love covering projects that help the ecosystem because all booths rise when theres a good project bringing new economies in and having something like almost like a nucleus at the center of all of these projects sort of orbiting around chain link it really explains the name quite well that its linking all of these different projects to blockchain and whether theyre offline or they have a current API that is you know not being used for blockchain Im really really interested in seeing where this goes especially because theyve already announced that theyre partnering with Swift and theyre coming out with some new partners because now theyre really starting to turn up the volume on the hype machine backing into it with the github approach I think now that thats out and people are really following their github its kind of fun to see someone doing it differently and doing it like how the projects used to be back in you know 2014 2015 that was just the way to hide projects out if you guys are interested in chain-link Im gonna be putting a link to Finance below which is where I actually got some a couple months ago thats it for this quick overview of chain link I hope you guys enjoyed the decentralized oracle Network and I will see you guys on the next episode it all announced the winner next week and dont forget to slap a 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